Here's What Erin Napier Looks Like Going Makeup-Free

HGTV stars aren't your typical reality stars since the nature of their work requires getting reasonably messy during home renovations and general construction. Ben and Erin Napier landed their HGTV show, "Home Town," after being featured in a local publication. The couple, who have been together since college, showcased their stylish home in Laurel, Mississippi in Southern Weddings magazine and their interior design skills were made abundantly clear. 

"Home Town" debuted in 2016 and the show has brought renewed attention to Laurel, which was the Napiers' intention from the very beginning. Fans visit regularly, hoping to sample the local delights and maybe even catch a glimpse of the celebrity couple themselves. They remain impressively humble, with Erin admitting to People, "We never expected this. Getting a TV show never even crossed our minds." And yet, the Napiers have proven to be a natural fit for the home reno network. 

Keeping it real comes easily to them, of course, which is why it was unsurprising when the busy working mother proudly shared her makeup-free face with the world.

Sharing her life with the world has positives and negatives

Fame and fortune are all well and good, but they can come with major pitfalls. HGTV's Erin Napier got candid about parenting as a TV personality, telling "Today" she and husband Ben Napier have plenty of help around the house, but they also make spending quality time with their two daughters a priority each day, regardless of what else is going on. Aside from eating lunch together every day as a family, "we see them at least once or twice between eight and five." As Erin acknowledged, theirs isn't a regular career. 

However, despite everything positive the show has given them and their family, Erin shared on Instagram they also had to deal with a stalker who became obsessed with Helen, one of their children, and even moved to Laurel to be closer to her. As Ben told Atlanta magazine, "The worst part of fame is finding ways to keep Helen protected from it." As he explained, "When we go out as a family, making sure people don't try to take her photo is tricky." After all, as Ben pointed out, their young daughter didn't sign up for fame.

The couple is careful not to share their children's faces on social media, but that just leaves more room for them to open up about themselves instead. 

Erin Napier isn't shy about being her true self with fans

She might be hesitant about posting shots of her daughters online, understandably so, but when it comes to posing in all her makeup-free glory, Erin Napier has no such issues. She took to Instagram to show off her new and impressively cheap glasses, apparently without a lick of makeup on and sporting unbrushed hair. To be clear, the HGTV star has remarkably clear, blemish-free skin, so why shouldn't she show it off to the world? As one fan wrote, "Beautiful glasses for a beautiful lady!"

Erin is used to rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty on "Home Town" anyway. In fact, she frequently shares makeup-free selfies, typically wearing a big smile, and judging by this throwback shot, the HGTV star hasn't changed a bit in years. Naturally, it helps that Erin has a longtime partner who's always in her corner. As Ben told People, "We approach everything as a team. We overshare with each other."

Evidently, proudly posting shots without her full glam on is all part of the Napiers' adorable package.