Days Of Our Lives' Judi Evans Weighs In On Each Of Her Soap Opera Roles

Actress Judi Evans is the definition of a soap opera veteran. The TV star has tons of acting credits, including films such as "Love Is In The Air," "Deadly Patient," "Hiker," "The Party Animal," and "Blood Runs Thick." Evans has also appeared in multiple television shows like "The Mentalist," "Venice The Series," "The Bay," and more, per IMDb. The actress also has acting credits in many made-for-TV movies like "Operation Cupcake," "The Grove," "Healing Hands," and "Screening Party."


Although Evans' familiar face can be seen across television and movies, she's most well known for her presence on daytime television. The actress has appeared in many soap operas during her long career, and although she's become a fan favorite playing Adrienne Kiriakis on NBC's long-running sudser, "Days of Our Lives," her resume is extensive when it comes to her dramatic soapy roles (via Soap Central).

Fans who have followed Evans' career know that she's been a staple on daytime television for decades, and the actress recently spoke out about all of those roles.

Judi Evans says Wally Kurth has been a mentor to her

Judi Evans has had a long career in the soap opera business. She started off on the classic sudser "Guiding Light" when she was cast in the role of Beth in 1983 (via IMDb). She stayed in the role until 1986, per Soap Central. "I didn't really know about soaps," Evans told Soap Opera Digest of her first soap opera role. "A few friends in college watched 'General Hospital,' so I had a very peripheral idea that they were out there," she added.


Soon after leaving "Guiding Light," Evans headed over to "Days of Our Lives" in the role of Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. During her time on the NBC series, fans watched Adrienne fall in love with Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) and find her long, lost brother Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols). During that time, the actress says she also made a friend in her co-star Mary Beth Evans, who plays Kayla Brady on the sudser. "Mary Beth Evans. She was the first person I worked with. Just that smile. She's the consummate sister/mom."

In addition, Evans also admitted that she has learned so much from her on-screen husband, calling him one of her biggest mentors. "I've known him through so many parts of my life. He has been such a great friend. A lot of times in different situations I'd think, 'What would Wally do?'" she told the outlet.


Judi Evans has also opened up about her time on other shows

Following her stint as Adrienne on "Days of Our Lives," Judi Evans moved to the role of Paulina on "Another World," per Soaps. She stayed on the soap from 1991 until 1999 (via Soap Central). During her time on "Another World," Evans admits that she had a ton of fun working with actor Tommy Eplin (ex-Jake). "It was a roller coaster," she told Soap Opera Digest. The actress also revealed that she loved her on-screen rivalry with Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky) while on the show. "We had so much fun fighting over Grant and Jake. There was also a Valentine's Day ball where Paulina and Vicky dressed the same. They ended up fighting and falling into a pool of water. It was a real 'Dynasty' day!"


During her career, Evans has also appeared on "As The World Turns," as Maeve. The stint was a short one in 2009, but impactful for the actress, who claimed that soap operas were her life by the time she landed the role. "I went from, 'What is a life with a soap?' to, 'What is a life without one?'" she said.

However, it appears that "Days of Our Lives" holds a special place in her heart.

Judi Evans gushes over her Days of Our Lives friendships

While Judi Evans has appeared on many different soap operas over the years, she has spent the most time on "Days of Our Lives" both as Adrienne Kiriakis and her doppelganger Bonnie Lockhart, per Soap Central. Evans says she's made the closest pals on "Days of Our Lives" thanks to her multiple stints on the hit show. "I've developed some really deep friendships here going back over a quarter-century," Evans told Soap Opera Digest


In addition to that, the soap vet confessed her pick for the funniest leading man she's ever starred with, again referring to a "Days of Our Lives" co-star, stating Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) made her laugh the most on the set. "He is hilariously funny, does great impressions."

She also revealed that she is most proud of one of Adrienne's storylines on the show, which involved breast cancer. Currently, Evans is back at "Days of Our Lives" as Bonnie following the death of her original character Adrienne, and fans still love seeing her on daytime TV after all of these years.