The Truth About Daya Betty And Jasmine Kennedie's Relationship Today

Season 14 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" will be remembered for several things: arguably the worst Snatch Game in the show's herstory, RuPaul Charles refusing to send anybody home, the infamous chocolate bar situation, and, of course, the inevitable crowning of fan-favorite competitor Willow Pill. We knew to expect carnage right from the very beginning with Bosco, whose looks on "RPDR" raised eyebrows throughout the season, confirming to Entertainment Weekly early on, "This season is full of f****** weirdos." 

As Bosco enthused, "Every person on this season is, in their own right, a complete lunatic, and I think that manifested itself in one of the most surprising, twisty, and turny seasons I've ever seen." There were plenty of surprises along the way including the reveal of the aforementioned chocolate bar, which funnily enough Bosco turned out to be holding. Much of Season 14's drama, meanwhile, surrounded Jasmine Kennedie's feud with Daya Betty. As The Tab notes, it kept us going during the more lackluster moments. 

Fans weren't too pleased with Daya, whom they argued was picking on Jasmine one minute while needlessly complaining about her own placement in the competition the next. But, without Daya, what would the big story of the season have been? Kornbread's injury? With Season 14 in the rearview, have these two managed to mend fences, or will Daya and Jasmine simply never be sisters?

Daya Betty and Jasmine Kennedie fought throughout the season

Daya Betty was actually eliminated first, as Billboard points out, but she came back with a vengeance, ultimately making it to top five. Daya's feud with Jasmine Kennedie fueled much of Season 14, culminating in a lip-sync face-off between the two of them to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" (via YouTube), during the "LalaPaRuZa" extravaganza. As Screen Rant notes, practically everybody expected Jasmine, who chose Daya specifically from the lineup because of their checkered history, to emerge victorious. 

As one of the best dancers in the cast, with more than a few jaw-dropping tricks up her sleeve, it seemed all but guaranteed she'd easily win over her frenemy. However, Daya bested Jasmine after performing a more soulful rendition of the beloved anthem, noting she felt as though she had "just slayed a giant." Adding insult to injury, Jasmine left the show at the end of the episode after being defeated by Bosco. 

In an interview with the Gay Times, Jasmine confirmed she understood why the judges sent her home. However, the Season 14 star also asserted she should have won at least one of the lip-syncs. Was Jasmine slyly throwing shade at Daya? 

The reunion special brought renewed attention to their conflict

It all came to a head at the explosive Season 14 reunion, which was characterized by Jasmine Kennedie's blowout fight with Daya Betty. Finally, an entire season's worth of bad feelings came to the surface as the former co-stars spectacularly lashed out at each other onstage while the rest of the cast, and indeed RuPaul herself, looked on in disbelief (via YouTube). Notably, Daya admitted she didn't regret anything she'd said over the course of the season, though Daya did acknowledge she could've communicated certain things better. 

However, as TV Line notes, the situation took a turn when other queens rallied to Jasmine's defense while taking Daya to task for some of the comments she'd made. Although a couple of competitors tried to stand up for her, it was clear fans watching at home and the queens themselves both believed Daya was the instigator. Meanwhile, Silky Nutmeg Ganache wasn't happy about the emotional reunion moment when Daya broke down under heavy scrutiny, admitting it was tough that "everyone has this terrible idea" of her. 

As far as Daya was concerned, she was simply focused on winning and didn't deserve to receive literal death threats as a result. Jasmine maintained they still weren't friends, even accusing Daya of only pretending they were good for the cameras. 

Where do Daya Betty and Jasmine Kennedie stand today?

Although they didn't seem to end things on a great note at the reunion, in an interview with Queerty, Jasmine Kennedie confirmed she and Daya Betty were finally on good terms. "I'm very happy that we had a long conversation about our feelings and it made us a lot closer than I think either of us expected," Jasmine shared. "We have a lot of respect for each other and love each other." She even suggested the two of them are too alike, and being in a high stress situation like "Drag Race" caused the duo to clash as a result. 

Now they're done with the show, it's all good. As Season 14 runner-up Lady Camden argued, in a joint interview with E! News, drag in general is moving towards a less catty place, which is partly why Jasmine and Daya's feud stood out so much, as the only one. "I'm more impressed with someone who can wow me with what they do versus what they say to someone else. I think that's how the fans are getting now, too," she said. 

However, fellow finalist Bosco reckons queens still need to be a little shady, because that's what makes their interactions so entertaining, opining, "Our season was filled with incredibly kind, nice and giving people, but you can't be nice 24/7. I also think that makes for very interesting TV. I think you can be kind without being nice all the time."