What We Know About The Latest Travis Scott Astroworld Lawsuit

The following article includes mention of a miscarriage.

Travis Scott has always had an alleged history of his concerts creating dangerous environments with fans being encouraged to incite violence and aggression, per BBC. In November 2021 at the Astroworld concert, this narrative led to an explosive outcome with the loss of 10 lives. When 50,000 fans excitedly arrived to attend the infamous Houston Astroworld concert, no one imagined the night would end in tragedy, per The Guardian.

As is typical of a Scott concert, crowds began to get riled up sand surged. Aggressive mosh-pits and crowding were expected and reportedly encouraged at the Astroworld concert, but this time, it resulted in an inevitable stampede. Of the 10 victims, the youngest was 9, per BBC. The public was outraged and blamed Scott for riling the audience up and encouraging this behavior, as videos began to emerge of audience members pleading with him to stop, per Insider. The performance continued even as ambulances began to make their way through the crowds, which was even evident in Kylie Jenner's Instagram Story, which remained live for many hours after, per Pedestrian.

Scott now faces one large lawsuit made up of the 400 filed against him by victims and their families, per BuzzFeed News. Scott and his team have offered to pay funeral costs and fees for the victims at the time of the tragedy, but now face charges of billions of dollars. As the lawsuits continue to pile up, a new heartbreaking addition has been filed.

A couple blame the loss of their unborn child on the Astroworld tragedy

Ever since the Astroworld Festival tragedy, Travis Scott has maintained a low profile. His first big performance is set to take place on May 15 at the Billboard Music Awards, per CNN. The public is still outraged, as the countless lawsuits remain under investigation. While the victims wait, a new tragic story has emerged. 

Festival goer Shanazia Williamson filed her lawsuit against Scott in November 2021 for being "trampled and crushed" during the festival. Page Six has now obtained the court documents of Williamson and husband Jarawd Owens' case against Scott, as well as their refiling in December 2021 holding the rapper liable for "the death of her and Jarawd's unborn child" as a result of the stampede. 

Williamson and Owens' lawsuit clearly stated, "Defendants' failure to plan, design, manage, operate, staff and supervise the event was a direct and proximate cause of Shanazia's injuries and death of her and Jarawd's unborn child." The couple is suing Scott for more than $1 million as they list Williamson's ailments as "physical pain, suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, discomfort, personal injury and ultimately the death of her and Jarawd's unborn child." 

Scott's legal reps have yet to comment on the charges. However, this charge brings the deaths of the Astroworld festival up to 11, as everyone continues to await the outcome of the numerous lawsuits.