What The May 16 Blood Moon Eclipse Means For Fire Signs

You may still be reeling from the celestial overdrive of April. Having 2 new moons, a full moon, and a partial eclipse, per Astrology. Well, May 2022 isn't planning on giving you a break either. You'll barely have a few days to adjust to Mercury going into retrograde before an exciting celestial event takes place: the May 16 blood moon eclipse landing on a full moon.

"Blood moon" may sound ominous, but it's a lot less creepy than it seems. In fact, it is only labeled the blood moon due to its orange and reddish hues which are actually stunning to look at, per HITC. Known astrologically as the "super flower blood moon," this moon is considered way more powerful than a typical full moon, and even more so considering a lunar eclipse is thrown into the mix. 

The blood man lands in Scorpio, a sign which doesn't tiptoe around deep feelings and introspection, so you can expect to confront some emotions you may have been putting under the rug during this blood moon eclipse, per Woman & Home. Full moons have a way of shedding light on feelings you've avoided dealing with, combined with an eclipse that symbolizes clean slates this occurrence could mark a huge transformation for you. 

Understanding what this blood moon eclipse can do for you lies in understanding how it will affect your zodiac sign. And this fiery blood moon eclipse means a lot for fire signs ...

Buckle up, Leo

Brace yourself, Leo (July 23 – August 22) because the May 16 blood moon eclipse could be a bumpy ride if you don't come at it the right way. Landing in the paranoid sign of Scorpio, this eclipse could stir up some drama for you. You're not one to swallow your pride, Leo, but Refinery29 recommends you have a "small piece of humble pie" to help you avoid conflict during this time. 

The combination of Mercury retrograde and the blood moon eclipse could lead to your pride getting the best of you, resulting in you saying some things you don't mean. When it comes to speaking to close friends or loved ones during this time, remain aware that you could be getting worked up over nothing. Think things through before you say them, or your heightened passion and paranoia could lead to some heated arguments, per Allure.

Leo's social life isn't the only place prone to conflict during this intense blood moon eclipse. Considering that it will land in your 4th house of home and family, Woman & Home urges you to use this energy to finally face familial tensions you may have been avoiding for some time now. It's time to break patterns and be the source of change for a home situation that has been straining you.  

Time for Aries to make a commitment

This blood moon eclipse is all about partnerships for you, Aries (March 21 – April 19). When it comes to Aries' relationships, you have a tendency to thrive on your love of action and excitement and delay any settling down, according to Co-Star. Well, it's time to stop and stand still. 

The blood moon eclipse is shining a light on the need to evolve your existing relationships, according to Elle. Whether it be a love relationship or even a partnership, this is the time to make some long-term commitments and stop going with the flow. This introspection could mean realizing you need to step away from relationships but don't worry, that's only to make room for bigger and better people. 

Similar to your fire sign sister Leo, this is a time for Aries to ignore your pride as well. In your case, we're talking finances. Refinery29 reminds you to not rely on your pride when making financial decisions during this eclipse, you could end up missing out if you don't think about your investments and spending rationally.

Indulge in some much-needed R&R, Sagittarius

You can chill, Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). Mostly, this blood moon eclipse is a time for rest and recovery for you, per Allure. Mercury retrograde combined with the eclipse can feel like an intense time, listen to that voice in your head urging you to relax and not let the intensity wear you out. After all, the eclipse does land in your 12th house of rest, forgiveness, and release so even the powers that be are asking you to allow yourself some grace and focus on self-care for now, per Elle

Speaking of release, there's a reason you'll need some of that healing and calming energy to help you cope with endings. This eclipse could mean finally getting some closure or ending a chapter for you but live in peace with knowing that this ending is to make space for brand new beginnings, according to Cosmopolitan. Allow yourself this moment of mourning this ending and feeling all of the feelings. Be gentle with yourself.