Kyra Green On The Biggest Difference Between Ex On The Beach And Love Island - Exclusive

If you consider yourself a reality television guru, you're in good company. What's better than losing yourself after a long work week in the throes of larger-than-life romance? From classics like "The Bachelor" to unexpected thrills such as "Love Is Blind," the reality dating genre has only gotten more engaging over time. Now, new fan favorites such as "Love Island" have kept viewers engaged, emotive, and rooting for their favorite couples.

The List wanted to get an inside look into not just one reality dating show, but two, and the best person to ask of course is Kyra Green. To quickly recap, Green found fame (and love, to an extent) on "Love Island," after staying on the show for 24 days. While her relationship with Cashell Barnett didn't stand the test of time, Green certainly made a name for herself and left a lasting impact on viewers. Luckily for all of us, she decided to come back to the reality dating scene and joined the cast of "Ex On the Beach" Season 5, which is currently airing on MTV. Ahead of some on-screen drama, we sat down with the star to pick her brain about the main differences between the shows — and her confessions did not disappoint.

She used a choice analogy to describe the difference between the two shows

If you've always wondered what it would be like to star on a reality dating show, especially after watching your favorite couples go through challenge after challenge, Kyra Green can fill you in. Her experience in the reality genre has encompassed both "Love Island" and "Ex On the Beach," and the star used a choice analogy to describe the biggest differences between the two shows during an exclusive interview with The List.

"The best way I can say it is almost like ... 'Love Island' was like high school where everyone's a little bit more timid. We're being ourselves, but it's also so new, this experience of being on a show, and you are trying to be something maybe that you're not fully because you're trying to fit in," Green shared, adding, "'Ex On the Beach' was like college. It was so inclusive of me being on the spectrum and being bi and into everything. For the first time, there were so many people there that were ... in the community and super supportive. It was a very inclusive cast."

Further explaining that she could fully be herself on the MTV show, Green revealed she had "a very good experience" on "Ex On the Beach" and felt like she was around "[her] people."

Her 'Ex On the Beach' experience was partly 'jolting'

Trying to get back on the dating scene can always be stressful, but Kyra Green told The List that "being put back into an experience, similar to 'Love Island,' was crazy," and it's not hard to understand why. Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, Green explained that going from living with her siblings to finding herself on "Ex On the Beach" was quite the experience, as she hadn't dated or interacted with anyone in a romantic sense for the duration of that pandemic-living.

"It was insane and jolting to be put back into that," she shared. "Nerves were at a high, but at the same time, it was beyond exciting to get to interact with people and flirt and talk. That was something that I hadn't experienced in so long and my body and my soul needed it."

So, will she find a new love while on "Ex On the Beach," or rekindle a spark with an old fling? You'll just have to tune in and watch. We can't wait to see what happens next.

"Ex On The Beach" Season 5 airs Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.