Royals Every Leo Can Relate To

Ah, Leos. They have a big, bold reputation in the zodiac world. According to Co-Star Astrology, the fire sign is known for its desire to be front and center, a larger-than-life personality, and being a bit self-obsessed. It's basically an astrological recipe for fame, so it only makes sense that there would be a whole lot of them in the royal family. In fact, there's more than you might think. The royal family might be known for being prim and proper at all times, but there are a number of big personalities hiding behind the crowns. 

If ever there was a zodiac sign that was meant to be royal, it's the Leo. They're big-hearted, driven, and natural leaders, after all (via Times of India). You might not know it at first glance, but there are quite a few fiery women in the family. Whether these fire signs married into the family or were born in, there's no denying that they were made for the role. Once you realize how many of the royal women's zodiac signs are ruled by the sun, you won't be able to look at them the same. 

Princess Anne

Born on August 15, 1950, Princess Anne is a feisty Leo. She's been dubbed the "royal rebel" for, among other attributes, her frank talk and dirty jokes (via Vanity Fair). The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth also famously did not give her children a royal title because, according to Independent UK, "there are downsides to having titles." While that initially doesn't seem very Leo-minded, protecting her family is very much a feature of the sign.

If all of that isn't enough to show you that she's a Leo through and through, she was kidnapped in 1974 by a man who hoped to get a $1 million ransom for Princess Anne, to which she responded that it was "not bloody likely," according to Vanity Fair. 

Being a Leo as a royal can't be easy. Especially when you're as outspoken as Princess Anne allegedly is. But her Virgo moon brings logic, organization, and structure to her life: Elements that likely help her decide exactly when she should speak up and stay silent (via Allure).

Meghan Markle

She might not officially be a member of the royal family anymore, but Meghan Markle is a Leo through and through. She rebelled against the crown, and with Prince Harry, left the royal family. If that doesn't scream lioness, we don't know what does. 

According to The New York Post, Markle's big and bold Leo sun combines with her charming and balanced Libra moon to make for a standout royal. The fire sign doesn't mind a little attention — hello, a career as an actress — or speaking her mind. Like, you know, spilling her heart out to Oprah with over 17 million people watching (via The Wall Street Journal). It was pretty much written in the stars that this woman would shake up the royal family.

As for her new life in America, it makes sense that she would gravitate toward getting back into acting and becoming a Spotify podcast host. The fire sign has a lot to say, and it looks like nothing is stopping her.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret passed away in 2002, but her time in the royal family was marked with many breadcrumbs proving her Leo sun. As Oprah Daily noted, being the sister of the Queen of England as a Leo is pretty much the sign's worst nightmare. Not only could she not step into the light that she wanted, but she had to stay quiet and fall in line, so to speak, while her sister led the country. 

Her history with astrology doesn't stop with her sign though. According to PopSugar, horoscopes likely wouldn't be a thing if it weren't for the birth of Princess Margaret. The publication reported that after her birth in 1930, editor John Gordon was "struggling to come up with a fresh angle on the news of another royal birth" and decided to go the route of asking a famous astrologer. Thus came predictions made by the stars.

We're not saying that she's the most famous Leo of all time, but we're not arguing against it either. 

Princess Beatrice

If you think being a Leo as Queen Elizabeth's sister is a struggle, try being a Leo as the Queen's granddaughter who has to have a quiet wedding ceremony because of the pandemic (via Star4Cast). That's torture to the fire sign. As a lion, the older daughter of Prince Andrew is "a natural leader who is proud, self-confident, ambitious and generous," according to Express UK.

Princess Beatrice isn't quite as rebellious as her fellow Leos. She keeps a low profile in the royal family, and her leadership aspect is more seen in her role as big sister. As Cosmopolitan pointed out, Leos tend to be a bit private when it comes to their family. The royal uses her posh and proper demeanor as a way to protect her loved ones. 

As for Beatrice's future, the fire sign had a baby girl in 2021, and astrologists say that, although she is not a Leo herself, she's bound to be rebellious (via Oh! My Magazine). That will likely make her lioness of a mother very happy. 

Queen Elizabeth

Okay, hear us out. Queen Elizabeth II is not technically a Leo, but she does have big Leo energy. She's quite literally the star of the show at all times and makes sure people know it by constantly wearing bright colors so she can be seen, according to Reader's Digest. Although she's been keeping a low profile since the pandemic, this hard worker has put in 70 years of service to her job which is literally being the head of her family. If that doesn't scream Leo, then we don't know what does.

Oh, and there's also the fact that she has a Leo moon (via New York Post). A moon sign, according to Elite Daily, is the sign of your soul that you grow into the more comfortable that you become with yourself. That means that the more she ages, the more she grows into her fiery, leader energy, which can be marked by her making chancier political comments as she's aged (via The Independent). 

While you might not be able to tell right off the bat, there is a whole lot of Leo energy in the royal family. Now that you know, you won't be able to unsee all the rebellious royals.