The Real Reason Madlyn's Friends Didn't Like Colby On The Ultimatum

Joining the ranks of wild reality dating shows is everyone's guilty pleasure: "The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On." Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the 10-episode series revolves around six couples who have reached a standstill in their relationships (via GQ). In each partnership, one person has issued an "ultimatum" to their significant other, giving their partner the choice to either get engaged or split up for good. In the first stage of the series, the participants of the show enter into a fake trial marriage with another contestant from the show. After completing their trial marriage, the original couples all reunite and must decide, once and for all, if they are truly meant to be.

While most of the ultimatums on the show were issued by women, Colby was one of the rare men who presented his long-time girlfriend Madlyn with this difficult decision. From the very first episode, Madlyn expressed her reluctance to accept a proposal from Colby. She is quick to admit Colby annoys her. "He's always putting on a show," she shared (via Netflix). Another potential dealbreaker? Madlyn's friends weren't the biggest fans of her boyfriend.

After meeting her new partner, Madlyn's friends seemed to prefer Randall over Colby

Madlyn's friends' dislike of Colby was apparent when "The Ultimatum" contestant introduced her pals to her trial marriage partner, Randall (via Netflix). Over drinks and dinner, Madlyn introduced Randall to three of her closest friends: Maeson, Karli, and Caila. When Colby's name is first brought up in the conversation, Madlyn's friends share their disapproval of Madlyn's boyfriend. "He just wants to be the center of attention," shared Maeson, as the two other friends echoed their agreement.

In a confessional, Maeson revealed that she and Colby had hooked up in college. "Wasn't really something rememberable," she admitted. "On an attractive level, I definitely think Randall would be a better lover." Maeson even went so far as to say, if she was in Madlyn's shoes, she would make a move on Randall.

Maeson wasn't the only friend hoping that "The Ultimatum" may lead to a break-up between Colby and her best friend. When Randall asked the girls what their concerns were about Madlyn joining the show, Karli revealed that she was "hopeful." "I just don't know if he's on the same level as you, like maturity-wise," she admitted, comparing Randall to Colby. By the end of the interaction, Madlyn's friends were very much Team Randall. Sorry, Colby.

At the end of the day, Madlyn's friends just want her to be happy

While they may have started off as one of the show's least promising couples, Madlyn and Colby managed to work through their issues. By the end of the series, Madlyn not only accepted a proposal from Colby, but she also agreed to marry her beaux that very same day. When all of the couples get together six months later, Madlyn is revealed as the one member of the cast who is pregnant at the reunion. Talk about a happy ending for the lovebirds! According to People, Madlyn and Colby celebrated happy family news on May 2, 2022 when they gave birth to their baby girl. 

In the reunion episode, Nick Lachey addresses the dislike that Madlyn's friends had for Colby. "The Ultimatum" host asked Madlyn whether or not that had changed at all since the couple got married. Turns out, the negative attitude Madlyn's friends had towards Colby was more about their love for Madlyn than anything else. "My friends are just 100% support Madlyn," the reality TV star shared (via Netflix). "So, at that moment I wasn't liking Colby so they don't like Colby." While Madlyn admits that type of attitude may not be the most healthy, it does mean that her friends will always be loyal to her. "They back me no matter what. So they back Colby now too," she continued.