Platinum Jubilee Attendee Reveals An Unexpected Moment Between The Cambridge Kids - Exclusive

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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Weekend is in full swing, and there have already been a few memorable moments between the royal family. Cameras captured a sweet moment between Meghan Markle, Peter Phillips' daughters, and Zara Tindall's children. Though she wasn't a part of the big ceremony and did not appear alongside Queen Elizabeth on the Buckingham Palace balcony, her presence was monumental considering the tension between the stateside royals and the royal family, as reported by Page Six.


Kate Middleton's coordinated look with Meghan was equally as memorable. However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's kids completely stole the show. During the Trooping the Colour celebration, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis participated in their first carriage procession, per People. As they waved to a delighted crowd, there was a moment between Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte where the youngest Cambridge couldn't contain his excitement and kept waving long after everyone stopped, only to be halted by his big sister. With the Cambridge kids front and center at the Platinum Jubilee, there was another lovely moment shared between the two siblings.

The Cambridge kids' sibling bond was on full display

Kinsey Schofield, the author of "R is for Revenge Dress: A Princess Diana–Inspired Alphabet Book for Grown-Ups," opened up to The List about Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis' first carriage ride at the Platinum Jubilee. According to Schofield, who attended the Platinum Jubilee event, the strong sibling bond between Prince William and Kate's children was clear. "I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cambridge children make their carriage debut with their personalities on full display!" Schofield said.


She compared Princess Charlotte's big sister move and personality to Princess Anne, adding that this "reminded [her] of something you might see from a young Anne, Princess Royal!" The royal expert isn't the first to make this comparison. The Daily Express reports that author Fern Britton praised Princess Charlotte's poise at Prince Phillip's memorial, and attributed her charming nature to the women who came before her, including the princess royal herself. Vanity Fair's 2020 profile of Princess Anne painted her as strong-minded and passionate, so this parallel between the two royals tracks.

In a sweet move, Princess Charlotte displayed affection for her little brother

While speaking to The List, royal expert Kinsey Schofield also broke down what happened in the seconds after Princess Charlotte intercepted her little brother's enthusiastic waving. The royal expert recalled the affection between Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. "Charlotte and Louis also locked hands throughout the carriage ride which I thought was a beautiful and sincere representation of how tight the Cambridge family truly is," Schofield exclusively revealed.


The unexpected but kind gesture has come around full circle. This isn't the first time that Princess Charlotte has shown affection for her little brother, and probably won't be the last. Per Harper's Bazaar, in 2018, Buckingham Palace released official portraits from Prince Louis' christening. In the photo, Princess Charlotte lovingly watches over her little brother while holding his hand. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also tweeted a photo of Princess Charlotte kissing her brother's forehead on her third birthday.

As the Platinum Jubilee celebrations continue, there's bound to be more heartfelt moments between the royal siblings.