Alicia Von Rittberg On Diana Spencer's Inspiration To Film Becoming Elizabeth - Exclusive

Members of the royal family come and go. Whether it be divorce, death, or choosing to step down from the role, the monarchy remains a force to be reckoned with. While the royal family members aren't so much political figures anymore, there was a time when the ruling class in Great Britain dictated everything – for example, when the country would go to war, what laws would be enacted, how the Commonwealth would behave, and so on. Although many of us know that Queen Elizabeth II is more about preserving the crown than weighing in on politics, a number of her predecessors had the kind of power that only kings would aspire to.

Of all the royals that have come and gone, few have been immortalized like Diana Spencer. The late princess of Wales was a quiet, shy young woman when she first wed Prince Charles, but later came into her own power as divorce, betrayal, and public affection consumed her. Tragically, Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997, but her influence remains palpable to this very day.

Although Diana came from a much different generation of royals, actor Alicia von Rittberg drew inspiration from the late princess when bringing Elizabeth Tudor – a historic ruler with immense political power — to the screen. Starring in the new STARZ series "Becoming Elizabeth," von Rittberg sourced influence from the royal, and dished about the experience during an exclusive sit down with The List.

Alicia von Rittberg turned to a Diana Spencer interview for guidance

Bringing the young Elizabeth Tudor to life — before she became the ruler that so many of us have studied in history class — was not an easy feat for Alicia von Rittberg. Studying up on the role, while also wanting to bring Elizabeth's adolescence, innocence, and vulnerability to the screen, von Rittberg didn't turn to another historical royal ruler for inspiration but rather Diana Spencer, the princess of Wales.

"I was very inspired by an interview with Lady Diana because she was so soft and vulnerable and yet so respected," von Rittberg told The List. "I wanted to give [Elizabeth] something like that. I wanted her to be emotional, vulnerable — someone who's not like with their head through the wall, but also someone who's observing and learning, and then choosing her fights wisely and being agile as well."

Reflecting on the historic moment in time, von Rittberg acknowledged that the actions women took in those days "could mean your head on a spike," and that "daring to take yourself back" could be one of the biggest risks you could take. Of all the royals who have redefined themselves in the public eye, Diana is certainly the one to draw inspiration from.

The actor reflects on the royals behind the public figures

When the everyday person sees a photo of Queen Elizabeth I, they most likely see a pale, aristocratic-looking woman in a high collar and ornate dress. But for Alicia von Rittberg, she was determined to see the person behind the historical impression, telling us that digging into the royal's backstory was crucial to her work.

"The humans behind those public figures that we know from the books, and to make them palpable and relatable — that was what made me fall in love with the project," von Rittberg told us while reflecting on "Becoming Elizabeth." She added, "What I tried to do, looking at Elizabeth, is try to find the right voice for it."

Much like Diana Spencer — who von Rittberg sourced inspiration from — Elizabeth had "grown beyond her years," according to the actress, a fate that the princess of Wales knew intimately.

"She's a young woman who wants to fall in love for the first time and experience love for the first time, to be a normal young woman for once," von Rittberg said. "Seeing that taken away from her is incredibly painful."

"Becoming Elizabeth" debuted on Sunday, June 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on STARZ.