How The May 16 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

The full moon on May 16 will fall under the sign of Scorpio, a water sign that is known for being full of secrets and sensitivity, per Bustle

The lunation is accompanied by a lunar eclipse, which is sure to amplify the full moon's vibes. May's full moon has been dubbed the Flower Moon, deriving its name from the time of year when flowers begin to bloom in the Northern Hemisphere (via CNN).


According to InStyle, this month's full moon will bring a focus on inner work for many members of the zodiac. This could prove to bring up a lot of heavy emotions as you tap into your spiritual side and perhaps do a bit of healing from some past trauma while learning to let go of the emotional baggage that's been plaguing you. You may feel uneasy about diving into some painful moments of the past, but releasing them and allowing yourself to move on will likely be an empowering experience.

If you're a Taurus, focusing on your relationships and health should be a priority during the full moon.

Taurus should be mindful of their partnerships during the full moon

If you were born under the sign of Taurus (April 20 to May 20), the full moon on May 16 happens to fall in your seventh house of partnership, per InStyle. This means it's a perfect time to really examine your closest relationships, whether they be with a life partner, friend, family member, or co-worker. 


Look into those partnerships, and ask yourself if they're truly serving you in a beneficial way. Also, be mindful about whether or not you're putting in the work to be a good partner in return.

According to Bustle, Taurus should look to get over any fear or shame that they've been holding on to when it comes to their relationships and be ready to confront any feelings that come along with doing so. If you feel like it might be time to let go of someone in your life, follow your heart, and do what's best for you.

Allure notes that, if Taurus is feeling a bit agitated with their partner, it may be a good idea to get some alone time. Perhaps you can spend a night by yourself or with a close friend in order to regroup and recharge your emotional and mental batteries so that you can return to your partner with a clear mind.


Taurus should lean into self-care during the full moon on May 16

Elle reveals that, in the midst of Taurus' focus on relationships during the full moon on May 16, the earth sign may be feeling some pressure to close a deal or make a big decision. 

However, because Mercury retrograde is in full swing, any big decisions should be left for the month of June, if possible. This will leave you more time to mull over your options to ensure you're making the best choice for yourself.


In addition, Shape reveals that the full moon will also bring a big focus on health and self-care for Taurus. You may feel a strong urge to pamper yourself this month, and you should lean into that feeling. Try talking to a therapist or going harder during your workouts to release some steam. Because full moons and eclipses tend to bring out all the feelings, Taurus should jump at the opportunity to feel good about themselves and work through any issues holding them back.

It seems that the full moon on May 16 could be a heavy time for Taurus. However, putting in the work will likely leave the sign feeling stronger than ever and ready to tackle whatever comes next.