How The May 30 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

Whether or not you put any stock in astrology, it's nice to think of a new moon as a monthly do-over for your life. The beginning of the lunar cycle is considered to be a lucky time for everything from starting new ventures to getting a haircut, according to the New York Post. It's also a recommended day to write down any and all intentions you have for yourself, along with the steps needed to make them come true.

Astrologically speaking, each new moon falls into the corresponding sun sign, bringing that sign's energy to the rest of the zodiac. In 2022, May's new moon comes right at the end of the month — the 30th — which puts it squarely into Gemini. The good news is that the sign of the Twins is all about connecting, communicating, and not taking oneself too seriously. In other words, a great way to start the summer. Plus, with Mars and Jupiter going into ambitious Aries the day before, you'll likely be extra eager to get started on any major plans you've been thinking about.

One caution, however: Mercury, the planet of communication (and Gemini's personal planet), will still be in retrograde, per InStyle. That's the time when laptops crash, messages go undelivered, and misunderstandings abound. So, until Mercury goes back into direct mode on June 3 (that's not too long to wait, right?), review your game plan and make sure it's in order.

The new moon will have specific meanings for each zodiac sign, so what's in store for Taurus?

The new moon could bring career opportunities for Taurus

People born under the sign of Taurus (April 20 – May 20) are all about serenity and luxury, according to Allure. They love to be pampered, and thrive in a soothing natural environment. That doesn't mean they're lazy, however — far from it. They enjoy the security that money brings, and they're willing to work hard to make sure their bank account stays full. 

With that in mind, Taureans will be delighted to learn that the May 30 new moon will be a fantastic day for money and work. Per AstroStyle, the moon falls right in Taurus' second house of finances, which could mean everything from an unexpected windfall to the resolution of a pesky bill dispute. The first two weeks of June will also be a perfect time for job hunting. Bulls should feel free to start networking, browsing job sites, or researching companies on their employment bucket list. If you're a happily employed Taurus, think about asking for a salary increase (because why not?), or find out what additional responsibilities you can take on in order to raise your pay scale. 

Another possibility, dear Bulls: Think about finding a side hustle to help pad your finances while the new moon energy is right, suggests InStyle. This sign is known for its love of fine food and for its excellent aesthetic sense, via Cosmopolitan. How about sharing those skills through a monetized cooking channel or hiring out your services as a decorator?

Taurus-born people should carve out some self-care time

Not that you need any urging — one characteristic of Taurus is their love of indulgence — but the May 30 new moon is also a reminder to Bulls to take some time for themselves. Bustle notes that when new moons fall within one's own sign, it can bring on a host of personal issues and upheavals. Last month's new moon was in Taurus, so folks born under that sign are coming off an especially dramatic time. Now is your chance to make up for lost pampering time by scheduling a mani-pedi, taking a weekend getaway, or just curling up on the sofa.

Because Gemini is the sign of communication, the new moon will bring opportunities to connect with friends, too (helloooo, girls' night!). Just be careful not to go overboard spilling the tea, however. Yoga Journal cautions that the Gemini new moon can lead us to get harsh with the gossip and play fast-and-loose with the truth. Keep the positive energy going, and both you and your friends will come away feeling inspired and refreshed.

Speaking of communication, Tauruses can expect to feel more clearheaded on June 3, when Mercury exits its retrograde, says StyleCaster. Miscommunications will resolve themselves, and you'll feel more like yourself again. However, by the May 11, you may start to feel constrained in some of your relationships. Taurus is known for its stubborn loyalty, but if you're not getting what you need, it could be time to move on.