Why You Should Consider Creating An Outdoor Office Space

Over the past two years, so many companies went remote due to the pandemic.  For many, trudging to the office is a thing of the past, whether temporarily or long-term. People began working from home because they had to, and now it appears they don't want to return to the office (via CNBC).

While this was a foreign concept for most of us when the COVID-19 quarantine began, we went from taking awkward meetings at our kitchen tables to becoming quickly adept at adjusting our appearances with ring lights, turning audio off when there is background noise, and placing ourselves in a pretty setting, or at least using an automated Zoom background.

Another major change to come out of the pandemic was the need to create a safe and enjoyable work environment, not to mention a healthy work-life balance. People began to incorporate creative and fulfilling work into their life instead of trying to incorporate small bits of life into their work (via McKinsey & Company). Now, there's a new need to create a comfortable and productive home office, and that's just one of the reasons you should consider making an outdoor office space.

The benefits of an outdoor office space

Even the best home office setups can become stale when you're sitting in the same place for 40 hours a week. A home office should be somewhere with minimal interruptions, as well as a place that inspires productivity. Since you spend most of the week there, it should also foster healthy habits. 

An outdoor office space does all that and then some. It's one of the best ways to stay productive while working from home. Not only does it increase your vitamin D levels, which boosts your immune system and helps strengthen bones (via WebMD), but being outdoors improves your mental health. According to Mind, going outside and getting fresh air improves your mood by helping decrease stress and lessen anxiety. Also, being out among trees and greenery is soothing, and even keeping plants in an inside office is calming. After all, working on a project while the birds are singing and a slight breeze is blowing can lead to increased efficiency.

How to create an outdoor office

Many people opt for buying office pods or backyard shed office spaces and simply place them in a quiet place with good scenery. However, they can be expensive. To make your own space outside, you don't necessarily need a lot of room. Outdoor living design expert Joe Raboine told Verdana, "This doesn't have to be a very big space, just an eight-by-ten-foot structure. " He continued, "You want something that's far enough away from the noise and considerate of where the sun will be at different points of the day so you aren't getting blasted with light."

As far as furniture goes, waterproof chairs and a table or desk are optimal if there is no covering overhead. When considering how to set up your furniture, Bob Vila suggested keeping the sun away from your setup in order to prevent glare on your screen. However, if this isn't possible, you can also buy an anti-glare screen protector.

Lastly, ensure that your Wi-Fi works well in that outside area. If not, you can pick up a Wi-Fi extender which will provide sufficient connection beyond what your regular router can do.