Emmy Raver-Lampman Reveals What Channing Tatum Is Like As A Director - Exclusive

Emmy Raver-Lampman is perhaps best known for her role as Allison on "The Umbrella Academy," but her latest role shows that she can handle any genre. In "Gatlopp," a supernatural horror-comedy based around a "Jumanji"-like drinking game, Raver-Lampman plays one of four friends who reunite after a decade. However, the night quickly takes a dark turn when it's revealed that the board game — Gatlopp — has its claws in each of the players. Viewers are bound to love watching Raver-Lampman in a role that's completely different from Allison.

Raver-Lampman is a seasoned stage performer who appeared in the original Broadway production of "Hamilton," and she's also known for her voice work on Apple TV+'s "Central Park" and for voicing Poison Ivy on the "Batman Unburied" podcast. Plus, she had the opportunity to work with Channing Tatum on his directorial debut, "Dog," which follows a former Army Ranger (Tatum) who has to take Army dog Lulu on a road trip across the country.

While promoting the release of "Gatlopp" on digital and download, Emmy Raver-Lampman caught up with The List and revealed what Channing Tatum is really like as a director.

Channing Tatum 'was everything that you would hope that he would be'

Much like the rest of us, Emmy Raver-Lampman can't hide her enthusiasm for Channing Tatum, who recently made his directorial debut with the road trip comedy-drama "Dog." "I'm such a fan," she told The List. "He is so lovely. [He] and his directing and writing partner Reid [Carolin], they co-wrote and co-directed the movie together." 

She was also quick to note that Tatum had a difficult job both starring in and directing the movie. "I take my hat off to Channing because it's hard enough being the lead of a movie," she said. "I can't imagine being the lead of the movie that also deals with the main other actor in the movie, who is an animal. I can't even imagine — that's unpredictable, that is so unknown, but he put in so much work with the three dogs that he worked with and with Reid."

As one of the characters Tatum and his dog meet during their cross-country road trip, Raver-Lampman had a front-row seat to the actor's first outing as a director. "I'm so wowed by him," she explained. "He was everything that you would hope that he would be and you hope [for] any actor that's been on the big screen for years and years. He was so personable and kind and funny and enjoyable." She continued, "I only was on set for three days. It was a very quick process, but he made everyone feel so comfortable and at home. It was a really awesome experience. I would work for him on another movie he's directing any day."

"Gatlopp" is available to watch on demand and on digital from June 23, 2022.