Source Reveals How Kate And William Are Planning On Modernizing The Monarchy

There's been a serious shift in the formality of, well, just about every realm lately. People are crying all over Instagram, and TikTok is making it feel like we know celebrities personally. It looks like the shift to become more personal has even happened at the royal level as well. According to Marie Claire, Prince William and Kate Middleton are making a serious shift to modernize the monarchy. Unfortunately, people aren't exactly sold on the change.

The royals are not your average family. There are tons of different rules when it comes to how to act around them. According to The British School of Excellence, there are certain names that you can call each of the family members and ways to curtsy versus handshake depending on where you are from. Even the royal family has rules on what order they can stand in, and they have to enter a room by rank as well. 

If that sounds like a lot, that's because it is. Of course, there are hundreds of years of traditions that go into the royal family, but Prince William and Kate are switching things up in a big way.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are going by their first names

Forget everything you know about the royal family because Prince William and Kate Middleton want to be known as Will and Kate. According to The Sun, the royal pair are dropping the royal titles in an effort to make a more "modern monarchy." The publication says that the change came after their Caribbean tour. You know, the one where the people were quite literally protesting to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state. 

"The general consensus was that the tour seemed out of date, out of touch, too formal and stuffy," a source tells The Sun. "So now it's more 'Wills and Kate' instead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge." Considering that nicknames are literally not allowed in the royal family, this is a big change. According to Marie Claire, Kate even officially started going by Catherine when she married Prince William. Or shall we say Will

Fans aren't sold on the name changes

The push to go more modern is definitely not happening overnight. The most modern thing that happened to the royal family was when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to leave it and move to California. If you compare the new name changes to the move, it doesn't really seem that drastic.

Unfortunately, the public is also weighing in on the matter and they don't feel like the change is really all that modern at all. "I'm sorry but do the Cambs really think dropping the titles is what's going to modernize the monarchy?" one Twitter user commented. "That's what they think the problem is?" Another Twitter user is even going far enough to call the term "modernize the monarchy" an oxymoron.

At the end of the day, Prince William and Kate Middleton can be called whatever they'd like, but the general consensus is that modernizing the monarchy won't come from name changes. The public seems to hope that the couple makes some organic, deep-rooted changes as well.