What You Should Know About The All Winner Cast Of RPDR All Stars Season 7

When "RuPaul's Drag Race" first aired in 2009, we had no idea what we were in for. The premise was simple: Drag queens from across the country would compete to become America's Next Drag Superstar using their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

With any competition show, you fall in love with its contestants, and Drag Race was no exception. You couldn't help but love the new queens every season (even the super shady ones). This would make fans want to see more of them, even if they weren't the winning queen, and just like that, "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" was born.

All Stars would take fan favorites and pin them head to head to win a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. With RPDR All Stars in its 7th season, Ru felt like it was time to switch things up. For the first time in RPDR history, the All Stars cast will be comprised of winning queens, whether they won their initial season or a previous season of All Stars (via Daily Hive). These are essentially the best of the best, so let us give you the who's who of the new season.

Jaida Essence Hall

Our first queen is none other than Ms. Jaida Essence Hall. This lady blew us away on season 12, ultimately making it to the top three with Gigi Goode and Crystal Methyd. Clearly, Jaida came out on top and deservedly so after serving the lip sync of a lifetime during the at-home season finale. She used every inch of her tiny apartment for her lip-sync, and honestly, her performance was jaw-dropping.

Prior to RPDR, Jaida was just a queen from Milwaukee, WI (like All Stars season 3 winner Trixie Mattel). She had her start at Hamburger Mary's, a drag-inspired restaurant chain (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

After winning RPDR, Jaida toured with "Werq the World," which features various queens from the show. She also caught the eye of our goddess, Rihanna, earning a spot to perform in the Savage X Fenty 2020 show, and she looked fierce doing it (via ET Online). She also took up podcasting, co-hosting a show with fellow season 12 queen Heidi In Closet aptly named "Hall and Closet." She's definitely some fierce competition, so it'll be exciting to see how she'll fare against the other queens.

Jinkx Monsoon

Where do we even begin when it comes to Jinkx Monsoon? Jinkx was a contestant and winner of RPDR season 5. They are considered drag royalty, and we're not wrong in calling them that. With two studio albums, a holiday special with the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme, Jinkx has been a rather busy queen.

Jinkx is also working on a touring show with longtime friend Major Scales entitled "Together Again," which is returning to the UK in 2022 (via Pink News). "We're focusing exclusively on the years that haven't happened yet. It's a hypothetical retrospective," Jinkx said regarding the upcoming shows.

Jinkx also revealed that there would be a Snatch Game on All Stars 7; whether she was supposed to do that or not is a mystery to us, but we're kinda glad she did because Snatch Game is one of the best challenges on RPDR and to see these super all-star queens compete against one another is going to be absolutely amazing (via Cheat Sheet).

Monet X Change (Season 10)

The sponge queen herself will be back again, making it her third appearance on an RPDR show. Monet X Change made a rather memorable impression during her time on season 10 before sashaying away. Her sponge look will definitely live in infamy, as it should because it was such a serve, and the memes were hilarious (via Twitter). Monet has it all: comedy, glamour, and personality. It's no wonder why she was crowned Ms. Congeniality of her season.

Monet hails from Brooklyn, NY, and is a part of the Davenport drag family; alongside season 7 queen Kennedy Davenport, she talks about a powerful drag group (via Screen Rant). Once Monet left RPDR, she got straight to work, hosting her own interview-style talk show, "X Change Rate," on the Build by Yahoo network. Like most drag queens, Monet also explored a music career, releasing the track "Soak it Up" because why not cash in on a running joke?

Monet X Change (All Stars 4)

Though Monet proved herself to be successful out of RPDR, when given a chance to come back for All Stars season 4, she signed right up. She even served sponge realness for the first episode's variety show (it was sponges sewn onto a bodysuit, but it was iconic nonetheless). Monet killed it on her All Stars season but made history as she was the first queen to tie for the number one spot. She tied with Trinity the Tuck, who's also joining season 7, so fingers crossed they don't tie again.

In her time off-screen, she's got a touring show with fellow queen and winner of season 8 Bob the Drag Queen entitled "Sibling Rivalry," set to begin in the Fall of 2022 (via Twitter). Bob and Monet are comedy gold paired together, but that's not to say Monet can't hold her own. It'll be interesting to see what she brings to this season.

Raja (Season 3)

There's no denying that Raja is by far one of the most successful queens there is. She made her RPDR debut on season 3 and stole the show. Don't get us wrong, she definitely has some notoriety for being an RPDR winning queen, but Raja had quite the career before that.

For years Raja served as a makeup artist on the competition show "America's Next Top Model," which means she spent time with Tyra Banks, doing her makeup as well (via Instinct Magazine). Her makeup skills can also be seen on pop sensation Adam Lambert, as she's been his makeup artist since 2009. If you're still not sold on her impressive skills, Raja's clientele includes names like Pamela Anderson, Iggy Azalea, Twiggy, and even RuPaul. Do you even know how talented you have to be for RuPaul to let you do her makeup? The RuPaul of "RuPaul's Drag Race." That, in and of itself, is a serve.

Raja (cont.)

Now, Raja has been killing the makeup game, but it's been a few years since her time on RPDR. Even though she's a seasoned queen, more often than not, ladies from the older seasons have a hard time keeping up with the new generation, as seen with Morgan McMichaels in All Stars 3 and Ongina in All Stars 5.

We have a feeling she won't let that shake her, seeing that she was named one of the most powerful drag queens in America by The New York Times. She's also served as a host for "RuPaul's Drag Race Fashion Photo RuView" on YouTube since 2014. We're getting the sense that she might be a RuPaul favorite, but it seems like she should be based on all of her accomplishments thus far. Let's just hope that favoritism doesn't come into play during the competition. We're just excited to see what she'll bring to a new age of drag.

Shea Coulee (Season 9)

Who's ready to slay? That's Shea Coulee! Ms. Coulee made a name for herself in season 9 of RPDR. She made it to the top four but was beaten out by fellow queen Sasha Velour in a lip-sync, who had rose petals shake out of her wig like Shea didn't stand a chance.

Even Shea knew it and admitted it was an incredibly difficult loss for her saying, "Since opening up about the pain that I experienced on season 9, it was really cathartic being able to speak my truth, because I felt at the end of season 9 that I was just unceremoniously dismissed, after all the work that I'd put into it and coming so close, it was really hard," she said to Entertainment Weekly.

After their season, she went on the "Werq the World" tour hosted by Bianca del Rio and Michelle Visage, a tour many queens go on. Coulee also debuted an EP in their time on RPDR.

Shea Coulee (All Stars 5)

Listen, Shea Coulee came back swinging in All Stars 5. She wanted to prove she was more than the queen who lost to a wig and some rose petals, and that's exactly what she did; clearly, since she won a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame! What would Shea do next? Well, she too performed for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty show in 2020, serving body, might we add (via Pink News).

Speaking of serving body, she decided to start an OnlyFans — yes, you heard us correctly — which, honestly, is a power move (via Pink News). She's also got a podcast with season 9 winner Jaida Essence Hall called "Wanna Be on Top?" It should be interesting to see how these two friends compete against one another in this upcoming historic season. Because, let's face it, RPDR has ruined some friendships before, and when you have a podcast together, it could make for an incredibly awkward situation.

The Vivienne (Drag Race UK)

The Vivienne has already made some historic accomplishments, as she was the first queen to ever win RPDR UK. How iconic is that? She'll also be the first queen to compete in an All Stars season that isn't from North America (via Wales Online).

She was quite the comedy queen on her season, proving her chops in the infamous Snatch Game as Donald Trump. "It's hard. Michelle Visage's comment on my season was it was the best Snatch Game she'd ever seen," said The Vivienne (via Entertainment Weekly).

Not only is The Vivienne fighting for the crown, but also for that cash prize because she was robbed in the UK season because apparently, they don't get a cash prize. In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said, "There was no prize money in England. Even if I come away with 10 pounds, I'm better off." We can't wait to see how she takes on competing against all American queens.

Trinity the Tuck (Season 9)

Oh. My. God. Trinity the Tuck is a living legend, and we stand by that. Trinity first appeared on season nine alongside Shea Coulee, also making it into the top four, and she did that while serving body the entire season; like, have you seen their body?

Prior to RPDR, Trinity was an all-around pageant queen. She was crowned as Ms. Pulse by Pulse nightclub back in 2011, as well as Entertainer of the Year in 2014 against Alyssa Edwards (via Queerty). Imagine being named Entertainer of the Year over Alyssa Edwards because we can't! Trinity was also name-dropped on "Saturday Night Live" during a sketch like that's a whole different level of icon status we couldn't even dream of reaching (via Billboard).

Trinity wouldn't be done making a name for themselves because, like every drag queen on this earth, they debuted some music and a podcast. It feels cliche at this point, but we're still living for it.

Trinity the Tuck (All Stars 4)

When given a second chance for the crown, Trinity also went for it. Why wouldn't she? Why wouldn't anyone, honestly? She got her crown during All Stars 4, but not the way she wanted. She tied with Monet X Change, the first tie ever on RPDR. So, yeah, she made history, but the glory wasn't all theirs.

We suppose being ranked number 15 of the most powerful drag queens in America might be some sort of consolation, but we highly doubt they saw it that way (via Vulture). So perhaps All Stars 7 will be their chance to finally have a crown all to themselves. Trinity made headlines besides the drag race when they announced they were transgender and non-binary. They will be one of few queens to come back and compete after announcing they're transgender, similar to Gia Gunn (via Style).

In conclusion, you go, Trinity!

Yvie Oddly

Now, who could possibly forget Yvie Oddly? The chaos queen herself made her debut on season 11 and came out on top. It was a well-deserved win after the phenomenal season she had. Yvie got into drag after seeing Sharon Needles on season 4. "I decided that the things that scared me about drag were no longer worth holding me back from all of the opportunities I can have with drag, especially because underneath all this, I'm just a skinny, black, gay guy," Yvie said (via The Denver Post).

After making waves on RPDR, she announced her reality show "Yvie Oddly's Oddities" in 2019, which followed her thrifting for items of clothes she could transform into jaw-dropping drag pieces (via Entertainment Weekly). She also holds a spot in RuPaul's Las Vegas Residency, "RuPaul's Drag Race Live!" where she performs five nights a week, which is really impressive, seeing that we'd probably get tired after one night (via American Songwriter).