Here's How The Plath Family Really Feels About Moriah And Max's Breakup

In 2019, the TLC hit Welcome to Plathville premiered and followed the lives of a rural, religious family in Georgia consisting of nine blonde-haired, blue-eyed children and their overprotective parents. The show illustrated how some of the older siblings had to step out into the world and discover aspects of life on their own. Perhaps the most rebellious and unconventional member of the Plath family is Moriah Plath, a singer-songwriter who has big dreams. 


During the show's second season, viewers watched Moriah find love with her first boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, and their lovebird storyline went well into the show's third season (via Us Weekly).

Back in November 2021, though, fans speculated that Max and Moriah had broken up after the two seemingly stopped posting each other on social media. They were once known to dote on each other on the app. Now, as the show comes into its fourth season, Moriah revealed that she and Max called their relationship quits, and members of the Plath family are speaking out about the breakup.

Max Kallschmidt got emotional over his breakup with Moriah Plath

Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville premiered, and Moriah Plath dropped a bomb on viewers: She and her long-time boyfriend Max Kallschmidt broke up. "Max called me one night and just said he made a mistake," she said in an emotional scene from the show (via YouTube). "I'm not going to go into details. Since then, I have been in a dark place."


In an interview with People, Ethan and Olivia Plath expressed their thoughts on the news. "I definitely was shocked by the split," Ethan said. "I think when Mariah first got a phone call from Max, we kind of figured out what happened and she told us some pieces of information," Olivia explained. "It was a shock for everyone."

Meanwhile, Kallschmidt, sat down with Moriah's brother, Micah Plath, in a scene on the show's second episode of the current season. He expressed how he "f—– up" before bursting into tears (via YouTube). Kallschmidt explained to Micah that he met a woman at a former colleague's retirement party, and he ended up kissing her. His actions led to Moriah breaking up with him once he told her the truth.


"Now it's not only betrayal on Moriah's part, but also on the friendship that we had," Micah explained in the clip. "Most of us didn't think he was capable of that."

New episodes "Welcome to Plathville" air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.