The One Thing You Might Not Have Noticed In Coronation Street

”Coronation Street'' is a classic television program loved by both Brits and fans around the world. The first episode aired in 1960 and quickly became a firm favorite amongst viewers due to its real-life storylines. Rumor has it that even Queen Elizabeth loves to kick her feet up and watch "Corrie" like the rest of us (via Vanity Fair). While the show has had its fair share of controversies and issues over the years, it still pulls in viewers. 

"Coronation Street" isn't just a show that's long-running either. Recently, actor William Roache was awarded an OBE, order of the British Empire, in the New Year Honours List (via BBC). He has been with ”Coronation Street” ever since its debut. When the show celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020, a portrait was commissioned of Roache in addition to a showstopping episode that saw more stunts than ever before (via Radio Times). That was also when the Queen visited the famous cobblestones to honor the series.

The show has has covered a range of storylines

Part of what makes ”Coronation Street” still relevant now is its willingness to cover difficult topics such as abuse and child illness (via Metro). While these topics are difficult to watch, they are a way to let people know the importance of looking out for signs. By showing viewers issues that are often difficult to discuss in person, they can be a lifeline for those who are struggling. They can even push them to get the help they need. 

Helpful information is always displayed at the end of each episode for those who may be affected by the issues shown. However, "Corrie" can also be good fun and lighthearted entertainment. In a recent episode, Sam Blakeman (played by Jude Riordan) takes his chess playing obsession to the next level. He competes in a tournament, in which his opponent is laser-focused and unwilling to speak much. Sam wins the match, which leads to his opponent storming out. However, what you might not have known is that Sam's opponent was actually his brother (via Manchester Evening News). Riordan shared a sweet picture on social media of him and his real-life brother, writing, ”When it was bring your Brother to work day,” and called it the "BEST DAY so far” (via Twitter).

'Coronation Street' has a mix of old and new characters

The current cast of ”Coronation Street” is made up of over 30 main characters, including Steve McDonald who has been with the show since 1989 as Simon Gregson. In addition to familiar faces, some new ones have been added in the past few years. 

One of the newest additions to the cobbles of "Coronation Street" is Jamie Kenna, who plays Phill Whittaker. Phill arrived on the scene in 2021 as the love interest for Fiz Stape. Fiz, played by Jennie McAlpine, is another long-timer and has been on the show since 2001 (via Entertainment Daily). Another new character is Daisy Midgeley, played by Charlotte Jordan. Appearing in 2020 for the first time, Daisy is a troublemaker who is currently involved with Ken Barlow's son, Daniel Osbourne. 

Along with these new characters, you can expect some gripping storylines. Ranging from weddings to kidnapping and, of course, lots of relationship meddling, ”Coronation Street” makes sure it isn't going anywhere any time soon (via Digital Spy). Plus, after all these years, it's nice to see that "Corrie" remains a family affair, with so many actors continuing to stay on for long periods of time.