Royal Fans Are Going Crazy Over Prince Charles' Sweet Gesture To Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee festivities are in full swing. Thursday's big moments included Trooping the Colour, the landmark parade in celebration of the queen's birthday (via Royal UK). In a famous first, the monarch "took the salute" from the 1,200+ military personal as they marched past the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace, per USA Today.

The day was full of memorable events, including the debut carriage ride of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis (via Town & Country). The three Cambridge children wowed onlookers with their delightful sweetness, especially the moment when Charlotte gently coached Louis during the ride.

At the conclusion of the parade, over 70 RAF jets created an aerial extravaganza and elicited priceless reactions from 4-year-old Prince Louis. At the end of the flypast, the youngest Cambridge covered his ears and opened his mouth wide in response to the loud roar of the engines, per Elle.

In contrast to the revelry of Thursday, Friday's Service of Thanksgiving was more subdued. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth was unable to attend the service at St. Paul's Cathedral, citing "discomfort" from Thursday's events. "Taking into account the journey and activity required to participate," said Buckingham Palace (via CNN), "Her Majesty with great reluctance has concluded that she will not attend."

However, even in the monarch's absence, her family was present to represent her and treat fans to another sweet moment.

Prince Charles blew a kiss to Kate Middleton

As they arrived at St. Paul's Cathedral for the Service of Thanksgiving, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles greeted Prince William and Kate Middleton. As Charles approached his daughter-in-law, he demonstrated his affection by blowing a kiss to her. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her husband's gesture when she greeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, per Hello! Magazine.

Camilla Tominey, the Telegraph's associate editor, tweeted video footage of the kiss, and royal fans were delighted by Charles' behavior. "Despite what people say, they are a close family. It's lovely," Cambridge Crown commented.

"Love this, so nice to see an unconscious action of affection from on him on such an important occasion," another fan tweeted.

Tominey also explained the practical significance for Charles' choice of blowing a kiss. "They can't really kiss on cheeks with such big hats involved," she tweeted.

Another royal enthusiast tweeted an observation about the kiss's significance, saying, "Love their relationship and how the Cornwall's and Cambridge's seem to working together and supporting each other and The Queen."

The senior royals were some of the final guests to appear at the Cathedral, where 2,000 participants awaited, per Express. As heir to the throne, Prince Charles represented his mother. Kate also paid homage by wearing the monarch's Bahrain Pearl Drop earrings, per the Mirror. The iconic jewels were gifted to the queen on her wedding, and it is believed that she granted the duchess "a permanent loan" to wear them.

Prince Charles and Kate Middleton share a close bond

Since the early days of her introduction to the royal family, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton have enjoyed a caring relationship. Following her engagement to Prince William, Kate was enthusiastic about her father-in-law-to-be and described him as "very, very welcoming and very friendly," per Hello!

Charles and Kate clearly create a lot of positive energy when they are in each other's company. "He always lights up when he sees her," a fan remarked after the blown kiss at St. Paul's Cathedral, per Express. "The daughter he always wanted."

These comments echo the Prince of Wales' heartfelt speech that he gave at William and Kate's wedding, where he said of his daughter-in-law, "We are lucky to have her," per Hello!

Over the last 11 years, their bond has continued to grow. At numerous events, Kate has shown that she appreciates her father-in-law's sense of humor. The two have been observed laughing together and enjoying each other's company (via Express).

Kate and Charles are also present for each other during difficult moments. At Prince Philip's funeral, Kate demonstrated her devotion and care to Charles with a loving touch on his shoulder while the Duke of Cornwall grieved for his father, per the Mirror. In addition, the Duchess of Cambridge makes a point of building familial bonds by ensuring that Charles gets plenty of grandparent time with her three young children.

Charles is a dedicated grandparent

Like any grandparent, Prince Charles evidently shares affection with each of his five grandchildren, but it seems that he has a special bond with Prince Louis, the youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children. To mark his 70th birthday in 2018, the Sunday Times Magazine released a series of exclusive photos which saw a five-month-old Louis attacking his grandfather's face in one particular photo, with the rest of his family grinning and laughing during the adorable moment.

Known as "Grandpa Wales" to his grandchildren, it's clear that Charles absolutely adores his familial role. "He is a very hands-on grandfather," photographer Chris Jackson noted. "He was holding hands with George and Charlotte, and bouncing Louis up and down for a long time." Jackson noted that Charles' relationship with Prince George was "a little more established" as he's the eldest. Their bond is most evident in the fact that the Prince of Wales named a garden in Balmoral after his first grandson (via Town & Country).

Situated on the Birkhall estate, the arboretum is known as Prince George's Wood. During an interview with BBC News, Charles explained that this special area started to take shape after he planted the first tree when his grandson was born. Since then, it's become "an old man's obsession," as the prince explained.