The Ultimatum Cast Member Who Was Pregnant At The Reunion

Netflix's "The Ultimatum" was a wild ride. There were ups and there were downs, and that was just in the reunion alone. The show started with an absolute bang with one of the cast members walking out sporting something other than a wedding ring. While you were busy wondering who was still together, a couple was turning their party of two up a notch. One member of "The Ultimatum" is pregnant, and it's probably not the one that you were expecting.


The most shocking reality television moments are the ones that you don't see coming, and that's exactly what happened at "The Ultimatum" reunion. Of course, the world was dying to know which of the couples were still together after an intense season. The cast came with tons of different announcements. Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin announced that they aren't actually engaged after all, and April Melohn revealed she's in a happy relationship without Jake Cunningham.

There's one announcement that was way bigger though — literally. Let's just say that when this cast member walked onto the stage, the big news was shared for her. 

Madlyn and Colby are having a baby

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger are having a baby! The couple revealed on "The Ultimatum" reunion that Ballatori is seven months pregnant with Kissinger's baby. Kissinger wasn't the only one taking credit for the little bundle of joy. "Can I say that this is our first 'Ultimatum' baby?" host Vanessa Lachey said, to which Nick Lachey added that they were "all taking credit" for it. 


Ballatori coupled the reunion airing with a surprise video on her Instagram. What started as a one-year anniversary dedication soon turned into a surprise baby announcement. Midway through the video montage, Madlyn can be seen turning to the camera and holding out a pregnancy test. The clip is followed by an ultrasound and multiple photos of her with a bump. When she hit "The Ultimatum" stage, she was already seven months pregnant with a baby girl. 

Pregnancy is no easy feat, but, according to Colby, Madlyn is "handling it like a pro." He said that she's been feeling great throughout the entire pregnancy. Madlyn seconded that by saying that she's "loving every second" of being pregnant. 

The baby got the most appropriate gift

That wasn't the only surprise on stage for the couple on "The Ultimatum." Vanessa and Nick Lachey got the couple the most appropriate baby gift — a silver goblet sippy cup. Somehow, it's both the cutest and most iconic gift possible.


For those of you who haven't binged the show, the silver cups make a scene in, well, just about every scene of the show. You might also notice them from the sister show "Love Is Blind." According to Today, the cups were used to make editing easier for the crew, as you couldn't see how much liquid is in the cup. The little trick was deliberately used in "The Ultimatum" with the simple change of gold to silver.

"The silver goblets in 'The Ultimatum' are an homage to the gold goblets in 'Love Is Blind,'" creator Chris Coelen tells Today. "We think the goblets are a subtle but fun way to tie the elements of each show together."

So, it looks like the baby is ready to join the crew!