Why The Reverse Cut Crease Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

If you love makeup, you have probably heard of the beauty term "cut crease," and though it is not a new trend, it is extremely popular right now. Allure calls cut creases "probably one of the most repeated eye looks in the makeup world," so much so that it is considered a classic. Even if you didn't know what it was called, you have probably tried it while applying eyeshadow to give your eyes some depth. The beauty of the trend lies in the fact that you can go as subtle as you would like or go full-on dramatic with the same technique.

According to Byrdie, it is considered "one of the most popular eyeshadow application techniques," where you use a light eyeshadow (or concealer) to make a cut (or a line) along the crease of the eye to give your eyes more definition to make it look bigger. Makeup artist Hayley Noel told the outlet, "I always like to start a cut crease with a layer of concealer on the lid and up to the brow bone. I prefer using a shade or two lighter than my skin tone." This way you can accentuate the center of the lid, making your eyes look brighter because a bold eyeshadow will look brighter against your skin. Makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts are always coming up with new and innovative ways to update classic looks, which gave birth to the reverse cut crease trend.

A reverse cut crease is the edgier and bolder version of the cut crease

If the cut crease beauty trend is a classic, the reverse cut crease trend is the newer and contemporary way to wear the same trend but with a few changes. It first went viral in late 2021 when London-based makeup artist Ana Takahashi created it where she used brown eyeshadow to cut the crease and used white eyeshadow above the crease and under the eyebrow (via Nylon). She also added white eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten the look. When she shared the look on Instagram, which got over 27,000 likes, she inspired other makeup artists to recreate the look in different colors. 

It was soon followed by a content creator in Denmark, Freja Bermann, who posted her take on the "retro" trend in mint green and brown because it was nostalgic of the '90s, and a UK-based influencer Chelsea Uchenna did it in pink and yellow, per Allure. The look has inspired makeup lovers to experiment with this trend in unique colors. It is a modern take on the classic with an edgier vibe. This look is bold, and once you learn about it, we are sure you are going to want to try it. You can add a little oomph to the inverted cut crease with any color your little heart desires.

How to do the reverse cut crease

The reverse cut crease beauty trend is popping up all over the internet, with makeup artists and beauty influencers showcasing their talents in a range of beautiful colors. While the reverse cut crease looks gorgeous on all eye shapes and may look pretty easy, according to Nylon, it is a "difficult technique" that needs careful precision and a little practice. It may be challenging, but it is definitely not impossible. L'Oréal Paris Expert and celebrity makeup artist Sir John recommends starting the look with a solid base as you will add colors on top (via L'Oréal Paris). Then get a flat, dense brush to add the colors with precision. Sir John said, "Using a short brush and tapping the color on [instead of blending with a fluffy brush] will really give you more precise product placement with minimal fallout." Hence, the pigments go on opaque and last longer. Don't forget your brows since you add colors on the brow bone, so you want them to be clean. 

This flipped or inverted version of the classic cut crease is fun and playful, and the placement of the colors makes your eyes the focal point of your face. No wonder this trend is huge on the internet.