What Really Happened To Stefan O. DiMera On Days Of Our Lives?

"Days of Our Lives" viewers have become accustomed to seeing Stefano DiMera's children cause major drama in Salem. In fact, the DiMera family tree is a long and complicated one, with Stefano having many children with many different women over the years, per Soap Hub. Many of Stefano's kids like EJ DiMera, Chad DiMera, Tony and Andre DiMera, Lexie Carver, Kristen DiMera, and others have been major players in the soap opera through the years. However, just when fans thought that they knew all of Stefano's offspring, a new character entered the landscape for a shocking plot twist.

Viewers were first introduced to Stefan O. DiMera (then Tyler Christopher) on New Year's Eve 2017. Although the character's name was originally Sam, he changed it to honor his late father after he found out that he was Stefano's son (via Soap Central). Stefan came to Salem with his biological mother Vivian Alamain and looked ready to cause trouble — which he did.

Stefan wanted control of DiMera Enterprises

After Stefan O. DiMera's emergence in Salem, "Days of Our Lives" viewers found out that Stefan was the biological son of Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) and Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel). Stefan was allegedly conceived while Stefano was posing as Rudolpho Meradi in an attempt to steal Vivian's priceless ruby (via Soaps). Vivian gave birth but was told that her child was stillborn by her right-hand man, Ivan. After reaching adulthood, Stefan found out about his parentage and confronted Ivan, who admitted to the scheme.

Upon learning about his true family, Stefan opted to come to Salem in hopes of running his late father's empire. He felt that DiMera Enterprises should be his and didn't want to share a piece of the pie with his siblings, including his brother Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn). Although Stefan and Chad didn't get along, Stefan did find himself drawn to Chad's wife, Abigail Deveraux DiMera. Stefan attempted to get close to Abby to no avail. However, when she began to suffer from a split personality disorder, one of Abigail's personalities fell in love with Stefan, per Soaps in Depth. During this time, Abigail became pregnant, but it was later discovered that the baby belonged to Chad.

Stefan fell in love with Gabi before his surprising death

In March 2019, actor Tyler Christopher left "Days of Our Lives." Shortly after, Brandon Barash took over the role. Fans watched as Stefan O. DiMera attempted to move on from his tryst with Abigail Deveraux, and began to have strong feelings for Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). Stefan wanted to protect Chloe from the Mexican cartel, who were after her at that time (via Soaps). The two began a romance, but Stefan found himself running to Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). The two got intimate and when Chloe found out she dumped Stefan.

Stefan fell hard for Gabi, who set out to seduce him in order to take control of DiMera Enterprises and her own company, Gabi Chic. However, Gabi also fell in love with Stefan during this time and the two eventually got married, per Soaps in Depth. They were living happily together when his mother Vivian Alamain began to cause trouble. During a run-in with police officer Lani Price (Sal Stowers), Stefan jumped in front of a bullet that was meant for Vivian and later died due to the gunshot wound.

Stefan's twin brother emerged after his death

"Days of Our Lives" fans were stunned that the soap opera had killed off the character of Stefan O. DiMera and broken up the fan-favorite couple of Stefan and Gabi Hernandez. After Stefan's death, Gabi reluctantly allowed his heart to be donated to Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) but vowed revenge on those who had taken Stefan from her, per Soaps.

Months later, in April 2020, Gabi was shocked to see Stefan alive and back in Salem living as a mechanic named Jake (via Soap Central). Jake claimed to have no memory of being Stefan, and it was later revealed that he wasn't Stefan at all, but his twin brother (via Soaps in Depth). It was revealed that Vivian had given birth to twins, Stefan and Jake. Jake then settled into the DiMera life and eventually fell in love with his twin brother's widow, Gabi.

While it appears that Stefan O. DiMera is dead and gone, "Days of Our Lives" fans know that no character is ever truly gone in Salem, and he could reappear in the future for some juicy drama.