What You Don't Know About Maya Hawke

It might seem like Hollywood newcomer Maya Hawke came out of nowhere with her breakout role as Robin Buckley in the third season of "Stranger Things." However, working in the entertainment business is actually more familiar to this talented actor than one might think. As the daughter of two well-known stars, Hawke has plenty of access to knowledgeable career advice from dad Ethan Hawke and mom Uma Thurman that would easily make any film fan jealous. But, of course, once you watch the younger Hawke's roles, it's clear that the "Fear Street" star's acting skills are already awe-inspiring.

Even so, Hawke's work isn't limited to the screen. She's also modeled for Vogue and was even chosen as the face of British fashion brand AllSaints for their 2016/2017 collection. Additionally, Hawke also appeared in an ad for Calvin Klein underwear (via YouTube). Still, that's far from the rising actor's only other creative outlets. Hawke is also a singer and a lyricist with quite the following on Spotify. In her musical career, the celeb has released a variety of folksy singles and an album titled "Blush." As Hawke continues to branch out in the entertainment industry, everyone's dying to know more about the rising young star.

She's the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke

As the daughter of Hollywood royalty Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Maya Hawke has chosen to follow in her famous parents' footsteps. According to Hollywood Life, the "Stranger Things" star's parents initially met in 1997 on the set of the film "Gattaca" and were later married in 1998. Their daughter was born in July of that same year. Unfortunately, Thurman and Hawke later separated in 2003 and were divorced in 2005. Still, despite the actors going their separate ways, it's clear that the former couple is very supportive of their daughter and her career choices.

Hawke, during his daughter's 2019 debut in "Stranger Things," gushed about the "Mainstream" star's role on the popular Netflix series with a post on Instagram that showed the younger Hawke dressed up in a "Stranger Things" promo as her character Robin. After praising some of his daughter's previous work, he wrote, "Ladies & Gentleman, get to know MAYA HAWKE. She's the real thing." Similarly, during an interview on "The Jenny McCarthy Show" (via YouTube), the namesake host asked the Netflix star about her father's enthusiastic social media post. The actress told McCarthy that her parents have always been very supportive and expressed gratitude for all they have done, before noting that the two were big fans of the hit Netflix show.

Maya Hawke played Flowerchild in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Maya Hawke revealed the unconventional audition process that landed her a role in Quentin Tarantino's star-studded "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." In the film, Hawke plays a character called Flowerchild, one of Charles Manson's family members. "I got an audition for the project through the normal channels through my agents." The actor said she sent her audition tape to Tarantino, who liked what he saw. She also added that the "callback process that was unlike anything I've ever been through."

Later, during the film's premiere, the rising actor chatted with People and told the outlet that getting to work with the iconic filmmaker was a great experience. "I've never been on a set where every single person who was there was equally as excited to be there as the actors and the director and everyone were," she stated. Hawke then went on to say that she and the rest of the people involved in the production had an incredible time working with the famed actor. 

She's been a fan of Stranger Things since Season 1

While Maya Hawke has shown off her sharp acting skills in various roles, she is definitely well-known for playing Robin Buckley on the popular Netflix series "Stranger Things." In 2019, Hawk chatted with Entertainment Weekly about her experience joining the Duffer Brothers show in its third season, revealing that she was already well aware of what she should expect from the action-packed series, stating that she and her whole family were big fans of the show. 

Similarly, when speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Hawke reflected on being the first central character in the show to come out as LGBTQ+ and stated that she was proud to portray the character. Noting that "Stranger Things" has a vast following, Hawke added that having a gay character is undoubtedly a "big deal." She said, "It feels wonderful to have a piece of that humanity involved in this giant action-packed drama." The star also spoke about the coming out scene where Robin reveals to Joe Keery's Steve Harrington that she had a crush on their former classmate, Tammy Thompson. Hawke stated that she found the choice to put her character's heart-to-heart in the middle of an action sequence was "a really beautiful thing." She added, "I feel really lucky that I got to play that."

Her character was killed off at the beginning of Fear Street: 1994

In 2021, horror fans rejoiced as Netflix released "Fear Street: Part One — 1994," the first film in the horror/mystery trilogy based on R.L. Stine's iconic "Fear Street" books. As reported by Rolling Stone, Netflix notably released the first film's opening scene before it aired, showing off Maya Hawke's character, Heather, working at a bookstore in Shadyside's mall. However, in the short clip, things end on a nail-biting cliffhanger after revealing that Hawke's character is locked in a deadly pursuit by a sinister masked figure.

After the first movie dropped on Netflix, ScreenRant noted that hardcore horror fans likely noticed that the entire opening sequence of "1994" ( spoiler, Heather becomes the film's first victim) seemed to be paying homage to the iconic opening in Wes Craven's "Scream." Both openings feature a female character on the receiving end of a creepy phone call which leads to her being pursued by a lethal masked figure. Similarly, like Craven's film, "1994" killed off its most well-known star in the first scene, and just like "Scream," it sends the audience a clear message that no character in the movie is safe from a bloody elimination. So, even though Hawke's role in the film is relatively short-lived, her part is nothing short of memorable.

Maya Hawke has also worked as a model

Long before she graced our screens as "Stranger Things" likable Scoops Ahoy employee, Maya Hawke was gaining notoriety in the fashion world. In 2016, Elle reported that Hawke — then just 18 years old — made her modeling debut as the face of the British brand AllSaints. Hawke appeared in the company's Spring/Summer 2017 campaign and starred in the brand's short titled "Far From Here," where she was seen running through Woodstock, New York countryside. Hawke even made quite the impression on AllSaints' creative director Wil Beedle. "Anyone who spends any time with Maya will tell you that she's smart, cool, and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for new ideas, the creative process, and life in general," the fashion visionary stated.

Similarly, E! News reported that when asked about his daughter's debut in the modeling world Ethan Hawke initially joked that his daughter "did that modeling gig so that she didn't have to ask me for spending money." Still, the "Sinister" star couldn't help but note his pride in his daughter's accomplishments. The actor additionally stated that he wasn't worried about the "Little Women" star diving into the entertainment industry, saying that "she's got her head on straight."

Maya Hawke has been open about having dyslexia

During an NPR interview about dyslexia with Scott Simon, Maya Hawke had plenty to say. "I have read that your — that you suffer from dyslexia," Simon stated. The actor replied, "I wouldn't say 'suffer.' I would say it is, like, one of the great blessings of my life in a lot of ways." Hawke then disclosed how her diagnosis has impacted her life, revealing that when she was a child, she was kicked out of school and ended up finishing her education at a school for children with learning difficulties.

Still, Hawke stated that there are plenty of other ways for her to enjoy reading and said that, if anything, dyslexia has only made her appreciate stories and her comprehension of them even more. Nevertheless, Hawke did admit that she struggled with being placed at a different reading level than her peers. But despite having issues with schoolwork, Hawke stated that her parents always ensured their daughter wasn't missing out and encouraged her creativity. More recently, while chatting with The Guardian, Hawke disclosed how dyslexia impacts her work, saying, "Learning lines is fine, but it makes it hard to look at a pile of scripts with excitement."

She made her acting debut in a Little Women miniseries

In 2017, Maya Hawke made her screen debut playing Jo March in the PBS miniseries "Little Women." While chatting about the role with Vulture, Hawke stated that she initially discovered the classic novel during 8th grade after being given a list of books to choose from for a book report. "The only book on the list that had in it any kind of feeling of what I was experiencing in my life was the title 'Little Women,'" she stated. Hawke added that due to having dyslexia, she typically used audiobooks for school. However, she said that "Little Women" was the first book she ever read in its entirety because of Jo — whose determination — inspired her. 

Similarly, Harper's Bazaar reported that during a screen of the series, Hawke declared that she felt a strong bond to her character, adding that when she was offered the part, the star knew it was meant to be. Additionally, People noted that the actor wasn't the only member of her family that felt like she was a perfect fit to play the character. During the Sundance Film Festival, Ethan Hawke told the outlet that his daughter was always a very creative individual and that her performance in the miniseries was fantastic.

Maya Hawke is also a singer

While Maya Hawke has clearly proven that she has serious acting chops, some fans of the actor might not know that Hawke is also a well-received musical artist. As noted by Vogue, in August of 2019, the then-newcomer to "Stranger Things" was truly experiencing a career-making summer thanks to her role in the Netflix series and her part in Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." But, if that weren't enough, she also released two folk-inspired songs, "Stay Open" and "To Love a Boy," on both Spotify and iTunes. According to Vogue, the rising star wrote her songs with assistance from Grammy-nominated producer Jesse Harris.

While chatting about her tunes, Hawke stated that she always had a strong appreciation for folk music. Hawke dropped an album in 2020 titled "Blush," which she described to Harper's Bazaar as "songs for listening to by yourself." She stated that the tunes on her 12-track debut album were "songs about feelings" and added that the entirety of the album was written before the pandemic.

She stayed with her parents during quarantine

When the pandemic first hit the U.S., its effects were seen all over the country. While speaking with Nylon via FaceTime, Maya Hawke stated the impact that COVID-19 had on her life. "I feel like the last three years of my life have been a dream, and I'm just a kid again with my family," she said. The star added that pre-pandemic, she'd moved out of her family's home and was pursuing her endeavors (specifically filming for the fourth season of "Stranger Things"). Then one day during shoots, the cast was brought together and told that production would be paused. The actors were then sent home to quarantine. "I'm in mourning for my life," Hawke exclaimed, relaying a quote from Chekhov. "That's a joke. I'm fine. I'm very fortunate. But totally depressed and confused."

Instead of returning to her apartment in downtown Manhattan, the actor went to upstate New York to alternate between staying with her mother, Uma Thurman, and her father, Ethan Hawke. During the interview, Thurman even appeared in the background as Hawke told her she was in the middle of an interview. Additionally, during Hawke's stay with her mom, Thurman gave her daughter's hair a DIY snip which the "Pulp Fiction" star also shared on Instagram. "Home hair cuts bring us back home," she wrote, "we are all finding ourselves again." In the image, Thurman is shown with a pair of scissors carefully evening out her daughter's new 'do.

Poetry is her truest love

As a creative individual, Maya Hawke has explored different variations of art, but one format that genuinely stands out to her more than others is poetry. During an interview with NME, the actor expressed her passion for poems. "My truest love is the poetry in Shakespeare plays, the poetry in John Patrick Shanley plays, the poetry in Leonard Cohen songs," she voiced. Hawke then went on to explain how poetry connects to other forms of art and said, "that thread that connects all those things and makes them the same is the language."

Similarly, while chatting with Atwood Magazine about songs and her creative process, Hawke explained how music played a role in helping the actor hone her craft and provided a better understanding of poetry. She also stated that she has crafted plenty of poems that she doesn't turn into song lyrics, saying that certain words and phrases don't translate well from one art form to another and vice versa. According to Hawke, there needs to be a sense of balance when it comes to storytelling in order to make all the elements come together in unison.

Maya Hawke isn't a fan of technology

While plenty of people her age are all about the wonders of modern technology, the Evening Standard reported that Maya Hawke prefers nature and more cerebral endeavors over participating in social media. According to the outlet, while promoting her miniseries "Little Women," the actor stated, "I'm a real nature girl, and I love the Earth." She then proudly proclaimed that she despises technology at large; specifically cell phones. The star also admitted that she isn't the type who loves to update their social media statuses constantly and insisted that she doesn't understand how some people are completely obsessed with social media to the point where it becomes their whole existence.

"I hate having to have one all of the time," she admitted. "I don't tweet, or buzz, or bing, or whatever! It's a conscious thing — I hate the way that it can take over young people's lives."

Maya Hawke almost starred in The Little Mermaid

While many of her fans know Maya Hawke for her portrayal of Robin on "Stranger Things," ScreenRant reported that the star almost had a very different breakout role in Universal's version of "The Little Mermaid" long before her tenure on the Netflix series. According to the report, in addition to Disney's live-action reimagining of the classic fairy tale, a separate story unrelated to the Mouse House's concept was also underway. That version initially boosted well-known director Sofia Coppola who was said to have her eye on casting Hawke as the title character. The pair reportedly had repeated meetings that convinced Coppola that the Hollywood newcomer was the right fit for the part.

Unfortunately, Universal and Working Title were said to have disagreed with the director's choice and also had concerns about Coppola's vision. Her creation featured a much darker storyline that wasn't exactly family-friendly. Because of this fear, it was said that the studios wanted to go with a well-known actor for the lead role, as opposed to Hawke, who was fairly unknown to the public at the time. Eventually, these frictions resulted in Coppola exiting the project in the summer of 2015, and along with her departure, the potential for Hawke as a leading lady was also crushed. While Universal tried to continue with the project and even cast Chloë Grace Moretz as the lead, the movie still hasn't moved forward at the time of publication. 

Maya Hawke will join her mother in The Kill Room

There's no disputing that Maya Hawke's acting career is seriously taking off. Recently, Collider reported that Hawke is set to join her mother, Uma Thurman, and fellow "Pulp Fiction" alum Samuel L. Jackson for a dark comedy thriller titled "The Kill Room." The outlet added that Nicol Paone will direct the Jonathan Jacobson-written screenplay. The story will reportedly center around a hitman named Reggie (played by actor Joe Manganiello), his boss (Jackson), and an art dealer (Thurman) as they attempt to pull off the perfect get-rich-quick scheme.

Similarly, Entertainment Weekly noted that this isn't the first time Hawke has signed on to appear onscreen with one of her parents. In 2020, the outlet reported that the "Stranger Things" actor and her father, Ethan Hawke, are set to star together in a coming-of-age rom-com titled "Revolver." The story — which is Beatles inspired — will take place in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1966. If that weren't enough to get fans excited for a double dose of Hawke stardom, EW stated that the duo will also play father and daughter. The film will be directed by Andrew Stanton — well known for producing family-friendly favorites like "Finding Nemo" and "WALL-E" — with "Stranger Things" writer and producer Kate Trefry on board for the script (via IMDb).