How The May 16 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Gemini

The Sunday scaries might hit extra hard for Gemini this week as we enter a full moon around 12:15 a.m. ET on May 16 (via Chani Nicholas). The moon isn't just going to be full in Scorpio, but also put itself between the Earth and sun, creating a super blood red lunar eclipse. But, don't let the name scare you: Things aren't going to be as dark as it sounds.

Scorpio energy, especially during full moons, does have the potential to open up emotional baggage and leave you bathing in feelings of shame. Jennifer Freed, a psychotherapist and astrologist, told mindbodygreen that the May 16 full moon will be the perfect time to "fearlessly confront the shadow or the dark side of our personalities or feelings." Sure, a lot of big feelings — especially shame and insecurity — might be on the surface during the full moon, but it's the perfect time to let it all go. The full moon and eclipse combination, Freed says, is "begging us to make ceremony around it, burning out the past and coming into the present with cleansed emotions."

This feeling will be amplified for Gemini and other air signs by the lunar eclipse. Lauren Ash, an astrologer, explained to Bustle that, "At their core, eclipses hint at bringing out issues that had been hidden in the shadows. They hasten the timeline for these events by revealing new information and shocking details that have been previously hidden from us."

The fact that this is the spring full moon only highlights that, for Gemini especially, it is the perfect time to let go of the past and plant fresh seeds while tending to the garden of yourself.

How other planets will affect how Gemini will feel during the May 16 full moon

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars — the planets of power, transformation, action, and energy, whose positioning during the May 16 full moon and eclipse will have a direct effect on how you may experience the full moon.

Mars, Shape explains, will be forming a "harmonious trine" with the moon as it moves through Pisces with Neptune — "the planet of dreams." So, don't be surprised if you find yourself looking into yoga or meditation classes, Gemini, as you look for a creative, healthy outlet for the dark directions your imagination wants to travel in. The moon, which will be positioned in Scorpio when it's full, will also be forming a sextile with Pluto. InStyle explains sextiles herald opportunities, and if this full moon pushing you for change, now is the time to dig in.

A square will also form with Saturn, "the planet of boundaries, restrictions, limitations, and commitment," in Gemini's fellow air sign, Aquarius (via InStyle). Gemini will already be feeling the pull for alone time during this full moon, but the Saturn/Aquarius one-two punch might dial up the volume on your imposter syndrome, making you feel more on the outside looking in than normal. However, squares also provide "activating energy," InStyle explains, which can help you get to the root of why you're feeling so insecure right now.

Gemini will need to take some alone time during the May 16 full moon

Gemini, and Gemini rising, are curious creatures, but only because they're hungry for as much knowledge as possible. Scorpio's energy is more calculating, Cosmopolitan explains. You'll want to tap into this kind of focused curiosity, especially during the full moon and lunar eclipse on May 16.

For Gemini, Scorpio falls in their sixth house, InStyle explains, which represents "daily routine and wellness" and will form a favorable alignment with "Mars in your tenth house of career." So, don't be surprised if you come out of this full moon and eclipse with a new daily routine or a complete reorganization of your workspace. As Bustle explains, the May 16 eclipse wants you to reevaluate the things in your schedule and daily routine that aren't working for you. 

These changes aren't just going to happen on their own, however. Instead of getting caught up in other people's drama — which, there's sure to be tons of given Scorpio's reputation for unearthing secrets — you'll want to spend the full moon alone, either meditating or journaling. With Mercury, your ruling planet, being in retrograde, now is the perfect time for you to dig into what in your life needs revising and restructuring, astrologist Jeanna Kadlec explains. Use your natural gift of curiosity and turn it inward. Listen to what your body has been trying to tell you it's craving.