The Truth About Michelle Visage's Marriage

Michelle Visage is best known for her friendship with RuPaul and as his lovable co-host on the hit reality show "RuPaul's Drag Race." 

But, it's worth noting that Visage, who came up in the New York club scene alongside Ru, was established in her own right before becoming his righthand woman. As a profile in The Guardian notes, Visage had decades of experience in the entertainment industry when she was tapped to join "Drag Race" in Season 3. 

The New Jersey native dreamed of being a pop star, but, failing that, she wanted to work on Broadway or star in a movie. Of partaking in the '80s club scene after her mom procured a fake ID, Visage explained, "Fun was always involved. But I was there to show my wares." 

Stints with a girl group — jokes about which have long been fodder on "Drag Race" — and as a radio host followed before Visage finally ascended to TV stardom. 

The outspoken star is refreshingly frank about most things, including growing up in an adopted family and the plastic surgery procedures she's undergone over the years, per the Independent

However, when it comes to family life, Visage prefers to keep things more private, hence why you're probably unaware that she's been happily settled down for years. 

Michelle Visage has been happily married for decades

As Hello! magazine notes, Michelle Visage has been married to David Case for more than 20 years. He writes novels under the pen name Jax Spenser and proclaims his love for the "Drag Race" star in his Instagram bio, also under Spenser. 

The two were introduced by a mutual friend at a party in NYC and tied the knot in 1997, subsequently welcoming two daughters, Lillie and Lola.

In a 2022 interview on fellow "Drag Race UK" host Alan Carr's podcast, "Life's a Beach," Visage joked that, although she and Case are still mad about each other, their sex life isn't what it used to be. 

Per The Irish Mirror, the queer ally quipped that, because she's so busy, "I guess to spice it up we go to the living room — the kids are out of the house now." Case is the more romantic of the two, with Visage admitting that dealing with menopause has dampened her mood considerably.

Despite how exhausted she is, though, Visage's screenwriter hubby remains her biggest cheerleader — just check out his many Instagram posts celebrating her accomplishments. 

Riding out the pandemic was tough for Michelle Visage and David Case

Although they've been together a long time, being forced to spend every waking moment in the same space pushed Michelle Visage and David Case to their breaking point. 

During an appearance on "The One Show" (via the Daily Mail), the "Strictly Come Dancing" alum argued that even married couples need some breathing room from time to time. "We are not equipped to be doing all of this," she said of being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. "When my moments of peace are in the loo, there's something wrong!"

Visage and Case are madly in love, even all these years later, but being in each other's pockets 24/7 didn't exactly suit them. She doesn't see anything wrong with that, though, reasoning, "We need our space, I think that's what makes marriages work, when we have individuality and then come together as a couple." 

Thankfully, they came out of it stronger as a family unit, even if, as Visage told Newsweek, she and the girls had to actively keep Case from obsessing about the news all day every day to give them some much-needed peace.

David Case enthusiastically took on the role of stay-at-home dad

Funnily enough, Michelle Visage approaches judging queens on the "Drag Race" panel the same way she does parenting her two daughters, as Visage remarked on "The One Show" (via the Daily Mail). As a result, the TV personality totally understands why fans watching at home might feel like she's gradually been getting harsher over the years. 

The Guardian notes that David Case actually took on the role of stay-at-home dad as his wife's star continued to rise. Visage notes that their children "have a very close relationship with their dad, which is wonderful because a lot of times dads are at work and kids don't get that connection. My daughters are lucky to have a dad who has given his life for them."

Both girls have struggled with their mental health, so having the support of their father has been instrumental in helping them work through it. As Visage admitted, she did the best she could. "But when they were younger and really going through it, it was tough. ... At the end of the day, money's running out, rent has to be paid, so I have to take the jobs."

Michelle Visage immediately knew David Case was the one

Michelle Visage is just as crazy about her husband as he is about her, telling Newsweek about the first time they crossed paths. 

"He was an actor and he was confident with who he was. What I loved most about him was he didn't stand for my bulls**t," she said. "It was a connection, but it was also like a partnership. I just knew immediately that he was definitely the one." 

Visage also acknowledged that David Case probably isn't the kind of person most fans would expect her to go for, but that's what makes their connection so strong.  

All jokes about their sex life aside, the longtime couple keeps the spark alive simply by making time for each other. As Visage proudly told OK! magazine (via Head Topics) ahead of their 25th anniversary, "David and I still date!"

The TV personality has maintained many times over that it's virtually unheard of to have such a successful marriage in Hollywood, but she argued it's genuinely all about "communication, honesty and alone time."

Moreover, she and Case begin and end each day together, with a long walk in the morning and by cuddling up on the sofa every evening. "It's the little things but that works for us!" Visage noted.

The happy couple didn't fear the Strictly curse

Michelle Visage is no stranger to reality TV, having judged on "Drag Race" for years, as well as appearing on "Celebrity Big Brother." In 2019, she competed on "Strictly Come Dancing," which is essentially the UK's version of "Dancing with the Stars." 

Taking part in the dancing competition was entirely different than anything she'd done before since it involved Visage regularly wrapping her legs around super-hot partner Giovanni Pernice. In an interview with The Irish Sun, the "Drag Race" star acknowledged she could understand how certain couples fall victim to the so-called "Strictly curse."

"I can see how it does happen," Visage admitted. "If you are missing that physicality and contact and touch in your life, then maybe." There was no issue with her own partner, David Case, though, since he's Visage's biggest supporter and trusts her completely. 

"My husband knows me and loves me," she confirmed. In fact, the TV personality revealed, "When I told him I was with Gio, I said to him, 'Look how hot he is,' and he was like, 'He is hot, go Giovanni!'" Still, Visage made it clear there was absolutely zero chance of anything happening between the "Strictly" co-stars.

Evidently, given everything they've experienced together over the years, her partnership with Chase has only strengthened with time.