The Real Reason The Rivalry Between Navarro And TVCC On Netflix's Cheer Is So Intense

Anyone who has watched Netflix's "Cheer" knows that the two standout teams are absolutely incredible. Navarro and Trinity Valley Community College are both extremely talented and have a competition between each other like nothing we've seen before. They both flip, fly, and have some serious passion when it comes to cheerleading. It turns out that there's one major plot line that Netflix left out. Let's just say that the reason that the two teams have such a rivalry against each other isn't just because the schools are only 40 miles away from each other.

The first season of "Cheer" showed everyone exactly what it takes to compete in the sport. Navarro won everyone's hearts in the first season, which featured the team's solo ride into the number one spot in Daytona. The second season featured a second team — Trinity Valley Community College — and the season was all about the two teams at war with each other. 

If you think it was a coincidence that it feature two teams, think again. In fact, Trinity Valley didn't even have to compete for a spot on the show; the team was the only other option. 

Navarro and Trinity Valley are the only schools in their division

There's a reason that you've only seen two teams' performances on Netflix's "Cheer." According to Slate, the Navarro and Trinity Valley cheer squads are the only two teams actually competing at all, as they're the only teams in their Daytona division, which is why the rivalry between the two is so strong. 

After rumblings of the two-team rumor started on Twitter, Navarro coach Monica Aldama explained to Slate that it's true. She told the publication that while there are only two teams competing, they're the best at what they do. "We're two of the best teams out there," the coach said. "It doesn't matter that we're in a junior college division. Nobody wants to compete against us."

So, yes the two schools are rivals whose schools are 40 miles away, but there's not actually anyone else to go up against. That makes sense considering that the two teams are the only ones ever featured in the final two awards ceremony, but it looks like the competition between the two is still very real. 

Navarro coach Monica says that other other teams 'don't have the skills'

A two division spot isn't how the cheer competition always went down at Dayton. Navarro's head coach Monica Aldama told Slate that there used to be more teams in the division before the competition slip the junior college category between advanced and intermediate categories.

Both "Cheer" teams Navarro and Trinity Valley Community College went into the advanced category, while the other teams couldn't throw the skills needed to make it to the category. "It's really good for teams that just don't have the skills to compete with us" Aldama told Slate.

Of course, skill isn't all it takes to make it to Daytona. In an interview with Ellen, Aldama pointed out that it also takes long hours and hard work to make it to Daytona. "These kids have worked so hard and overcome their circumstances," the "Cheer" coach said. "When we were in the gym it was all business and all work. All of the outside stuff stayed outside and we really put the hours in." 

Not every team can compete at that level or has the time to put in those amount of hours, which boiled down to two teams and one major cheer conflict. 

Navarro and Trinity have high respect for one another

The fact that there's only two teams in the division almost makes the rivalry even stronger. While on-screen, Navarro Coach Monica Aldama is called "Goliath" by Trinity Valley, she revealed in an interview that it actually wasn't always that way. At one point in time, this Netflix shown could have looked very different. 

"When I first started at Navarro, our program had not ever won. So I found it interesting to me that they said we thought they were the underdog, because I've never thought of them as they underdog. They were always the team on top," Aldama told Ellen. "We've always had such great respect for them and their team and athleticism. I think the respect for each other is what motivates us and pushes both teams to work so hard."

It looks like two teams is all it take for an incredible Daytona division and a stand-out Netflix show.