Kellyanne Conway Doesn't Hold Back Her Disdain For Jared Kushner

Kellyanne Conway's book announcement had Twitter in a tizzy, with many railing against the former Donald Trump adviser for essentially rewriting history — especially since she's known for coining the term "alternative facts." 

Now that it's finally here, we know exactly what stories Kellyanne has chosen to tell in "Here's the Deal." The Independent reports that one of the former campaign manager's biggest targets is her own husband, George Conway, who was a vocal critic of Trump. 

Kellyanne describes the "sneaky, almost sinister" attacks he launched on the president, typically on social media, which the former White House adviser memorably describes as "cheating by tweeting." 

Kellyanne goes on to explain how she was torn between the two men in her life, one of whom also happened to be the leader of the free world. In fact, she said, "One of those men was defending me. And it wasn't George Conway. It was Donald Trump."

Elsewhere, readers may be surprised to discover Kellyanne acknowledging that her former boss lost the 2020 election. According to USA Today, she blamed his aides, arguing they should've shown Trump the respect he deserved by telling the truth to him straight. 

Likewise, Trump's former adviser revealed why he once considered quitting the presidential race, patting herself on the back in the process for managing to talk him off the ledge. She had less patience, though, for Jared Kushner.

Kellyanne Conway couldn't bear Jared Kushner's arrogance

Kellyanne Conway isn't taking any prisoners with her new book. Per The Washington Post (via People), in "Here's the Deal," Conway paints Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner as a Machiavellian mastermind who managed to avoid accountability at virtually every turn, regardless of whether something was his fault. (It usually was, according to Conway.)

"People were afraid to take him on, afraid to question his authority, hold him accountable for different decisions or even rein in his portfolio here and there when many of the issues he decided he should work on were designated to Senate-confirmed cabinet members," she told People. Conway gleaned this knowledge from chatting to various aides in the months since Trump left office. 

Despite having no prior political experience, Kushner was so charming that he could influence matters with barely a word, which allowed him to continue "gobbling up different pieces of a policy portfolio that other folks had worked on," she said. This, in turn, created stress for them down the line. "There was no subject he considered beyond his expertise," Conway said.

Kushner accused her of leaking stories to the media, but he has since tried to make amends with the president's former adviser, which Conway appreciated. However, it didn't stop her from writing about Kushner. 

Conway was close with his wife, Ivanka Trump, though, with the Daily Mail reporting that Ivanka even recommended couples counseling to save the Conways' marriage.