Here's Why One Of Donald Trump Jr.'s Hunting Trips Might Land Him In Court

Donald Trump Jr. has many passions, but one, in particular, could have him confessing in court. The oldest son of the former president, who still works as the executive VP of his father's Trump Organization, shares his father's passion for sounding off on social media; unlike the former president, his Twitter account is still active, and in March 2022, he launched the MxM News app — a news aggregation platform that promised "mainstream news without mainstream bias," per Axios. Elsewhere, he's also on a mission to put MAGA-leaning candidates in positions of power in crucial states like Georgia. 

Of course, there's his love for a certain lady, as well. Don Jr. revealed his engagement to longtime girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle on New Year's Eve 2021 (he actually popped the question a year earlier), so a wedding is sure to follow soon. 

Yet another love of Don Jr.'s is guns and hunting. His own weapons collection is often on display when he posts videos, and he enjoys sharing Second Amendment memes such as this Easter message he posted to Instagram, that showed Easter bunnies posing with guns along with the caption, "Come And Take It." But it's that same hobby that is being scrutinized by both the media and law enforcement officials.

Donald Trump Jr. may have had an illegal advantage on one hunting trip

Donald Trump Jr. is an avid hunter, and, in 2019, he traveled to Mongolia and shot a rare Argali mountain sheep — but only afterward did he get the government's permission for the kill (via ProPublica). The trip also reportedly cost thousands in taxpayer money to fund his Secret Service detail. He and his brother Eric also raised eyebrows in 2012 when they went on a safari in Africa and killed a host of animals, including an elephant, kudu deer, and crocodile (via TMZ). Now, one of his recent hunting expeditions may land him in court.

In 2018, Don Jr. went on a guided hunt in Utah, during which he killed a bear and a cougar. Now the hunting guide, Wade Lemon, faces felony criminal charges for allegedly "baiting" the bear — setting out food to lure it to a spot where it could easily be shot. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Lemon's camera with his name and contact information was found near the illegal bait. Lemon has been suspected of game-baiting on a number of occasions, but this is the first time he has been charged.

The county attorney for the case has called Don Jr. "a victim and now a possible witness in a fraudulent scheme to lead the hunter to believe it was actually a legitimate Wild West hunting situation." The former first son — whose comments are sometimes confusing — has not yet responded.