Why Kate Middleton's Dress From Meghan And Harry's Wedding Is Sparking A Huge Debate

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have been a few years ago, but people are still talking about the fashion. Of course, Megan's wedding dress will be obsessed about for decades to come, but it's actually someone's else's outfit that is causing some debate. People can't get over the outfit that Kate Middleton wore as a guest to the royal wedding, and let's just say it's not because of how gorgeous it was.

Dressing as a wedding guest can be challenging. Not only do you need to take the dress code and the time of year into account, but you also have to make sure it will photograph well. Something tells us it's even more challenging than that when you're a member of the royal family. A royal wedding is a little different than your typical wedding, since, you know, there are millions of people watching at all times.

Unfortunately, all of those eyes didn't bode well for Kate. People are still talking about the outfit she wore, and it's causing a major divide on social media four years later. Ah, how one fashion choice can haunt you.

People think Kate Middleton wore white to Meghan's wedding

There is one major rule when you go to weddings — don't wear white. In fact, you shouldn't even wear any color that looks remotely close to white. Some people on TiKTok seem to think that Kate Middleton broke that rule at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding in May 2018. The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of her favorite items to the wedding — a coat dress. While she wears many, TikTok seems to think that the coat dress was an off-white color. 

In photos, the shade of the dress does look oddly close to white. According to Newsweek, Buckingham Palace cleared up the debate, saying Kate's dress was "primrose yellow," not white. "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge will be wearing a primrose yellow wool silk tailored coat by Alexander McQueen. The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing a hat designed by Philip Treacy and shoes by Jimmy Choo," the statement read.

While that statement about the color from Buckingham Palace should be enough to end the debate, some TikTok users seem to think the outfit was still disrespectful.

TikTok is upset over the outfit choice

People were talking about the outfit choice around the time of the wedding, according to Elle. Some people were even convinced that it was totally fine for Kate Middleton to wear white, saying that Meghan Markle herself must have approved it (via Today). While we're no royal experts, something tells us that the Duchess of Sussex had a lot more pressing matters to deal with than what other members of the royal family were wearing to her wedding, and it looks like people still aren't over the choice. Thanks to TiKTok, people are reviving the debate four years after the fact. 

There seems to be two distinct camps — that she didn't mean to and that it doesn't matter. "Kate has 900 coat dresses in various colors, she could have picked a different dress," one TikTok user said. "But I honestly don't think it was intentional." Other people think that the decision was wrong either way. "Too close to off-white to be appropriate," another user writes. 

Be it as it may, it's pretty darn incredible to think that people are still this invested in an outfit from four years ago. 

The white-like dress could be a sisterly nod

If Kate Middleton would have worn white to her sister-in-law's wedding, it wouldn't have been the first time it happened in royal history. Back in 2011, Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, wore a white bridesmaid dress. As Marie Claire states, the choice completely broke tradition not just for the royals but for brides everywhere. Typically, bridesmaids wear a colorful outfit, but the world was shocked when they saw Pippa step out of the car with Kate wearing a gorgeous all-white gown.

Of course, Kate and Pippa's situation was a little different than Kate wearing a white-looking dress to Meghan Markle's wedding. First of all, it was confirmed that Kate picked out her sister's dress. There's also the fact that they rode in the same car to Westminster Abbey, so there was no surprise for Kate walking down the aisle.

This case of wearing white to a wedding is definitely an exception. Let's just say that unless your bride specifically tells you to wear white, you should probably just steer clear.