Meghan Markle's Biographer Makes A Bold Statement About Her Journey To Success

There's a new book coming out about Meghan Markle that fans probably will not like.

Tom Bower, an investigative journalist, says his new book will share "extraordinary information" about Meghan, per the Daily Mail. "I have found out things which are really quite extraordinary about her. And I think that the public perception of her will be either confirmed or outraged." Either way he promises people will have a "surprise." 

The "public perception" of the Duchess of Sussex has been divided from the beginning. Christopher Andersen, author of "Brother and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan" explained to Insider that part of the problem is that Meghan acts American, resulting in a "culture clash." According to Anderson, "[t]he kind of plain-spoken, upfront personality, distinctly American approach that Meghan has to getting things done just rubs them the wrong way."

This "distinctly American approach" resulted in allegations of bullying and Buckingham Palace promising to launch an investigation.

In the United States, though, Meghan's become what The New York Times calls "a formidable mix of A-list celebrity, business owner, investor and social activist" that could have a political career on the horizon.

Political aspirations would be no surprise for Bower, whose new book promises to focus on "victims" of Meghan's ambition. During an interview with GB News, Bower already spilled some of the tea on Meghan and how she got to be as successful as she is today.

This is how Meghan Markle's biographer says she got her success

In his new biography on Meghan Markle, investigative journalist Tom Bower will focus on how Meghan "came from nothing and is now a world figure and has trampled on all those others on the way," per the Daily Mail. According to Bower, he was able to get sources to speak to him despite people's reluctance to go against Meghan and her legal team.

But bullying claims about Meghan aren't new. During her case against The Mail on Sunday, who published a letter from Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, to Meghan, evidence showed she had asked her private secretary, Jason Knauf, for help drafting a letter to her father. "Obviously everything I have drafted is with the understanding that it could be leaked," the duchess wrote in a note to Knauf. "So I have been meticulous in my word choice" (via The New York Times). The Times also reports she even second-guessed addressing the letter to "Daddy," assessing whether it would look good from a public relations standpoint if or when the letter was leaked.

Perhaps what has Bower so upset is that Meghan has ambition — a word she said seemed to be a "trigger" for men when discussing women when talking to the New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook Online Summit last year. Women should be able to talk about "success, ambition, or financial prowess," she said.

What we know about bullying allegations against Meghan Markle

If Tom Bower is writing a book on how he feels Meghan Markle trampled over people to social climb, it's possible he could include more information about the bullying claims and resignations from her staff when she was living as a royal. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's lost two PAs and several other staff members while still in the U.K., per the Daily Mail.

Some of those staff members went to The Times with allegations about how they were treated by the duchess. A source claimed some had been "reduced to tears" by Meghan; another said they felt "humiliated." Jason Knauf also reportedly complained about Meghan, Insider reports.

More recently rumors have swirled around the reason why Catherine St. Laurent resigned from her position as the executive director for Prince Harry and Meghan's charity foundation Archewell after less than a year. "I think there was a sense that she was having to fulfill a great many functions for the couple," one source told The Telegraph. "Not all of which were necessarily her job spec."

Does Meghan Markle have political aspirations?

It's clear from Meghan Markle's transition from television actress to Hollywood A-Lister, entrepreneur, and philanthropist that she has a clear vision of who she is and the role she wants to play in the world. Some speculate that because of the issues she's chosen and how she's shown her support, she may have future plans to run for political office.

Meghan has a degree in both theatre and international relations from Northwestern University. Many believe that not only shows her interest in politics but also speaks to her intellect, according to Express. The publication noted she also interned for the U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One California-based PR expert hypothesized to the outlet that Meghan would do especially well in California because of the issues she's passionate about. This includes the "Paid Leave for All" campaign, where she lobbied politicians about guaranteeing paid parental leave in the United States. "I just get the phone number, and I call and have a conversation," she said at a November 2021 event (via The New York Times).

But when she was criticized as being political, Meghan explained paid family leave isn't a partisan issue. "It sets us up for economic growth and success," she explained. "It also just allows people to have that very sacred time as a family."