How The June 28 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Taurus

Summer, in all its glory and long days, is finally here. With the June 28 new moon coming just a week after the summer solstice, lots has been happening up in the stars. If you're a Taurus, June 14's full moon in Sagittarius has likely shaken up your usual routine and emotional regulation. Navigating your traits, dating, and friendships as a Taurus come with roadblocks (your own stubbornness likely being one of them). But longer days may have meant more stressful hours at work or in relationships, especially if you've found yourself face-to-face with problems you'd thought were long gone.


June's astrological events are plentiful, according to Cosmopolitan, and it doesn't end with the full moon in Sagittarius or even the summer solstice — it was on the solstice that the sun entered Cancer. On June 22, Venus entered Gemini, but it's the June 28 new moon Tauruses will find the most exciting change in their astrological forecast.

What the new moon in Cancer means for you as a Taurus

A new moon can be a welcome opportunity for reflection and relaxation for any sign. According to Yoga Journal, "Any New Moon practice starts with the willingness to feel and connect with your internal world." Ruled by Venus, Tauruses can enchant those around them and accomplish any task set before them, according to Allure. Symbolized by the bull, this earth sign could especially use this period of rest after the astrological month it has had in June.


One thing everyone gets wrong about Tauruses is that their bull-headed nature is another way to identify passion and initiative. When a Taurus wants to get something done, it seems nothing can stop them. But that Taurean motivation comes at a cost. While others could see them as lazy, the way a Taurus shows love to themselves is through traditional acts of self-care: warm baths, long naps, and anything else that could bring them bliss. The new moon is the perfect chance to take advantage of this Taurean instinct.

How a Taurus can reflect on the June 28 new moon

Rest isn't all about relaxation, though — reflection is an important component in maintaining emotional regulation and keeping up with relationships. But don't wallow in ghosts or bad break-ups. The new moon is a time to look ahead, according to the New York Post. Imagine the people in your life who you value and love. And that to-do list that is somehow never-ending? Make a conscious effort to prioritize the relationships with those you care about in addition to those tasks. Visualizing that future for yourself will lay the foundation for what's to come.


For this practice, journaling can aid in creating a picture of what you want your future to look like. Write down a list of the people you want to reach out to. Imagine small interactions with them: getting coffee, a kind text message, or a phone call while you're on a walk. Goals about work and money aren't the only ones worth making. Set goals for yourself to get out there and show your people how much you care about them.

How a Taurus can recharge on the June 28 new moon

For some traditional Taurus self-care, try a new moon bath ritual. The moon's connection to water primes it as a helpful tool in clearing out your mind and recharging your body, according to Well + Good. A half cup of Epsom salt, a fourth cup of Himalayan pink salt, essential oils, and mindfulness are all you need to partake in this practice. "Imagine pulling your mind down into the water, clearing out all the thoughts and worries and just be in your body," astrologer Corina Crysler told Well + Good. "Remember that emotional wisdom is your truth, and that's what you're connecting to in this bath: your truth."


You might find that candles and dim lights help you embrace a more mindful presence and clear your mind. Allow your breaths to be deep and your thoughts to wade without any purpose. It can be hard to slow down, but every Taurus loves to relax when they finally have the chance.

Get the water running and watch for that new moon.