The Truth About The Relationship Between Sister Wives' Mariah Brown And Audrey Kriss

Fans of the hit TLC show "Sister Wives" likely remember Mariah Brown as one of the older kids in the Brown family. The only child of Kody Brown and his wife Meri, Mariah was a spunky and adorable little girl who lived in a polygamist family and her many other siblings and three other moms, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn.

The show has quite a history and has been airing for sixteen seasons. Over the course of the show's run, the kids have grown up before our eyes.

As one of the older siblings, Mariah took a big role in helping take care of her younger siblings while pursuing an active academic career. Originally wanting to go to medical school, Mariah eventually settled on pursuing a career in social work. However, her biggest storyline on the show so far revolves around her relationship with her fiancé, Audrey Kriss.

Mariah Brown coming out as gay to her polygamist family was filmed for the show

In 2017, when Mariah Brown was 21 years old, she came out to her moms and dad on an episode of "Sister Wives." Brown told her biological mother, Meri, her other moms, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and her dad Kody that she was a lesbian.

Earlier in the episode, Brown called all her parents together for an announcement and there was speculation about the meeting. Christine tried to get the information about the meeting out of Brown, asking "Is it good?" Brown replied, "I think so."

Standing nervously in the corner while her parents were seated, Brown blurted out, "I'm gay" (via People). The wives came over and hugged Mariah while Meri and Kody sat in shock. They both eventually came around and accepted Audrey into the family with open arms.

Since Mariah has come out, little sister Gwendolyn has also shared that she, too, is gay.

Audrey Kriss moved to Chicago to be with Mariah Brown

Mariah Brown was a studious kid growing up and talked about wanting to go to medical school quite a few times on "Sister Wives." However, as she grew, her academic focus changed. She graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she met and fell in love with Audrey Kriss. After graduating Brown decided to attend graduate school (via Pop Culture).

Brown was accepted into a graduate program in social work and social justice at Loyola University in Chicago. It was then that Kriss moved with her to Chicago.

Brown shared her thoughts when she first moved to Chicago and began grad school on her Instagram, "​​I'm absolutely obsessed with everything and I am so grateful to be doing what I am doing, and working toward being part of some necessary change that needs to happen."

Brown has since completed the program, moved back to Utah, and now works as a program manager at a community center (via Cheat Sheet).

Mariah Brown proposed to Audrey Kriss at the Women's March in D.C in 2019

Since Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss are very active in social justice issues, they regularly attend marches and rallies. Fans may recall that Brown asked her mother, Meri, and her other mom Janelle to accompany her and Kriss to the first-ever Women's March in Washington D.C. in 2017.

According to SheKnows, Brown said in a TLC video, "I really wanted to come to the march with some of my family and friends because it's something that is really important to me, something that is really important to all of them."

Just two years later, in 2019, Brown proposed to Kriss at the Women's March that year. She told People, "We had just started dating when we came for the first time two years ago and it was such a special time for us that I wanted to propose there."

While they talked a few times about planning a wedding on the series, the COVID pandemic hit, and so far, they haven't been married just yet.

Audrey Kriss is transgender and recently had top surgery

In December 2021, Audrey Kriss shared a life update in an Instagram post, writing "I just wanted to let you know that I am transgender, and my pronouns are they/them. I'm still going by Audrey." Kriss continued, "I don't want to hide myself from the world anymore. I am so incredibly excited!"

In March 2022, Kriss shared a pic of them sporting a mustache and more pics showing their progression as they embraced a more masculine presentation.

Recently in May 2022, in another Instagram post, Kriss shared a video that played over the song by Engelbert Humperdinck, "A Man Without Love." The video showed them after having top surgery. Kriss wrote, "Crazy what some self love and time to yourself can do sometimes." They continued, "These past few years have been hard but I have been fortunate to have had some amazing moments of growth and joy along the way."

Audrey Kriss and Mariah Brown are still happy together

Engaged since 2019, it seems that the couple is still having a wonderful time together. Kriss often posts pics of the two of them on their Instagram page.

On Valentine's Day, Kris posted a photo of the couple sitting on some rocks in the middle of tall trees and wrote, "Happy Valentine's Day ... I love you lots today and all the days @mariahbrwn."

There is no official word on when "Sister Wives" will return for season 17 and viewers will learn even more about the challenges of polygamy. Last season ended with some big decisions being made as Christine Brown packed up her husband Kody Brown's belongings. A tell-all after the season's end confirmed that Christine and Kody were divorced and living separately.

Before the season even began Christine announced it on her Instagram, "After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave," Christine wrote. "We will continue to be a strong presence in each other's lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family."

If a wedding is in the works for Kriss and Brown, they may be waiting for the new season show to air. According to Us Weekly, Christine's son Paedon said on TikTok that the show has already begun filming.