The Hurdle Michael Evans Behling Had To Overcome While Filming All American - Exclusive

If you're currently bingeing "All American" on Netflix, you're not alone. Following a young football player thrust into a fish-out-of-water environment, the dynamic series is currently sitting at the No. 2 spot on Netflix's TV show chart, and it's no secret as to why. Thanks to an all-star cast, "All American" has everything a good TV show needs. Of course, the cast wouldn't be complete without Michael Evans Behling, who has been bringing Jordan Baker to life since Season 1. Behling has it all — the acting chops, the perseverance, an athletic background, and so much more — and he is without question an actor to watch, as his rise in the hit Netflix show is only elevating with time.

In addition "All American," Behling has new projects on the horizon, including an original interview series with Clubhouse where he sits down with inspirational artists, musicians, and more to discuss encouraging topics. While the young actor is clearly growing his résumé day by day, Behling also suffered at the hands of an experience we all went through together: the pandemic. During an exclusive interview with the actor, we discussed the ups and downs of life and the hurdles the COVID-19 pandemic thrust into the way of so many. We were truly taken by Behling's honesty and vulnerability.

Michael Evans Behling struggled with mental health amid the pandemic

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on all of us is a severe understatement. From the sudden transition to working from home to extensive lockdowns, the pandemic forced us into incredibly uncomfortable territory. Michael Evans Behling was one such creative who suffered a blow, and during our exclusive sit down, the actor divulged just how difficult that time of his life was.

"The most challenging thing for me was my personal life getting into the mix of my professional life. Post-pandemic, trying to get back into shooting after eight months of sitting in the apartment, being cooped up like everybody was, [my] mental health started to deteriorate," Behling revealed to us. "That really took a toll on me personally, which slightly affected my work in Season 3 [of "All American"], unfortunately."

While Season 3 was tougher for him to work through, the actor revealed to us that going through the lower moments motivated him to work that much harder. "As far as professional hardships, if you will," Behling continued, "it's been mostly trying to overcome some personal things — to be able to go to work and do it to the best of my ability."

Michael Evans Behling has committed himself to All American

That unbridled determination has enabled Michael Evans Behling to thrive on camera, and it's no wonder that "All American" is reaching such successful heights. When we asked the actor to reflect on the series, Behling told us that he never could've predicted that "All American" would reach Season 5, let alone be responsible for a spin-off. Recalling shooting the pilot episode, he revealed that never in his wildest dreams did he think he'd be here five seasons later.

"I knew after we shot the pilot that, 'Hey, there's a potential we could do something here.' After that first season, things were a little rocky. Then, once Netflix saved us, I knew that, in my opinion, there were a lot of opportunities that would [be there], and maybe [those] will be opened," Behling reflected. "To see those come to fruition four years later, it's beautiful. But from the jump, I can't say that I expected all of this — not at all."

Given the success that "All American" is enjoying on the streaming giant, we can't wait to see what Behling does next.

"Who Inspires Me with Michael Evans Behling" began on Sunday, May 22, with guest Jimmie Allen. Episodes will drop via Michael's house, with more information available on the episode platform and Michael's Clubhouse profile.