What Really Happened To Don Craig On Days Of Our Lives?

Soap opera fans know all too well that there are often times when they must throw logic out the window and just enjoy the ride. "Days of Our Lives" viewers have had to do this many times over the decades as they've watched bizarre plotlines play out and have come to terms with unresolved plot holes and mysteries that may never be explained. Of course, saying goodbye to fan-favorite characters is also a burden soap fans have to deal with on a regular basis (via Fame 10).

That's part of the deal when you're a soap enthusiast. Characters come and go all the time, and you're forced to roll with the punches (via Digital Spy). "DOOL" fans are no exception. Over the years, there have been many characters who disappeared from the canvas and left viewers wondering what happened to them. Characters such as Daniel Jonas, Kimberly Brady, and Melanie Jonas have all left Salem over the years, but longtime viewers don't forget easily.

In fact, one former character's exit previously had fans up in arms, and viewers have never gotten closure.

Don Craig had a relationship with Marlena Evans

"Days of Our Lives" viewers were introduced to the character Don Craig (Jed Allan) in 1971 (via Deadline). Don was a rich and powerful attorney who caught the eye of Julie Olson. However, after their relationship didn't work out, he later moved on to Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). The two began dating and eventually fell in love, per Soap Central. In fact, when Marlena was kidnapped by her twin sister Samantha (Andrea Hall), it was Don who noticed and saved her from a terrible fate.

Don and Marlena tied the knot in 1979 and later learned that they were pregnant. Marlena gave birth to their son, whom they named Don Craig Jr., or DJ for short. However, tragedy struck when the infant died from SIDS. The heartbreak was too much for the couple to endure, and they ended up divorced.

In 1983, Don fell in love with Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers). But Maggie reconciled with her husband when he returned to Salem, which left Don out in the cold.

Don Craig was written off Days of Our Lives suddenly

Although Don Craig was one of the most popular characters on "Days of Our Lives," he was written off the show in 1985. Many "DOOL" fans were furious to see Don's actor Jed Allan exit Salem after nearly 15 years in the role (via Soaps). However, it had been decided that he would leave the NBC soap opera to make way for some fresh, new characters that would appeal to a younger generation of viewers.

As soap watchers know, many fan-favorite characters are given some sort of goodbye or story closure when they exit the canvas. However, Don was not afforded any of that. Instead, "DOOL" viewers simply watched as he left his home to mail his income tax returns; he was never seen in Salem again.

When Allan joined the cast of the web soap "The Bay" in 2011, he paid tribute to his former character and his lackluster departure. After leaving "DOOL," Allan went on to land a role on the soap "Santa Barbara" and also made appearances on shows such as "Beverly Hills 90210" (via Deadline). Sadly, Allan died at the age of 84 in March 2019.