How The June 14 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Capricorn

On the morning of June 14, we'll be experiencing our last full moon of spring and second super moon of the year. Peaking at 7:52 a.m. EST, June's Strawberry Moon may seem larger than usual; according to NPR, super moons generally appear 17% larger and 30% brighter than normal full moons.

But don't worry, while tides are affected by super moons, humans thankfully are not, per Forbes. Full moons are already known for their big emotional energy and after the previous full moons being tied in with eclipses, we're ready for calm, curious Sagittarius to help bring us back into balance (via Bustle).

As spring draws to a close, this is a time to celebrate everything we've accomplished over the past season. As Nina Kahn points out for Bustle, Gemini season has been all about noticing the nuances around us and being completely present in what's happening in front of us. But Sagittarius is giving us permission to pull out of the present a little and look towards our future. If you're feeling the ambitious itch to start a new creative project, to make a career change, don't ignore that call for adventure — it's just Sagittarius energy inviting you to come out and play (via Cafe Astrology).

Lucky for Capricorns — and others born under cardinal signs — we get an even bigger break this full moon, explains Elite Daily. It's almost summertime and for those born under the sea goat, this full moon is going to be easy.

How other planetary movement will affect the June 14 full moon

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 isn't the only celestial body influencing the day's energy. As Bustle explains, Neptune will be making a "gentle sextile aspect with responsible Saturn." This alignment will help you stay grounded in your thoughts and stay on task, helping to rein in the urge to get lost in daydreams. It's important, according to Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter, to note that Saturn is currently in retrograde in Aquarius and is asking us to use this time to work on elevating the vibration of our communities. Consider what fears or insecurities are holding you back from taking action about your passions (via Yoga Journal).

Neptune, Wintersteen writes, will also be forming a square with the moon and sun in Pisces that could potentially interfere with our ability to see the truth clearly (via Yoga Journal). What this square is asking, Wintersteen explains, is for us to stop letting our insecurities hold us back. Don't be surprised if you understand emotional triggers in a new way during this full moon, or make a breakthrough in therapy. The answers are there, you just have to spend the time finding them.

Emotions may be more surface-level, too, because of Mars' alignment with Chiron, per Bustle. Combined with the energy from Venus and Uranus, you'll want to take the time to reflect on any decisions rather than acting impulsively during this full moon.

Capricorns can take it easy during the June 14 full moon

Capricorns and other cardinal signs get an even bigger break this full moon, explains Elite Daily, because they'll be feeling its effects the least.

With Sagittarius sitting in Capricorn's 12th house, ruler of "dreams, secrets, and emotions," according to Allure, it'll be a good time to get introspective and consider what from this past season (or since the last full moon) you are ready to release. A recent viral quote by Austin Kleon making its way around Instagram says, "Creative people need time to sit and do nothing." Spending time alone helps give you the space to evaluate current problems, especially when you tap into Sagittarius' hunger for curiosity and truth (via Chani Nicholas).

Another use for that quiet curiosity could be to reflect on what's been triggering you lately. These emotions may be readily available during the Strawberry Moon and, according to InStyle, Sagittarius' energy can be a great tool for getting to the root of your emotions.

Astrologer Molly Pennington, Ph.D., suggests using the Sagittarius full moon on June 14 as a way to prepare for July's full moon, which will be in Capricorn (via MindBodyGreen). Make sure you're maintaining healthy sleep hygiene and prioritizing your wellness before the energy starts to pick back up for you. Take a walk, do some yoga, suggests StyleCaster, or do other activities that will help improve your mind-body connection to come out of this full moon feeling well rested and rejuvenated.