Royals Every Gemini Can Relate To

Gemini zodiacs often get slated by other signs, and though the accusations may not necessarily be true, they have stuck around. As reported by Allure, Geminis are known for being creative and setting trends in many areas of life. Whether they turn their hand to a new gown or a difficult project, they will give their all so long as they truly care. However, Geminis are often let down by their lack of attention once they lose interest in something or someone. This trait can make them appear flighty and two-faced.

As they are social signs, Geminis are well suited to being public figures, the royal family included. The royals have to attend several long events in a year, but the genuine interest Gemini zodiacs have in self-expression and new adventures leads them to be great companions for these events. Additionally, Geminis tend to be less embarrassed about making social mistakes than others. This is a brilliant trait for a public figure to have, as it can ease the tension usually felt by others when a faux pas has been committed. 

With all of the royals that have been in the public eye, it's inevitable that some would be Geminis. We've picked out a couple of the most famous so you can see what you have in common with a royal.

Prince Philip was a typical fiery Gemini

Prince Philip is one of the most well-known royals of all time. He was born on June 10, 1921 (via Tatler), which places his birthday right in the middle of the Gemini zodiac season. Interestingly, his longtime wife and current reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth is a Taurus. Although these signs may not appear to have much in common at first, the pair share a penchant for life's simple pleasures. This is due to Philip's Venus being close to the queen's main Sun in Taurus.

Philip was known to have a fiery temper, which — as Grazia Daily points out — fits in with the unpredictability of Gemini signs. The constant need he had to expound his energy is typical of Geminis, and manifested in a number of ways for the prince, including polo and competitive carriage driving. Although he sadly passed away on April 9, 2021, Philip is remembered for his dedication to charity work. In fact, the royal family website states he was connected with an impressive 992 charitable organizations in varying capacities, ranging from education to the benefits of sport. He also took a keen interest in everything industry-related, a hobby that followed him throughout his life.

Overall, Philip's zest for life, his temper, and his strong-willed nature made him a typical Gemini and a royal figure who will not be forgotten any time soon.

A much older royal figure was also born under the Gemini sign

Prince Philip isn't the only royal to be born under the Gemini zodiac. Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901 (via Britannica), was born on May 24, 1819. Although it might feel odd to work out the star signs of older public figures, there are signs that Victoria was a true Gemini and exhibited some of the most common traits associated with the zodiac sign. 

According to Cosmpolitan, Geminis are known for committing to everything with full force, whether that's adapting to a new role, learning a new trick, or figuring out how something works. This fits in with what we know about Victoria, who was a pioneer in many things during her long reign. As outlined by Town & Country, she even started the trend of a white wedding dress, an item that has now become a tradition for royals and non-royals alike. Plus, Ranker states that Victoria was shown to have the two sides associated with Geminis. She was the typical Gemini social butterfly when saying her bit in parliament, but could also be introverted and hide away from the public a lot, especially after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert.

If you're a Gemini, you have two of the most famous royals in your corner — proof that, though you may get a mixed rep amongst other zodiacs, you're not one to forget.