Gay Science's Rob Anderson On How He Approaches Music And Comedy - Exclusive

We all know the saying "with great power comes great responsibility," but we all really need to hear is "with Pride Month comes excellent music and plenty of celebration." Even better is supporting queer artists, entertainers, actors, and more during not only this month but also throughout the year. For instance, you can shop for Pride clothes, but purchasing them from a queer-owned business or a queer designer is best (We're looking at you, corporate Pride).

The same applies to music. Thankfully, Pride Month 2022 has been graced with the debut single from TikTok star and comedian Rob Anderson, whose "Gay Science" stars has amassed him more than 2 million followers on the short form video app. We see why: Anderson's videos, which use "science" to explain gay stereotypes, are hilarious and rooted in real lived experiences. With his music, Anderson is proving that he can do it all — and that he can use his skills in many arenas.

Luckily, we got to chat with him about his music and comedy, and in an exclusive interview with The List, Anderson discussed not only how his "Gay Science" series has evolved over time but also how he approaches music and comedy. Is it a similar process, or are they completely different for him?

Rob Anderson is meticulous with all of his projects

Comedy and music are quite different, but for Rob Anderson, they deserve and need the same amount of attention to detail. In fact, on his approach to the two, he told The List, "It's a very similar approach where I am focused on committing to something as hard as I can — having great details and production quality."

"I want something to be as good as it can be," Anderson explained. "With my music, I plan on doing the same thing with this new song and future songs, taking concepts that really shouldn't be songs. Someone really shouldn't be singing about this — why would it ever deserve a song? — and then making the production quality amazing." Naturally, Anderson is referencing his children's book, "The Fergamerican National Anthem: A Civics Story," here. This book is a funny spin on Fergie's "National Anthem" performance from 2018.

With Anderson's ability to take anything and make it hilarious or a summertime hit, we have no doubt that his music career will only soar from here. This is also evidenced by the effort he put into the "Nothing for You" music video. "[Also], there's the music video having great sets, costumes, great dancers. 'Nothing for You' has amazing choreography and dancers," he added. "And then when you listen to the music, it sounds so good. And when you listen to the lyrics, you're like, 'Wait, what? They're really saying that?' That's the kind of vibe that I want to have with my music."

Ultimately, Anderson's music is zany, but it receives the same details that his comedy does.

Catch Rob Anderson's "Gay Science" series on TikTok and YouTube. His debut single, "Nothing For You," is now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.