What The June 14 Full Moon Means For You If You're A Taurus

Full moons have been the inspiration for love songs, paintings, and stories — romances and horror alike — for generations. No matter how many times we see that shining orb in the sky, it still holds an eternal beauty and mystery. The moon has helped civilizations create calendars and calculate holidays. For instance, the date of Easter depends on when the first full moon appears after the spring equinox, per Time and Date. The Algonquin, Ojibwa, and other tribes gave names to the full moons that are still used today, explains the Old Farmer's Almanac, and the upcoming "strawberry moon" on June 14, 2022, is so named because it marked the beginning of strawberry harvesting season in the U.S. 

Astrologers have their own take on the topic. They hold that a full moon brings the energy of the sign it happens to fall in that month, which in turn affects us according to our own sun sign. The June 14 full moon happens to fall in the sign of Sagittarius — the adventurous, sociable Archer — and that promises to set the stage for a fun summer ahead. AstroStyle explains that the Sag energy will inspire us to travel to unfamiliar places, whether across the sea or closer to home. We'll be eager to connect with like-minded people, whether at a rally for a favorite cause or through a social media group devoted to a particular topic.

For people born under the sign of Taurus, the strawberry moon will be a time for truth, financial matters, and maybe even some serious romance.

Taurus should prepare to focus on finances during the full moon

If you're born under the sign of Taurus (April 20-May 20), you're naturally practical, dependable and hardworking, and money is never far from your mind, per Cosmopolitan. You love a full bank account — not to mention all the fine clothes, décor, and food that cash can buy. Taurus's love of luxury could rival Leo's! The good news is that the June 14 full moon has the potential to fatten that account even more. According to AstroStyle, this is a perfect time either to hunt for a new job or see if you can negotiate a salary bump at your current workplace. Or, do you have an idea for a side hustle or a new business venture? From mid-June to the beginning of July, you might just be able to get those ideas off the ground if you present them to the right people. 

But here's the catch, Taurus: If you've been (uncharacteristically!) slack about money issues such as paying bills, filing taxes, or just returning that $10 you borrowed from a pal, that full moon in Sagittarius is getting after you to be brutally honest with yourself, says Bustle. That Archer energy is a straight shooter, and won't let you wriggle out of the truth. So, rather than closing your eyes and hoping the problems will go away, face up to them and take care of the things you can, advises Well and Good. You'll reclaim that security Tauruses value so much.

The June 14 full moon will help Taurus find clarity in love

Great news on the love front, Taurus! The June 14 strawberry moon may not actually be red, but your love life promises to be red-hot on that date and for several days thereafter, according to AstroStyle. Not surprising, really, considering that you belong to a sign that gets romantic attention without even trying, per Cosmopolitan. So, if you're married or in a relationship, start planning those date nights. Taurus tends to rely on the same old, same old, whether it's a daily routine, a favorite lunch, or, yes, even in bed. But that Sagittarius energy is calling you to break out of the rut and go a little wild, says Elite Daily. Instead of the usual pizza joint and Netflix, how about checking out that Ethiopian or Vietnamese restaurant and then... well, we'll leave it to your imagination.

On the other hand, this full moon also falls into Taurus's eighth house of secrets, explains Mindbodygreen. This will compel you to think about your authentic self and what you really need. This is the time to do some honest soul-searching, especially when it comes to your relationships. If something about your partner isn't working for you, ask yourself how it could change — or, if it can't, whether this is really a healthy pairing. Cosmopolitan adds that this month's full moon energy is going to help you realize your true worth. You deserve someone worthy of your awesome self. Don't settle for anything less!