What Ethan Zohn From Survivor Is Doing Now

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Ethan Zohn is one of the most likeable contestants ever to compete on "Survivor," the reality juggernaut that challenges individuals to "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" each other. 

With his warm smile, kind eyes, and mop of unruly dark curls, he quickly became a fan favorite, winning on the show's third season, "Survivor: Africa," in 2002 (per Entertainment Weekly). 

Ethan also competed on "Survivor: All-Stars" (Season 8) in 2004 and "Survivor: Winners at War" (Season 40) in 2020, though he didn't triumph on either of his later appearances on the CBS franchise, filled with unexpected twists and dramatic eliminations.

The former professional soccer player has used his "Survivor" fame to launch a career doing a variety of inspirational and entrepreneurial work. Plus he's popped up in the news repeatedly over the years due to his romantic relationships and his recurring health challenges. 

But, throughout it all, Ethan's optimism, integrity, and cheerful personality have remained front and center.

Ethan Zohn has had high-profile romantic relationships

It was big news when Ethan Zohn started dating Jenna Morasca (pictured above), the winner of "Survivor: The Amazon" (Season 6). The two met at her "Survivor" finale. 

She told Glamour, "Ethan came over to me and said congratulations on winning and told me he bought me a beer. He handed me the beer and it was half empty! I thought he was a total cheapskate. But he got my phone number from CBS and kept bothering me — I finally gave in." 

Despite that rocky beginning, the two were the perfect celebrity couple for a decade. They competed on "The Amazing Race" together but ultimately lost and also posed naked together for a PETA ad (per Ad Rants). 

The pair also hosted the series "Everyday Health," which Ethan described as telling the stories of "the most extraordinary ordinary people who have faced a crisis in their life and they are using that crisis to help others" (per Digital Spy).

It was equally big news when Ethan and Jenna broke up. They said in a 2013 statement to People, "We have experienced some of life's greatest joys and toughest challenges together and our decision to be apart can never diminish that."

But Ethan didn't stay single for long. In 2016, he and interior designer Lisa Heywood tied the knot under a flower-covered chuppah handmade by the bride herself. The couple told People they were looking forward to "getting chubby and growing old together."

His lifelong love of soccer inspired him to start a nonprofit

Ethan Zohn's passion has always been soccer. He has played "the beautiful game" for the Highlanders Football Club in Zimbabwe, the Cape Cod Crusaders, and the Hawaii Tsunami, plus he competed on the U.S. Maccabiah team twice (per CBS).

The "Survivor: Africa" winner spent some of his $1 million prize money co-founding Grassroot Soccer, a nonprofit that uses soccer as a springboard for educating African youth about health. 

"During the show, I played hacky sack with the children in a local village. It was a real-life moment in the middle of this cutthroat game," he told Parade. "When I won the money, I wanted to do something great with that. I met up with some buddies of mine, and we cofounded Grassroot Soccer. We're an adolescent health organization that has programs running in 63 countries and graduated 2.3 million kids, all because of 'Survivor.'"

His work with the organization landed him on The Beyond Sport Inspirational 50 list in 2015 alongside the likes of Michelle Obama, Billie Jean King, and Nelson Mandela. The individuals were singled out for their achievements in using sports to improve the world.

"Soccer is my life," The New York Times quoted Ethan saying in 2004. "I'm at the peak of my popularity now, but the window is short and I have an expiration date. If I can make an impact, I want to help some kids and bridge the gap between soccer and celebrity in America."

Some of Ethan Zohn's other projects might surprise you

Ethan Zohn's triumph on "Survivor: Africa" led to appearances on other television shows, including "Hollywood Squares" and "Fear Factor" (per IMDb). He has co-written children's books about his favorite sport, including "Soccer World South Africa," "Soccer World Mexico," and "Soccer World Spain."

And here's an unexpected one: The reality star invented the Crunch Bowl, which prevents breakfast cereal from getting soggy. It has a shallow end where the cereal goes, a deep end for the milk, and a wall between the two. 

Ethan told Bay Today, "You keep your cereal up in the shallow end, you keep your milk in the deep end, and when you're ready for a little crunch you just tap it on the edge and scoop away. That's how I'm going to make my millions."

So far, he has amassed only a couple of those millions. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated worth is $2 million — a far cry from the stunning net worth of "Survivor" host Jeff Probst or the richest "Survivor" contestants.

He fought cancer more than once

One thing Ethan Zohn wasn't chill about was the fight for his life. In 2009, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: CD20-positive Hodgkin's lymphoma. 

"This is the ultimate game of 'Survivor,'" he explained to People, "and there's really only one outcome, and that's to win. There's no other option." He underwent an aggressive course of chemotherapy and chose to shave off his trademark curls rather than watch them fall out during treatment.

Twenty months of remission followed, but the cancer returned. He told Health Digest, "Cancer is a disease that touches every part of you as a human being."

In 2012, Ethan underwent a stem-cell transplant — and his competitive nature revealed itself. "Ethan asked the doctor what was the record time for getting out of here, so he wants to beat that," Jenna Morasca, his girlfriend at the time, told People. "His doctor said there was no prize, and Ethan said, 'Yes, there is. You're going to tell the other patients that I made it out in three weeks.'"

Perhaps Ethan's time competing on a grueling reality show was good training ground for his health battles. "I do think my time on 'Survivor' enabled me to learn how far I can push my body," he said to Parade. "You never know what's around the corner, whether it be an Immunity Challenge or a clinical trial."

Ethan Zohn's health issues led him down new paths

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ethan Zohn's repeated battles with cancer made him contemplate his future.

"In 2010 when I was sick, I was literally in the hospital with my stem cell transplant watching 'Heroes vs. Villains,' dreaming that I could play this game again," he told Channel Guide, discussing his later decision to compete on "Survivor: Winners at War," almost two decades after his first appearance with the franchise.

"I've always wanted to get myself healthy enough to be able to play. It's literally taken me this long, just the side effects of cancer, the mental drama, and the uncertainty and invisible scars after you survived something like that. Once I got the yes [from doctors], I was all in."

Another effect of fighting cancer was that Ethan started using cannabis for the first time to improve his mood, stimulate his appetite, and deal with pain. Now, he is a staunch advocate for the common-sense use and regulation of marijuana.

He told Health Digest about his desire to educate everyone — not just cancer patients — about the many wellness benefits of cannabis use. "I struggle with mental health and anxiety issues, so for me, cannabis has been a huge help," he said. 

Ethan co-founded the Safe Roots Foundation, a nonprofit that works with partners in the cannabis and craft alcohol industries to stop teenagers from misusing the products and to promote their responsible use by adults.

The reality star continues to inspire others

Ethan Zohn's main career now is inspiring others to do good in the world and to realize their full potential. His charm, humor, and compelling life story make him a popular inspirational speaker for youth and adults alike. The topics of his talks include the cancer experience, using sports for social good, Jewish values, communication, mental health, cannabis, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Ethan also does personalized videos on Cameo. The reviews — the vast majority of which award him five stars out of five — praise his warmth, thoughtfulness, sincerity, and positive energy.

The cancer survivor challenged himself to run the 2022 Boston Marathon, both to mark his 10-year anniversary of beating the disease and "to raise awareness for AKTIV Against Cancer, whose mission is to ensure that exercise is an integral part of cancer treatments," he told Health Digest.

After finishing the race, he posted a triumphant video of himself on Instagram: "There you have it! I did it: 26.2 miles, high on life. It feels so good. Ten years in remission. Unbelievable," he said. "Today is such a special, magical, and epic day."

Cancer survivor, marathon runner, cannabis advocate, social entrepreneur — Ethan truly is the most inspiring person ever to triumph on a show known for backstabbing and double-crossing.