Growing Up Chrisley Season 4: Details We Know So Far

Reality show "Chrisley Knows Best" debuted back in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength ever since, making its lovably eccentric central family bonafide mega-stars in the process. Per The Futon Critic, the show is the USA Network's longest-running unscripted family reality series to date and has seen its ratings grow exponentially each year. As Chris McCumber, President, USA Network & SYFY, put it, "The continued success of 'Chrisley Knows Best' is no surprise, as audiences continue to show their love for Todd and the entire Chrisley family."

Although patriarch Todd Chrisley is undoubtedly the breakout star of the show, his kids have become just as popular, particularly on social media. To that end, super-close siblings Savannah and Chase Chrisley were gifted their own spinoff, "Growing Up Chrisley," which began airing in 2019. When their show was first announced, Heather Olander, senior vice president at USA Network, promised fans "Growing Up Chrisley" would follow the lovable duo as they attempted to find their way in a new city, swapping Nashville for Los Angeles, per Country Living.

Long-time fans of "Chrisley Knows Best" were reassured, however, that "no matter what, they will always make their way back home." The spinoff is currently three seasons strong, confirming viewers can't get enough of Savannah and Chase's antics. Here's everything you need to know about Season 4.

When is Season 4 of Growing Up Chrisley expected to drop?

In May 2022, Deadline confirmed that "Growing Up Chrisley" had indeed been renewed for a fourth season, with new episodes expected to drop on E! later this summer. Per a press release, shared by TV Series Finale, the show has done huge numbers thus far, garnering a whopping 1.3 million viewers, with 447,000 of those in the key 18-49 demographic. Stars Savannah and Chase Chrisley are back in their hometown of Nashville, but they still have just as much to contend with as before, if not more.

As a logline for Season 4 detailed, "Now in their mid-20s, the sibling duo are entering a new chapter in their lives as they navigate new and old relationships, businesses and family dynamics. Whether they're launching a new product or dancing at the honkytonk with friends, these two are taking Nashville by storm with their devoted family by their side." Savannah teased fans about the upcoming season on Instagram, with followers writing "Omg can't wait" and "about to be LIT" in the comments.

Evidently, anticipation is high. USA Network notes those looking to catch up on the initial seasons of the show, ahead of the fourth dropping, can binge them all on Peacock. And, if you also want to refresh your memory of what Savannah and Chase have gotten up to on "Chrisley Knows Best" to date, all episodes are streaming on the USA Network app.

Who will be starring on Growing Up Chrisley Season 4?

Obviously, Savannah and Chase Chrisley remain the main stars of "Growing Up Chrisley." Since the super close siblings have moved back to Nashville, though, we can expect to see more of the extended Chrisley family on the spinoff show too, per Country Living. As E! News reported at the time, ahead of Season 3 dropping, Savannah clarified in a teaser, "Our Nashville looks a little bit different than our parents' Nashville." Even so, the two were unable to escape their folks' input, with mom Julie Chrisley admonishing Chase for moving too fast with his girlfriend, for instance. 

Moreover, Chase told E! News in August 2021 that both he and Savannah were getting involved in the real estate business, following in patriarch Todd Chrisley's footsteps, so we can expect to see that causing some tension too. He's also broken up with girlfriend Emmy Medders, who was the cause of Chase's argument with Julie. As Todd informed Us Weekly when "Growing Up Chrisley" was initially announced, "I'm extremely proud of Chase and Savannah as they continue their journey into adulthood. This show will follow them as they live on their own and give their parents huge headaches and potential heart attacks. The plot thickens with love."

As Reality TitBit points out, peripheral members of the famous family also pop up regularly on the spinoff, including Jay DeMarcus, who appears in his own family reality show, too.

Will Season 4 of Growing Up Chrisley be affected by the federal fraud trial?

Aside from "Growing Up Chrisley," the back half of the current season of "Chrisley Knows Best" is due to begin airing later this month, per The Hollywood Reporter. Episodes were filmed prior to Todd and Julie Chrisley's federal trial, but fans were concerned the show may not continue airing following the pair's conviction for tax fraud, evasion and conspiracy (Insider reported the reality stars were found guilty of all charges). Fortunately, neither show has been affected by the ruling. 

The Chrisleys' lawyer, Bruce Morris, told People they would be appealing the decision, noting, "Julie and Todd are so grateful for the love and support shown by their family, friends, and fans." Being a reality star might seem glamorous but, as their parents' struggles exemplified, it can also be rife with difficulty. In an interview with People, Chase Chrisley admitted, "It definitely changed our lives entirely." He added, "It forced us to grow up fast ... Every time we screw up it's in the public eye." 

His sister, Savannah Chrisely, acknowledged "there was a lot of pressure to be perfect" and to be a good role model for young women, too. Thankfully, the reality stars have gradually learned how to stay true to themselves. "Growing Up Chrisley" is key to that growth since it's focused on them, rather than Todd running the show (for the most part, at least). Season 4 is sure to continue documenting their story accordingly.