Retro Eye Makeup You Can Rock At Any Age

The fascinating fact about make-up is that it has no age, no color, and no gender, and is increasingly embraced by men, according to the New York Times. There are young boys, girls, and pre-teens crafting perfect smoky eyes on Instagram these days while the latter half of Gen Y and the beginning of Gen Z grew up with the idea that blue eyeshadow was a smart first choice for eyeshadow. It was like a right of passage to those who wore makeup somewhere around fifth or sixth grade. Drag Queens wear copious amounts of makeup to perform in, and look flawless while doing so.

That's why makeup is also a reflection of the wearer, and a form of self-expression, per The Breakdown. So, no matter who you are as you pick up your makeup brushes, there's no limit to what kind of looks you can rock. Here are three retro eye makeup looks you can rock at any age.

Rosie the Riveter pin-up look

The classic image of Rosie the Riveter stating, "We Can Do It!" was a marketing ad to get women to join up in World War II (via History). It's easily recognizable to many people, especially women. So, it's no surprise that pin-up makeup looks are synonymous to Rosie in the last decade (via Glam N Anne). The classic look requires a heavy eye, with long, beautiful lashes, a winged liner, gorgeous eyeshadow and perfectly defined eyebrows (Jenna Bruckhoff). The last quintessential detail needed for this look is the hot cherry red lip. These beautiful eyes will stop anyone in their tracks. Try it out!

Cut Creases

There are a plethora of different eye looks that came out of the swinging '60s era, including Audrey Hepburn's iconic look and Twiggy's bold cut creases. Glamour Daze takes readers through the history of '60s makeup and show many vintage photos of women from the era. The website also highlights tutorials for doing the makeup as well, if you're looking for some cut crease inspiration. Similar to the pin-up look, there are large false eyelashes and at times, a winged liner. Many big beauty YouTubers like Nikkie Tutorials have even taken on doing the cut crease look. It's a classic idea to help pop out your eyes with colors and style.

Any color mascara is a good color!

Colored mascara was all the rage forty years ago. Instead of black mascara to add to a gorgeous color eyeshadow, try on blue, or even a teal green. Not only is it a cool, different look, it's also fun! Almay had an ad back in 1981 claiming that colored mascara was actually "scandalous." However, seeing how there are still people today wearing these colors today, sp it seems like was never fully seen as scandalous, per Eyeko. Now it's considered a fun returning trend, and great to experiment different looks with, according to L'Officiel.

It's remarkable that in the last decade or so we've either seen a resurgence of many retro eye looks. There isn't a way all makeup trends will go out of style permanently. It just depends on what you'd like to rock.