Best One-Piece Swimsuits You Can Buy In 2022

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Get ready for a gorgeous round-up of 2022's best one-piece swimsuits! Will there be some stretch marks? Yes, honey. What about some cellulite here and there? Of course. As we said, this list is gorgeous!

Swimsuit shopping sometimes causes women stress. And with that, the marketing tactic of having a "beach body" and getting your figure ready for beach season has (finally) come under scrutiny. Along those lines, The Guardian reported on a controversial weight-loss advertisement banned in the United Kingdom. The ad, which was also on a billboard in New York's Times Square, featured a very small-waisted, narrow-thighed model, and in bold font, it asked, "Are You Beach Body Ready?"

It's no surprise that the reactions of NYC residents were brutally honest, and some expressed worry and sadness. One woman said, "This ad reminds me I am not beach body ready, and I am sad." And Eduardo Brandt, a New York City based lawyer, told The Guardian, "I feel bad for my future daughter."

But not only have swimsuit styles changed over the years, but since The Guardian story ran in 2015, more people agree with Darlene Watler, who was also interviewed. "My body is always beach ready. All I need is a swimsuit," she said. As a result, the industry is slowly shifting, partly spurred by celebrities like Camila Cabello, who've clapped back at beach body shamers on social media (via Bustle). In the interview, she mentioned her then-boyfriend Shawn Mendes' body-image anxiety — a reminder that body shaming can impact anyone.

Well, we're 100% beach-team Cabello. In her now-famous TikTok rant — which has 5 million likes — she says, "Being at war with your body is so last season," and we could not agree more. So, know this: every single one-piece swimsuit is perfect for you. Now get out there, take a stand in the sand, and rock whatever swimsuit you damn please.

How we selected one-piece swimsuits

Continuing the theme of 'every body is a beach body,' this list includes swimsuits across various categories — from classic black swimsuits to cheeky choices and everything in between. Of course, we tracked the 2022 swimsuit trends like cut-outs and ruching, which are being reported by fashion experts like those at InStyle and Fashionista, but we left plenty of room for self-expression, too.

The featured swimsuits represent over 20 popular styles. This depth is especially important because, as NPD reports, people are eager to splurge on swimwear. But ultimately, it's your expertise and opinion that matter the most, so it's essential to include a wide variety of designs so that you have plenty of unique options. And, if you're like us, you might be inclined to order a few, so you can try them on to make the best decision. With this in mind, each of the selected swimsuits includes return policy highlights and a link to the brand's complete return policy. It's important to remember to leave all the tags and hygienic liner in place for your at-home try-on session since it's a requirement for most swimsuit returns.

In the meantime, though, it's time to have some fun in the sun!

Best black and white

There's simply not enough zebra print in the world, but together, we can make a difference. We all know animal prints are the fashion jungle's darling; look no further than Vogue. The versatility of a traditional black and white z-print is unmatched, so it's a great swimsuit option.

Although new to the review scene, customers so far have scored this one-piece swimsuit with a perfect 5-star rating. One fan raves, "I love, love, love this swimsuit. It is so comfy and flattering on any body type. Not only that, this swimsuit is well-made and made to last!" So, if you're asking yourself, "Is it time to buy a new swimsuit?" The answer is, 'yes!'

The Astrid One Piece is available on Amazon for $78.

Size Range: XS-3X | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best camo

This swoony pastel camo-print swimsuit is as sweet as everyone's favorite Valentine's Day conversation hearts. Between the lavender-mint hues and off-the-shoulder ruffle sleeve, this sweet treat says, 'SMR FLIRT,' and is channeling some sugar-pop severe vibes à la Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video.

Infamous Swim wants " feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life," and their design details go a long way to deliver on that. For instance, the angle of the leg openings gives this one-piece a leg-lengthening effect. Overall, the swimwear brand is highly-rated by customers, who've given it a whopping 4.8 out of 5-stars.

The Miranda One Piece is available at Infamous Swim for $138.

Size Range: XS-3X | Return Policy Highlights: 14 Days, Store Credit

Best crochet lace

There's a lot to love about this suit. First, the lace, seams, and structured corset-style design — a retro-glam trend, according to Nylon. It's got the sexiness of a bikini with the support and coverage of a one-piece. The suit comes with two straps — thin and thick — which can be worn in a traditional or halter style (or not at all).

There are 5,600 Amazon customer reviews, with an overall rating of 3.9 stars. Generally, best-of lists target a score of 4-stars or higher, but the customer images posted within the reviews are so stunning that this suit earns a spot. One customer mentioned this one-piece is an exact replica of a $170 designer suit. Another woman said, "The quality is great, tight seams, substantial straps, well sewn-on button detail, etc. It manages to have a corset look, sans the restricting wires. It is soft yet is a great design."

Of the 3-star reviews, people mentioned the cheeky cut of the suit's backside, and there were reminders to put sunscreen on your tummy to avoid a lattice-pattern tan line.

The LookbookStore Crochet Lace Swimsuit is available on Amazon, starting at $32.99.

Size Range: 2-16 | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best tummy control

CUPSHE suits are peppered throughout Amazon's top-100 one-piece swimsuits category, and this newer release is heading in the same direction. This tummy-control cutie is currently ranked No. 214 and is available in seven colors, including this dreamy teal. The halter-style design makes for a flattering bustline and is especially lovely on those with broader shoulders (via PureWow).

If you're looking for styling inspiration, look no further than the brand's Instagram feed, which has a million followers. Naturally, you'll find a sea of oceanside selfies and warm weather looks, but one Amazon reviewer posted a great reminder that your suit sometimes needs to be adventure-ready. "[It] worked out great for going to the indoor water park and will be great for paddleboarding and etc.," she says.

The CUPSHE Women Deep V-Neck Shirred Halter One Piece Swimsuit is available on Amazon for $29.99.

Size Range: XS-2X | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best plunge neckline

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a sprightly burst of citrus, and this option is no exception. The bright yellow lemon pattern is a refreshing splash of seaside citrus, and its classic plunge cut never goes out of style. And, speaking of style, Kitty and Vibe actively recruit real-life models for photo and video shoots. Their requirements are pretty straightforward since previous know-how is not required, "...just kindness and your beautiful self."

The suit, a newer release from the brand, got a great shout-out from a customer who mentioned that it "has a little bit of compression so [she] feels very secure! The booty doesn't ride up." And citrus colors continue to trend, including the new Dolce & Gabbana lemon-themed collection featured in Vogue. So, if you want to get in on the trend for under $100, let this suit be your lemon aid in achieving your fresh summer look.

The Plunge One Piece is available at Kitty and Vibe for $98.

Size Range: S-3X | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days, $5 Restocking Fee, Free Exchanges

Best multi-way

This swimsuit is a sexy shapeshifter, offering six different strap configurations. Plus, the extra-deep plunge and cheeky styling give it additional oomph. The level of love that customers have for this one-piece is unrivaled. One woman, who is quick to "share anything that should uplift the spirits and bodies (literally lol) of [her] sisters," said that she "...decided to finally reclaim [her] body," which includes "achieving a healthy mindset of accepting and celebrating [her] natural physique."

Well, hell ya, to that! But Londre Bodywear also uplifts one of our most important sisters — Mother Nature. The sustainably-minded brand was featured by InStyle for its dedication to environmental causes. In fact, each suit is made with at least six up-cycled plastic bottles. Their eco-friendly approach or flattering designs have definitely turned heads, and the brand's Insta-feed even includes online shout-outs from Elle, Forbes, and InStyle.

The Multiway Swimsuit is available at Londre for $139.

Size Range: XS-4XL | Return Policy Highlights: 14 Days

Best leak-proof

The folks at Kinx want "all of us [to] live unapologetically free. Free from judgment. Free from self-doubt." So, with this in mind, the brand designs "comfortable wireless bras [and] super-absorbent make you feel more comfortable in your own skin."

Along those lines, this leak-proof one-piece swimsuit is all about confidence. The days of worrying about period leaks during pool and beach outings are long gone. The market for menstrual wear is growing, and Kinx was named by Absolute Reports as a leader in the business. The suit is designed to absorb a few teaspoons of blood, perfect for low-flow gals or those looking for backup protection during a heavy flow.

They also just happen to have some celebrity fans, like Selma Blair and Kristen Bell, who follow them on Instagram. So, whether it's a drip, drop, or steady flow, this suit makes sure your swagger doesn't stagger.

The Leakproof Wrap One Piece is available at Kinx for $105.

Size Range: XS-4XL+ | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days

Best tropical print

Luna Cara Swim has somehow managed to gift us this sultry tropical suit with plenty of coverage. Not only is the color a blissful blue, but the pretty little details remind us we can never have too many swimsuits. And, we're not alone. The brand gets online love from the likes of BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan!

This tropical one-piece is a newer release, and the reviews have all been fun in the sun, without a hint of salty sass. One customer highlighted the balance of sizzle and safe-for-work sultry in her review. "[I'm] IN LOVE with this one piece!!! I got so many compliments on my trip. Super sexy without being super revealing." 

But impressive shout-outs aside, this female-owned brand manufactures in Los Angeles, which the founders feel is a meaningful way "to help support the economy in the city [they] love and reduce [their] carbon footprint." The eco-minded brand is the next step for its founding duo, who've been designing in the swimsuit industry for over 25 years (via USAWire).

The Blair Mio Swimsuit is available at Cara Luna Swim for $159.

Size Range: S-XL | Return Policy Highlights: 14 Days

Best sporty long-sleeve

Sweaty Betty is more than a vibrant athletic brand for women; it also represents our squad goals. If this Betty were an actual person, we'd sure like to be her bestie because she's obviously living her best life. First of all, she doesn't say, "Pardon me, I'm glistening." Nah, not Betty. She's the keep-it-real friend who peels off her salty shirt, wrings out the sweat, and keeps going. She's 100% that beach-goer.

And this swimsuit is for the beautifully active hot mamas who're inclined to shred waves now and again or dive for the save in beach volleyball. So, if you're tackling a cold water SUP-sesh or a little kite-surfing, this suit has got your back. And speaking of backs, look at that teardrop peek-a-boo design!

It's much-loved by customers; one remarked, "The fit is spot on and feels really sculpting and supportive. Great stretch in the fabric, perfect swimsuit for sea swimming, particularly in colder weather." But the love goes both ways. Sweaty Betty is also known for occasionally sending loyal customers personalized notes, according to AdWeek, which further supports the theory that this Betty gal would be an awesome best friend.

The Tidal Xtra Life Long Sleeve Swimsuit is available at Sweaty Betty for $148.

Size Range: XXS-2XL | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days

Best shiny metallic

Here's something you should know before buying a swimsuit: all that glitters is not gold. But sometimes, the luster of lilac delivers a summer shimmer. This suit — available in eight metallic jewel tones — feels like a deep-sea gem from Poseidon himself. So whether you want to channel your inner mermaid or envelop yourself in the gilded glamor theme of the 2022 Met Gala, now's your time to shine.

Liked by nearly 3,000 people on Free People, this asymmetrical suit is just sexy enough while still maintaining a bit of mermaid mystery. Customers have commented on the unique colors, including one poolside siren who said, "As a mom, I need a one-piece suit for some pool days. This one made me still feel sexy with some coverage. I ordered the green shade, and it looks great on my barely tan pre-summer skin."

The Beach Riot Celine Shine One-Piece is available at Free People for $148.

Size Range: XS-XL | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days

Best long-sleeve

It'll take more than just some lotion if you're looking to stun in the sun while maximizing SPF coverage. This stylish long-sleeve swimsuit is made with an Italian fabric, designed to fend off 98% of damaging UV rays.

The Lycra not only protects against sun damage, but it has a gorgeous sheen. Additional features, such as the square neckline, removable belt, and no-show back zipper, add to the appeal. And perhaps best of all, Modatrova prides itself on showcasing up-and-coming fashion and has created a buzz with its collaborations with Nicky Hilton. Here, they partnered with swimsuit experts at Factor Bermuda and are all about quality. The brand uses "fabric [that] offers a generous amount of stretch and [their] suits are double lined and made for a firm fit," which also provides light bust support.

The Square Silhouette Swimsuit is available at Modatrova for $310.

Size Range: S-XL | Return Policy Highlights: 14 Days, Upon Approval

Best high-neck

Tomato soup red is the new darling of daring color trends; just ask Zendaya and Rihanna, who've incorporated the color casually and in their red carpet looks (via InStyle). And, let's face it, sometimes you just need a smokin' hot red swimsuit, so the timing is perfect.

As it turns out, you're not alone; over 31,600 people have reviewed this suit, giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars. And, since it's well-priced, you might want to scoop up a few, especially considering it's offered in over 40 colors and patterns. Plus, a quick review of its cuteness scorecard indicates it's checking off all the boxes, including a high-neck halter and sheer, peek-a-boo back. Put it all together, and this is one fierce, fire-roasted tomato feast for the eyes.

The Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit is available on Amazon for $30.99.

Size Range: XS-24 | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best plus-size caged cut

Lavender is known to be calming, but we're struggling to contain our enthusiasm for this adorable one-piece swimsuit. Right away, the cagey lattice construction catches the eye, but there are a few hidden details as well. The straps are adjustable and convertible, and the padding is removable, elements that allow for a more personalized fit.

We're not surprised, though, since the folks at Rainbow have earned 4.6 out of 5 stars on the review platform Trustpilot and boast nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram. In fact, the brand was even featured in Seventeen's guide, Where to Shop the Best Outfits From "Euphoria" Season 2.

Not to mention, this suit is less than $25. So, you can see why we're lingering in this lilac love-fest!

The Plus Size Caged Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit is available at Rainbow for $22.99.

Size Range: 1X-3X | Return Policy Highlights: Swimwear Not Eligible

Best classic black

"Best bathing suit ever!" That's just one example of the fan-fare over this classic black one-piece swimsuit. And, knowing it's from Athleta, we're inclined to ask, "Which kick-butt activities can we tackle in this versatile wonder?"

So, what's the answer? Well, pretty much anything, considering that it's strategically made to be exceptionally fast-drying. It's also worth mentioning that if you're deciding between a sporty suit and one with shapewear contouring, this one-piece offers both, according to reviews. "No need to buy a tummy tucker suit as the shirring on this suit does the job in a light and stylish way," raved one customer, while another got straight to the point with, "Slimming!"

But, in the end, remember that a slimming feature is all good and fine but largely unnecessary because you're gorgeous. And we're standing firm on that, especially since Alicia Keys agrees, which is one of the reasons she partnered with Athleta (via People). In an interview, she shared her excitement for partnering with a brand that is "really about uplifting women, empowering women, reminding us that we're all capable, we're all special, and we're all creative."

The Square Neck One-Piece is available at Athleta for $98.

Size Range: XXS-XL | Return Policy Highlights: 60 Days

Best floral print

French designer Christian Lacroix is a celebrity favorite. From actress Kirsten Dunst to model Adut Akech, everyone has rocked his looks on the red carpet (via Glamour, Vogue). Luckily for you, the posh tastemaker has also partnered with Swiminista. "We are thrilled to continue our collaboration," Nicolas Topiol told Lucire. The Christian Lacroix CEO went on to say that "...this season will offer a delight for the senses, evoking the essence of a spring garden alive with butterflies and blooms."

Leave it to the luxe fashion house to fully understand the assignment. This one-piece is low on the plunge and high on the dream-garden vibes. Looking to serve the earth-centric print fully, it's made from eco-friendly recycled water bottle fabric, which was celebrated by WWD.

The Cheerful One-piece Josephine Print Swimsuit is available at Swiminista for $169.

Size Range: XS-XL | Return Policy Highlights: 15 Days

Best dramatic cut

As it turns out, this jaguar print suit heard the fuss we made over the earlier zebra-style one-piece and was like, "Hold my piña colada." So, in a stunning effort to remain best-in-print, the jaguar swoops in with some drama.

Monday Swimwear offers this sultry number in sizes that run from petite to voluptuous, and some styles extend to "V3" (sizes 16 to 18). For this reason, the brand's suits are great for anyone with cup sizes A through G. And the Instagram feed, which has over 640,000 followers, is all the proof you need since it's a celebration of size inclusivity. Founder Natasha Oakley explained to Elle Australia that, "After years of traveling to luxurious and exotic beach locations and trying on hundreds of bikinis, I quickly realized the swimwear industry lacked comfortable and flattering swim that suited curvy and large-busted women."

So, she fixed that.

The St. Barth's One-Piece is available at Monday Swimwear for $174.

Size Range: Petite-Voluptuous (See Size Chart) | Return Policy Highlights: 14 Days

Best internet-famous

All hail the internet-famous Summersalt one-shoulder suit! The colors are striking, and the one-shoulder fit is on-trend and sure to make waves. But the brand is also a leader in the ripple effect when it comes to inclusive sizing.

As part of its latest campaign, Every Body is a Summersalt Body, the swimwear leaders caption a launch video with, "Let's declare this the summer of self-love, and dedicate the season to seeking both adventure and unwavering joy." The campaign, which features a bevy of beautiful, strong role models such as Paralympic snowboard medalist Amy Purdy, is gaining momentum online and has been featured by Good Morning America.

And this suit you keep seeing on social media? Well, one reviewer chimed in to say, "Okay. Believe the hype. Instagram made me buy it. I loved seeing the same suit on various body types. I bought it. I loved it."

The Sidestroke is available at Summersalt for $95.

Size Range: 0-26 | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days

Best modest birkini style

The birkini has been making waves of late, particularly since Halima Aden made history as the first model to wear a birkini in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (via NPR). Whether you honor the Muslim tradition of modesty or are simply looking for a stylish way to practice full-coverage sun protection, Lyra Swim has got you covered. Their birkinis strike a feminine balance of design and purpose.

Lyra Swim has nearly half a million followers on Instagram, where the brand offers resources such as Q&A highlights. And there's no question that this Sophia birkini is a fan favorite since it's rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers often mention comfort and confidence in their reviews. "Confidence is priceless," says one reviewer, and we could not agree more.

And along those lines, another customer posted, "I loved this swimsuit!" She also shared her past discomfort saying, "I have always been self-conscious when it comes to wearing a hijab friendly swimsuit, but this swimsuit has me feeling so confident and stylish."

The Sophia Modest Swimsuit Birkini (4-piece set) is available at Lyra Swim for $111.

Size Range: XS-3X | Return Policy Highlights: 28 Days

Best asymmetric ruffle

If a swimsuit is available in 45 different colors and patterns, right away, we're emotionally invested. The ruched bodice adds a sculpted look, and the ruffled one-shoulder is flirty AF. And, it turns out ruching and ruffles are some of the wish-list features in swimwear because this suit is holding steady at the No. 5 spot in Amazon's Women's One-Piece Swimsuits category.

The customer review photos are stunning, and comments such as "wonderful suit!" are common, but it's also noteworthy that reviews call out the value. "I couldn't believe the quality of this suit for the price," said one customer, who goes on to applaud the suit's "support...especially on the tummy area."

The Hilor One-Shoulder Asymmetric Ruffle Swimsuit is available on Amazon, starting at $12.99.

Size Range: 6-18 | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best white that's not see-through

Is there anything more summery than seersucker? This crisp, white seersucker swimsuit is the ultimate declaration of summer's arrival. So, grab your sunnies and meet us at the yacht or, more realistically, the pool floaty we bought on clearance. Either way, this suit is our new summer uniform, especially knowing it's fully lined and ready for anything.

Vineyard Vines is a whole mood — laid-back seaside shenanigans with the salty air through your hair. The brand's motto is, "Every day should feel this good," and in a YouTube interview with Forbes – viewed by nearly 37,000 people — the founders describe the feeling of the brand's "way of life and movement." The brothers were looking for a way to let Martha's Vineyard tourists take home that sun-shiny, boats-or-bust vacation vibe of the popular summer getaway. Well, with a little seersucker, and some wind in their sails, it's been smooth sailing.

And seersucker-style fabric, according to Elle, is perfect for summer soirees and such because it's lightweight, quick-drying, and its puckered texture helps disguise wrinkles. All in all, the fabric has become synonymous with summer, so it's the perfect way to embrace the latest seersucker trend.

The Seersucker Sconset One Piece is available at Vineyard Vines for $118.

Size Range: XXS-3X | Return Policy Highlights: 60 Days for Full-Price Items

Best cheeky

You wake up, and your hair is surprisingly perfect with zero effort on your part. Obviously, you need to cash in on a sick day and head to the beach. It's also the perfect excuse to rock this all-eyes-on-me cheeky, neon monokini. Its lace-up back and striking cut-outs ensure it's on-trend with InStyle's 2022 swimsuit advice.

In an attempt to break Amazon, the suit is doubling down on its accolades. It holds the No. 15 spot in Women's One-Piece Swimsuits and ranks within the top 1,000 clothing, shoes, and jewelry products. Product reviewers often mention how "sexy," "flattering," and "perfect" the suit looks. One customer highlighted the value, saying, "This suit is so nicely made for the price!" But value aside, she's fired up for the fierce colorways, "The high cuts on the hips and coverage of the lower stomach is so flattering for most women, no matter shape or size...excited neon is back for the summer!"

The Meyeeka Lace Up Back High Cut Monokini is available on Amazon, starting at $29.99.

Size Range: S-XL | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best animal print

A round of applause, please, for the swimsuit that offers a choice between full coverage and Brazilian cut. This animal print one-piece lets you choose between an extra measure of modesty or a slightly more wild life. Whichever way you frame the bum, just get it out in that summer sun.

Anytime an animal print is offered in a cool color, just go ahead and pop it into your online cart. Harper's Bazaar suggests that bold animal prints are timeless, and this one is extra special. The color is reminiscent of the blue-gray hues of a storm forming over the ocean. Sure, it's beautiful, but don't underestimate its power, which is pretty much how we describe most women. In fact, the ViX Paula Hermanny brand has plenty of strong women followers, including J.Lo and Gisele, who've been spotted wearing the brand on Instagram.

The Erin Knot One Piece is available at ViX Paula Hermanny for $216.

Size Range: S-L | Return Policy Highlights: 30 Days

Best classic gingham

If you love these tiny checks, you're a gingham girl — and you're not alone. The small checkered print has been a fashion staple since 1939, reports Vox, when Judy Garland paired her gingham print dress with a pint-size pup and a picnic basket. But the print has made a beeline from picnic blankets to street style and beyond, with no shortage of celebrity fabric fans, according to Vogue.

The print's association with picnics clinches its spot on the list of all-time favorite summer fabrics, and this one-piece gingham swimsuit is proof. It holds the No. 9 spot in Amazon's one-piece swimsuits category. Among the reviews, one of the recurring comments is how flattering the tummy area looks since it has torso ruching. One woman shared her swimsuit journey, saying, "After trying on and returning approximately two million suits...I was about to give up...and then I tried this one." And, similar to other reviews, she said, " sucks in my tummy about as well as an expensive Miracle Suit. Oh yeah, did I mention it's comfortable? Because it is!"

The Tempt Me Tummy Control High Waisted Swimsuit is available on Amazon, starting at $33.99.

Size Range: XS-20+ | Return Policy Highlights: Free Returns with Amazon Prime

Best for larger cup sizes

Generally speaking, there are a lot of details to consider when shopping for swimsuits. And if you have a larger cup size, it can be challenging to find a great fit. So, you may skip the generic sizing to opt for bra-specific sizing. Bravissimo specializes in intimate and swimwear in cup sizes D to L. Their goal is "to inspire women with big boobs to feel amazing," and this strappy stunner is a surefire way to achieve the goal.

The folks at Bravissimo have created a community within their social media following. The brand's Instagram feed often features posts from women sharing challenges and celebrations from their experience with having large breasts. One post, in particular, has over 1,500 comments such as, "...and I would like to just tell you how much I appreciate you @lovebravissimo for everything." In addition, the brand routinely gets press shout-outs from Good Housekeeping, Harper's Bazaar, and Women's Health.

The Marbella One-Piece Swimsuit is available at Bravissimo for $120.

Size Range: 30D-40J | Return Policy Highlights: 60 Days