Inside Brooke And Nick's Relationship On The Bold And The Beautiful

Over the last three decades, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been a major focal point of "The Bold and the Beautiful," and she's one of the only original cast members left on the soap. Throughout the years, viewers have watched Brooke's journey of love (and lust) unfold. But a few men, in particular, stand out. 

When thinking of Brooke's greatest loves, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) comes to mind first. However, even if they are "destined," as Brooke likes to say, he's not her only epic love story. In fact, Brooke's many loves have paved the way for countless gripping storylines.

Brooke's status as one of the faces of the series usually places her relationships at the forefront of all stories — and one initially threw fans for a loop. When Nick Marone's (Jack Wagner) ship crashed in 2003, nobody could've predicted the impact he'd have on Brooke's life (via Soap Central). For the first time, it seemed as if the man for Brooke wouldn't be a Forrester. While it's true that Nick and Brooke went on to have a monumental love story of their own, it wouldn't be without its fair share of obstacles.

Here's the whole timeline of Brooke and Nick's relationship.

Brooke became pregnant, but the paternity was unclear

Nick Marone's shipwreck had more ramifications than anyone anticipated. Romancing Brooke was the easy part. After all, most men on "The Bold and the Beautiful" get struck by her charm and beauty. 

At first glance, Nick was a man with no ties to the Forresters, and he could whisk her away from the family that caused her so much heartache. However, like any decent soap plot, a hidden twist was buried beneath the surface. Nick wasn't a random stranger after all. Per, he was the half-brother of Brooke's lover, Ridge, and things only got messier from there.

Over the next decade, Brooke found herself switching back and forth between the brothers. She was intimate with both of them at different times and became pregnant with a son — but she had no idea who the father was. In the messy world of soap operas, something as simple as a DNA test isn't enough to remedy that kind of problem. People are known to alter paternity tests to ruin lives. 

The test to determine the daddy of Brooke's unborn child was just as chaotic. It initially revealed Nick to be the father, but, ultimately, it was her longtime love, Ridge, who was the true dad (via Soaps In Depth).

After the DNA results, Nick turned to Brooke's daughter

After the disappointing DNA test results, Nick's focus shifted away from Brooke and onto her daughter, Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). Things went well for a while until yet another unfortunate situation involving a baby. This time, Nick was the father, but, sadly, he wouldn't have the opportunity to raise the child. The baby was stillborn, and the loss was enough to cause the relationship to crumble (via 

With his marriage to Bridget a thing of the past, Nick was ready to set his sights back on Brooke. The only catch? Once again, she was married to Ridge, and he'd have to destroy their relationship to win her back. Nick was willing to put in the work to rip Brooke away from Ridge. After numerous attempts, he succeeded, and he finally tied the knot with Brooke.

Yet, Ridge refused to give up on his precious "Logan" and poked at her marriage to Nick until it fell to pieces. The contentious nature of Ridge and Nick's relationship was too much for Brooke, and she called it quits with Nick (via Soap Dirt).

Things should've ended between the two, but Nick received a strange accidental gift from his former beloved. He got married to Ridge's ex-wife, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), and they wanted to expand their family. The only issue? Taylor's eggs weren't viable, and they needed a donor. That's where Brooke would inadvertently come in (via

Brooke accidentally donated her eggs to Nick and Taylor

In one of the strangest moments in "The Bold and the Beautiful" history, Brooke's eggs are given to Taylor by accident so that she can have a baby. There's so much inherently wrong with that, considering that Brooke and Taylor have been enemies for decades because of their mutual love for Ridge. 

The last person Taylor ever wanted to help her fertility journey was her sworn arch-nemesis, Brooke (via Soap Central). The eventual reveal caused Taylor to spiral into a complete breakdown, which led to a relapse in her drinking (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

With so much history between them — a lot of it tragic — Brooke and Nick never rekindled their romance. However, their history as a couple is something fans remember today. 

Although they never got back together, Jack Wagner's 2012 exit wouldn't be the last time we saw him and Katherine Kelly Lang share the screen (via He recently appeared as one of Brooke's great loves as part of a special week honoring her legacy on the show (via Michael Fairman TV).