The Ultimate 2022 Coastal Grandmother Style Guide

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Dear coastal grandmother, we stand in awe of your effortless style and recharge our emotional batteries through your radiant energy. You always seem present in the moment — all while juggling the gardening, antiquing, taking trips to the farmer's market, and mastering Ina Garter recipes.

Usually, these love letters go unanswered, but one coastal grandma has replied loud and clear. Journalist Caitlin Flanagan of The Atlantic recently penned an in-depth piece on the trend, and it's as layered as a CG's creamy linen ensemble. If you're wondering how a coastal grandma achieved her swagger, according to Flanagan, "She fought the patriarchy and then smothered it in a cashmere pashmina." The effortless air of the aesthetic comes from pushing back against the salty tide for decades. So, over time, a CG carries herself as smooth and polished as a piece of sea glass.

When you first heard of it, you likely wondered "What is the coastal grandmother trend on TikTok?" Coastal grandmother is often referred to as an "aspirational lifestyle" trend, which seems spot-on. In light of recent political strife surrounding women's rights and the ongoing realization that feminist fatigue can take its toll, aspiring to embody the gritty grace of a coastal grandmother seems a natural inclination.

We tip our straw hats to the women who've paved this path with linen and cashmere. It seems almost rebellious to wear a shapeless dress, and sometimes catching our breath is best done in some wide-leg, breathable linen pants. The news headlines come in waves, folks, and it can grow tiresome. Flanagan highlights that a coastal grandmother "is not stomping around in a nap dress; she's napping." We're all a bit worn down at times, so with a nod to the legit CGs, we share some of our favorite ways to embrace the trend.

How we selected coastal grandmother must-haves

In an effort to gather the ultimate coastal grandmother goodies, we called in some fashion industry experts. We combined their guidance on the best coastal grandmother fabrics, styles, and must-haves with social media trends and customer reviews. Additionally, we researched industry data, which suggests that investing in a few CG wardrobe pieces is money well spent because the trend is still gaining momentum (via Sourcing Journal). The result is a curated list that even the CG-famed filmmaker Nancy Meyer would use as mood board inspiration.

"This isn't a pompous trend," says New York City stylist Liv Schreiber, but there's a natural captivation with this style "that has long existed before the time of TikTok." Schreiber has worked with Teen Vogue and celebrities like NBA's Atlanta Hawks owner Jesse Itzler and has collaborated on handbags with Free People. Channeling that expertise into coastal grandma, she said the main goal is to mirror the ocean's mood, saying, "You want to look calm."

MaryKathryn Arthur is a Lead Stylist at Short Story, where she creates customized style boxes for petite women. Arthur has twelve years of fashion and styling experience, and she mentioned that the first step is to raid your mother and grandmother's closets. And as you look to add to the collection, remember, "Comfort is key as a coastal grandmother, but that doesn't mean you can't be stylish!" Along those lines, the Founder and Creative Director at Mill and Moss, Alex Feldstein, suggests that timeless layers are a near-constant, which makes sense since the aesthetic is associated with life's breezy beaches, which "require you to be sensible while maintaining a chicness."

Calm and chic? Okay, let's do this!

When it comes to coastal grandmother loafers, raffia is all the rage

Natural materials, neutral tones, and texture — these are all must-haves for creating the perfect coastal grandmother aesthetic. These loafers are a dreamy creamy color that pairs well with pretty much everything. See that mini platform sole? Well, it's a CG-approved height as well — a little extra, but still modest and comfortable.

Styling Tip: The natural raffia design is also an easy match for dabbling in the loafers and socks trend, which celebrities like Emma Roberts have been sporting lately.

Price: The Franco Carolynn 5 Loafer is available at Franco Sarto for $79.99.

Social Media Highlight: The Carolynn 5 Loafer is one of the brand's most popular styles.

Enjoy coastal breezes in this adorable cashmere sweater vest

Coastal grandmothers don't compromise on quality — and they honor this in all areas of their lives, from relationships to fashion. State Cashmere embodies these values by partnering directly with shepherds from areas within Inner Mongolia.

If you're unsure how to care for cashmere properly, you're not alone. But it's easy, especially with this "How To Care For Cashmere And Wool" video posted by the fabulous Marie-Anne Lecoeur, who has 123,000 followers.

Styling Tip: Rakuten shopping expert Kristen Gall suggests a cashmere sweater "for those chillier beach days when the clouds are hiding the sunshine," and this option works well on its own or styled with a gauzy long sleeve.

Price: The Oversized V-Neck Vest is available at State Cashmere for $150.

Social Media Highlight: On Instagram, You can learn more about the cashmere source — Kashmir goats in the Himalayan mountains. And, yes, they're udderly adorable.

These easy-breezy pants are under $30

If you're ready to free yourself from the confinement of zippers, we're here to validate your feelings. So laborious, right? All that zipping and unzipping; enough already. Ease into the chill CG life with a pair of flowy, pull-on capris. Amazon customers have vetted this pair and ranked it #5 in Women's Casual Pants and Capris.

Styling Tip: Shreya Patel, the founder of Tanisi, shared with us one of the essential tenets of the coastal grandmother lifestyle. "Be comfortable and relaxed in your attire," she suggests, "and go for neutral and earthy colorways."

Price: ECUPPER Elastic Waist Cropped Pants are available on Amazon for $26.98.

Social Media Highlight: TikTok user @krista.lavrusik posted a video dedicated to coastal grandmother pants. With more than 58,500 views, it serves as a happy-go-lucky reminder that CG life is the best life.

These baggy overalls are an Amazon bestseller and we totally get it

POV: You have to trim the hydrangeas, squeeze the citrus for fresh lemon margaritas, and pop over to the antique store to pick up those hand-carved salad tongs. Your soiree is in T-minus four hours, so there's no time for a wardrobe change. Well, these relaxed-yet-graceful overalls are up to the task. It's no surprise they're the no. 1 best-selling in women's fashion overalls on Amazon since they come in 14 colors.

Styling Tip: "Keep it minimal," according to MaryKathryn Arthur, a Lead Stylist at Short Story. This aesthetic "is both sophisticated and laidback," so you can skip the over-thinking. Instead, go with the flow and "channel colors inspired by the coast and nature."

Price: The YESNO Baggy Cotton Overalls are available on Amazon, starting at $20.98.

Social Media Highlight: It turns out that Meryl Streep has been channeling coastal grandma since as early as her 2008 performance in "Momma Mia."

Forget collecting seashells, stockpile these affordable bucket hats instead

Who are we kidding? We're not giving up seashell collecting. But we can still joyfully stockpile these paycheck-friendly bucket hats. Here's what you need to know: They're offered in 23 different colors and remind us of colorful little macarons. In fact, that's just the type of goodie a vivacious coastal vixen like Martha Stewart would bake for an al fresco brunch.

Styling Tip: NYC-based stylist Liv Schreiber shared with us a valuable reminder. She mentioned that quality is a worthy splurge, but the CG life doesn't need to be expensive. "The best thing about coastal grandmothers is it's not [just] about the splurging," she says. Instead, focus on the lifestyle and things like visiting the farmer's market. And if you can do that while rocking a Billie Eilish-approved bucket hat, even better!

Price: The CHOK.LIDS Frayed Bucket Hats are available on Amazon, starting at $13.99.

Social Media Highlight: Not only is Martha Stewart an OG CG, but she celebrates other celebs, like Justin Bieber, when they rock a bucket hat. We added another "like" to her post, which has already racked up close to 85,000.

Every CG needs a pair of luxe linen shorts

A word to the wise: Don't get so caught up in your love of linen pants that you forget about linen shorts.

Vogue took the time to check in with Jintu Fan, chair of the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design at Cornell University. He confirmed that linen is great for summer because it's highly absorptive and helpful for hot, sweaty days. It's also a little stiffer than cotton, creating "spaces between human body and clothing for ventilative cooling."

Styling Tip: Alex Feldstein, the Founder and Creative Director at Mill and Moss, wants you to remember one thing: "Don't worry about wrinkles — it's inevitable."

Price: The Hanson Flax Linen Shirts are available at Crescent for $90.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram highlights shared features by Coveteur.

Seas the day with these rattan and shell-inspired earrings

These natural sea shell earrings are incredibly versatile and add a touch of iridescent oomph to any look. Rated at a 4.2 out of 5-stars, the one-of-a-kind look has reviewers making comments like, "The shell earrings are very pretty, each slightly unique, which is what I love most about them! After all, nothing in nature is identical, and I will be enjoying them often!"

Styling Tip: The best CG accessory is a cozy beach abode, but if you don't have one, no worries. Rakuten President Kristen Gall says, "For those that don't have a beach house or simply don't live by the beach, the coastal grandmother style can still be achieved." So, be strategic with cost-effective materials inspired by nature like linen, straw, and of course, sea shells.

Price: The AMOR SPES Natural White Sea Shell Earrings are available on Amazon for $13.99.

Social Media Highlight: TikTok user @Lexnicoleta is widely known to have coined the term "coastal grandmother." Her advice on CG jewelry, which has been viewed nearly 30,000 times, includes wearing pearls and natural materials. So, these pearly sea shell earrings achieve her goal of "simple elegance."

Look what the tide brought in – hand poured candles!

Embracing this coastal-inspired aspirational style inherently comes with a love of nature. So, these beautiful 4.9-star rated candles from Mersea's Sea Change Collection are a good fit since purchasing them helps with "access to safe water and sanitation to the millions affected by the global water crisis." Plus, the glass is reusable as a votive holder — brilliant!

Styling Tip: In addition to wardrobe inspiration, TikToker Lex Nicoleta explained to the folks at Paper that it's also about "little things that make your day feel more elevated." Well, that's the perfect cue for this candle's sea salt, white tea, and driftwood aromas!

Price: The Sea Change Sandbag Candle is available at Mersea for $29.

Social Media Highlight: Mersea's following on Instagram runs about 40,000 fans deep, including tons of Selma Blair fangirl moments in the brand's press highlights.

This earthy jute tote comes with a chic scarf accent

A jute messenger bag offers the laid-back CG vibe and gives you a place to stash your flea market treasures. But, of course, we also love that it comes with a scarf accent in warm tones of cinnamon and earthy splashes.

Styling Tip: This jute messenger delivers more than just carry-all benefits; let's not overlook that scarf. Fashion Magazine recommends using it on the bag's handle or styling it as a classic neck scarf or head wrap.

Price: The Jute Messenger is available at Mersea for $88.

Social Media Highlight: The unique shape and design make this jute messenger bag a fun pop of eye candy on Pinterest. Plus, the brand is so darn coastal-cool that even the seaside experts @Capeology follow along on Instagram.

Coastal grandmothers love a one-step tinted sun-blocking moisturizer

Rakuten's Kristen Gall gave us plenty of style advice for this piece. But she stressed it's important to "protect your skin from the sun while at the beach or gardening." So, in addition to a selection of wide-brimmed straw hats, you can add an easy one-step skincare routine. This stay-put SPF 50+ tinted moisturizer is perfect for aspiring coastal grandmothers who want to keep it simple without skimping on SPF protection.

Styling Tip: After sitting for a spell in our Adirondack chairs, we've decided that there's nothing more stylish than protective skincare. Plus, it's well-loved by customers. One reviewer raves, "This tinted moisturizer is the best I've ever tried!"

Price: The Better than Bare Tinted Moisturizer is available at Laura Geller Beauty for $34.

Social Media Highlight: Laura Geller Beauty has 390,000 followers on Instagram and features a dedicated campaign with model Paulina Porizkova.

This dress is for CGs who are loose with their clothes, not their money

Once again, the theme of inspiration from nature comes into play with this embroidered linen-cotton dress. Among the 3,300+ Amazon reviews, customers often note the level of detail. "This dress is absolutely gorgeous," said one happy customer, "The linen is good quality, and the embroidery is beautiful and detailed."

Styling Tip: The Amazon reviews include multiple photos posted by customers serving up some serious coastal grandmother know-how. Take a cue from them and wear this botanical beauty on its own or even over capris. Perfect for walks along the boardwalk, gardening, or grabbing some late-morning crepes.

Price: The Minibee Embroidered Linen Dress is available on Amazon, starting at $41.99.

Social Media Highlight: Laura Geller Beauty has 390,000 followers on Instagram and features a dedicated campaign with model Paulina Porizkova who has 789,000 followers.

Today's agenda: Be adorably cozy and binge some Nancy Meyers movies

Coastal Grandma 101: Nancy Meyers' rom-com movies are essential. You've likely seen classic CG-inspo images of Diane Keaton wearing a white sweater and bucket hat on the beach. Well, it's straight from Meyers' film "Something's Gotta Give."

Styling Tip: Alex Feldstein, the Founder and Creative Director at Mill and Moss, told us that one of her top three suggestions to achieve the CG lifestyle is a knit sweater, which is "versatile and transitional." According to her, "The key is to buy simple pieces that can be paired and layered with anything."

Price: The Gnpolo Lightweight Summer Cardigan is available on Amazon for $29.99.

Social Media Highlight: Even Nancy Meyers has shared the now-iconic Diane Keaton photo on Instagram. The post has upwards of 23,000 likes, and one fan commented, "I used to say I love the look of Keaton and Streep from those two feel-good movies by Meyers; glad it has a name now!"

This flowy skirt is an elegant homage to sunbaked sand dunes

Fara's chiffon Free Flow Skirt is what a coastal grandmother wears for an additional layer of sunbaked island inspiration. "It's perfect for walking on the beach or just going on a stroll. It's flowy and forgiving, and the silhouette is so lovely," said one reviewer, adding, "This skirt is just special." We agree, and just want to watch the sunset over the water while the warm sea breeze rustles through the swooshy chiffon.

Styling Tip: Shreya Patel, whose fashion brand RAAS has 226,000 followers on Instagram, suggests "embracing oceanside minimalism as much as possible" when creating a CG look. So, this sand dune-inspired maxi skirt is a sure thing.

Price: The Free Flow Skirt is available at Fara Boutique for $91.72 (£75.00).

Social Media Highlight: The brand's stunning Instagram feed has over 60,000 followers and features its many earthy tie-dye options.

Every aspiring coastal grandmother needs proper stationary

Keep a supply of beautiful, artistic stationary at the ready to pen a proper thank-you note after staying at a friend's cottage or being a guest at a clam bake. Then, maximize the impact by sending a quilled card. Quilling is the labor-intensive art of rolled paper shapes, but the efforts are worth it. So much so that 3.7 million people have viewed this quilling tutorial on YouTube.

Styling Tip: Fresh blooms are central to the lifestyle. The flower professionals at Bouqs agree that CGs love to "spend time maintaining their flower or vegetable garden." Knowing that coastal grandmothers appreciate artisan crafts, opt for notecards that offer both flowers and craftsmanship.

Price: The Quilled Decorative Floral Note Card Box Set is available at Quilling Card for $30.

Social Media Highlight: Quilling Card's highlights even include celebratory posts announcing their Greeting Card Association Louie Award for top consumer's choice!

Stay effortlessly cool while brunching beachside with this $4 handbag-friendly fan

The top three reasons we love this handheld fan include how gosh-darn handbag-friendly it is. It closes into a small, rectangular shape, so it's easy to take with you to brunch, an outdoor poetry reading, or the farmer's market. Plus, the neutral color is 100% CG-approved — oh, and it's only $4!

Styling Tip: The heat and humidity are no match for a legit coastal grandma, so add a flirty edge with a carved wooden fan. We agree with The Guardian that handheld fans are about to have their moment and complement any summer look.

Price: The Carved Wooden Fan with Organza Bag is available at Pearl River Mart for $4.

Social Media Highlight: The much-loved Asian market has multiple NYC locations and over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Coastal grandmothers know a worthy splurge when they see it

If you're looking for a unique spin on the oversized cream cardigans synonymous with the coastal lifestyle, try a Baja hoodie, which has long been associated with laid-back surfer culture. It's a perfect oversized piece with some fringe benefits along the hem.

Styling Tip: The best part of this Baja hoodie is its balance of casual coastal aesthetic and neutrality. It slides right into the CG life but can also be styled with edgier pieces, as suggested by YouTube Sally Lyndley in her expert styling video.

Price: The Paradised Baja Fringed Striped Cotton Hoodie is available at Net-a-Porter, starting at $187.50.

Social Media Highlight: Take a quick peek at Instagram and it's easy to see that Paradised pieces have been spotted on celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and featured by Vogue, PopSugar, and US Weekly.

This trendy summer hat has hidden features

We can't promise you'll pull a rabbit out of this hat, but it is reasonably magical. Hidden inside this CG lifestyle must-have is an adjustable Velcro band to ensure the hat fits properly. So, that salty coastal breeze won't have you chasing your hat. Equally important, it folds up, making it easy to stash in your tote while meandering in your favorite thrift store. Since its debut on Amazon, it has quickly racked up over 17,500 ratings and is the #3 best-seller in women's sun hats.

Styling Tip: Millie Rich, a stylist at Thread, shared with us her vision of the top ten things a coastal grandmother would do. "Show up to every occasion in a straw hat" made the list, so it's a good thing this hat is available in 10 different colors.

Price: The FURTALK Straw Travel Hat with Foldable Brim is available on Amazon, starting at $24.99.

Social Media Highlight: Oversized, natural fiber sun hats are definitely having a moment. Vogue's The Get has them peppered throughout its IG feed in all shapes and colorways. This jazzy red one has over 6,700 likes so far.

Coastal grandmother essential: effortless white linen pants

We can always count on Gap to come through with the season's most-loved whims. They offer a half dozen CG-style pants, including dressier opaque, full-linen pants and this pull-on linen-blend Airy Wide Leg Pants, available in white, black, and a nautical blue stripe. These are intentionally lightweight, so plan your skivvies accordingly — nude for blending in or red if you're feeling sassy!

One reviewer gave us a nudge toward filling our cart when mentioning, "I've been in search for YEARS for the perfect summer pant. I think this is it."

Styling Tip: "If you're looking for a splurge-worthy clothing item, go for luxury linen pants," suggests fashion entrepreneur Shreya Patel. "Get white, off-white, and khaki-colored pants to pair with your tops and button-downs."

Price: The Airy Wide Leg Pants are available at Gap for $59.95.

Social Media Highlight: Gap has amassed a following of 3.1 million people on Instagram, which seems to be a theme. As it turns out, one of the brand's YouTube commercials also has upwards of 3 million views.

Host an Ina Garten inspired coastal-themed soiree

The matriarchal mavens of coastal grandmotherhood include Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart. You've seen the hashtags and references from Bustle, so it's time to stoke the fire — the campfire, that is. Host an authentic coastal seafood bake if you want to channel your inner Ina. If you need help, and suspect there may be things your own grandmother got wrong about cooking, Harry & David makes it easy with this kit. It includes the seafood, corn, and seasoned butter. It arrives in a heavy-duty foil pouch, that goes right on the grill or fire pit!

Styling Tip: If you want to set an authentic coastal table, look no further than the Cape Codder Resort & Spa's Pinterest inspiration.

Price: The Maine Shore Seafood Bake is available at Harry & David for $119.99.

Social Media Highlight: The IG posts from Harry & David are a menagerie of CG eye candy and inspiration. So, take off that apron, and sip a strawberry jalapeño spritzer!

Set the mood with minimalist wicker lighting

Setting a chill mood is a coastal breeze with a few wicker solar lights. These add a bit of rustic elegance to your lake, oceanside, or balcony soirees and adhere to the CG missive of simplicity. Place directly on the ground or table — or hang from a shepherd's hook for a little twinkle of low-key lighting.

Styling Tip: Liv Schreiber, who has styled celebrities like Sara Blakely, reminds us that "Coastal grandmother is all about being soothing and tranquil." So, we're ready to linger long into the night with some easy tapas and twinkling lights.

Price: The Place & Time Summer Wicker Solar Lantern is available at JOANN, starting at $14.98.

Social Media Highlight: JOANN's Instagram feed is a never-ending series of DI-why didn't I think of that? And, so it's no surprise the brand has 767,000 followers.

Legit CGs know shatterproof melamine dinnerware is a must for outdoor dining

Outdoor noshing and entertaining require a little strategy, like using unbreakable melamine dishes. This dinnerware looks like something a master potter created but is nearly indestructible. Plus, its watery teal and blue colors will help create a breathtaking tablescape. The set includes four dinner and salad plates as well as bowls.

Styling Tip: Your CG dinner party should never feel stuffy or formal. Instead, opt for the low-key elegance found in the tablescape inspiration that Pinterest user Fabiana showcases for her 115,000 followers.

Price: The Radiance Teal Twelve-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set is available at Riverbend Home for $67.32.

Social Media Highlight: We love wiling away the afternoon while scrolling through Riverbend Home's Pinterest pins, and we're not alone. The brand has 38,800 followers who use the home goods to create memorable aesthetics for the backyard and home.

What's the coastal tablescape mood board say? Chambray all day!

In the lead-up to this story, fashion professional MaryKathryn Arthur mentioned that her coastal grandma styling tips include chambray. Well, we're no fools; when a styling expert says "chambray," we run with it. These placemats offer the look of chambray plus tonal stripes in contrasting white and light blue. They're dark enough to forgive small spills and 100% washable cotton if the rosé goes astray.

Styling Tip: YouTuber Kristi from Inspired Living with Kristi shared a coastal tablescape tutorial that's spot-on for coastal grandma life. Her pretty table includes fresh flowers, raffia, hurricanes, and lots of blue and white — all of which align with the CG style. So, swap in these chambray-inspired placemats and set the table!

Price: The Place & Time Summer Striped Woven Placemat is available at Joann, starting at $4.49.

Social Media Highlight: Generally, a coastal grandma will pluck some fresh flowers from her extensive gardens. But if you have just a few succulents, you can always substitute some almost-real-fauna. JOANN has a vast selection, like the hydrangea and summer florals seen in the chain's Facebook post.

Elegant ease is a seaside breeze in this one-shoulder wonder

Oh, this ol' thing? It's just a casual romper, the color of the Aegean sea, NBD. This jumpsuit is on the sexier end of the CG spectrum but still rocks that signature wide-leg look. It's the third best-selling product in Amazon's jumpsuits for women category, and "the material is soft, almost cotton but thicker," according to one reviewer. She goes on to say, "Not cheap at all. So elegant, sexy, and comfy. Sign me up for another color!!!"

Styling Tip: Once again, we're looking to the real-life customers for inspiration on this one. We couldn't help but notice that each of the reviewers who posted images looked stunning regardless of the setting, shoe choice, or accessories. We're sold!

Price: The ANRABESS Summer One Shoulder Wide Leg Jumpsuit is available on Amazon for $41.99.

Social Media Highlight: InStyle reported on Kristen Stewart's sexy spin on the fancy grandma trend, and this romper offers a similar upgrade. Welcome, coquettish coastal grandma!

Rock some ocean-inspired jewelry with these aquamarine huggie hoops

Sky blue, zesty lemon, and pale peach — the hues of these enamel huggie earrings are 100% CG-approved and are under $100. Plus, they bring an understated wink of class to your linen-clad lineup of wardrobe options. And yes, this color absolutely has us yearning for an Aperol Spritz, Adirondack chair, and seaside sunset.

Styling Tip: "Wear a signature stack of gold jewelry," suggests Thread stylist Millie Rich. Coastal grandmas often have a robust collection "curated over time from flea markets," but a few under $100 upgrades can help kickstart the process. Then, maximize the look by opting for calming colors inspired by nature.

Price: The Lamill Enamel Huggie Earrings are available at Leeada Jewelry for $85.

Social Media Highlight: Reminiscent of sherbety scoops of summer sunshine, these huggie earrings look great stacked, as seen in the brand's Instagram post.

This $23 straw bag achieves two CG goals: neutral tones and texture

We all know the deal here; this bag is basically perfect. It's got texture, contrasting curves, and a pompom accent — oh, and it can be used as a crossbody or a clutch. It's rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the reviews often mention it's a great summer or vacation bag. People are also surprised how much it holds, with one fan writing, "Loving this purse!! It can complete lots of outfit choices, and the price wasn't at bad at all. It's got plenty of space on the inside, and it closes securely."

Styling Tip: Stylist Liv Schreiber chimed in to remind us that textures are an important element of the CG wardrobe — "cashmere turtlenecks, linen dresses, faded denim, and canvas shoes, straw hat, and leather totes," for example. In light of her recommendation, we're jazzed this straw handbag comes in multiple colors and is less than $20.

Price: The Obosoyo Straw Handbag is available on Amazon, starting at $19.54.

Social Media Highlight: TikTok user @lexnicoleta is the unofficial queen of coastal grandmother, and she did an unboxing video of a gorgeous Loewe handbag. First of all, we're jealous. That aside, this under $20 option is a stellar stand-in!

If you only invest in one coastal grandmother dress, this is the one

Oh, Madewell! Look at what you've gifted to the world this time — the Goldilocks of linen dresses. The smocked waist is comfortable and flattering, the neckline is feminine yet modest, and the sleeves have a bit of puff, but without adding bulk. Smocking has stood the test of time since the late 1890s, and this darling dress will carry you through coastal grandma and beyond, especially in this ecru color.

Styling Tip: "CG is about quality over quantity," says to Alex Feldstein, Founder and Creative Director at Mill and Moss. "Invest in three to four great pieces that will take you through the summer and into the fall. A timeless well-made dress will take you far! Layering your core pieces will work when the mornings get brisk, and the leaves start to fall."

Price: The Linen-Blend Sophia Mini Dress is available at Madewell for $118.

Social Media Highlight: Madewell's Instagram feed — which has 1.4 million followers — is a master class in how to create a vibey mood board. It's also a great place to get layering ideas to usher this cute dress into fall.

Splurge on this ephemeral lilac eyelet sweater for a chill yet elegant vibe

Think of Mother Nature as the Anna Wintour of coastal style — she's incredibly influential. By day, she might be all about the heat and humidity, but by sunset, her mood might shift toward cool, salty breezes. So, this lightweight, eyelet weave sweater helps an aspiring CG prepare for anything. Eyelet fabric, which has patterned holes, is great for summer because it's delicate and ventilated.

Styling Tip: Rakuten's Kristen Gall suggests that coastal grandmothers need a cashmere sweater "For those chillier beach days when the clouds are hiding the sunshine." And this lilac-colored option features cashmere from Scottish Cashmere House Todd & Duncan.

Price: The Eyelet Crew is available at Frances Austen for $295.

Social Media Highlight: Frances Austen has an impressive list of media coverage, including Forbes, Town & Country, InStyle Magazine, and PureWow.

Bold tortoise shell sunnies are a must-have!

If you're going to embrace life on the shore, as described by Bustle, you'll need a proper pair of classic-yet-slightly oversized tortoise shell sunnies. The folks from Peepers are ready to support your CG-life goals with oodles of sunglasses that are all available for under $30.

Styling Tip: Follow the advice of self-proclaimed CG Anne Hathaway. Her now widely-circulated coastal grandmother fan-girl post on Instagram shows her rocking her cream-themed ensemble, bucket hat, and oversized sunnies.

Price: The Center Stage Sunglasses are available at Peepers for $29.

Social Media Highlight: Peepers is regularly featured in media coverage for its blue-blocking glasses, sunglasses, and readers. Even Oprah shows them the love online!

We'll trade all our favorite seashells for this retro botanic-inspired shirt

CGs don't wear brash, bold prints, but a botanical-inspired retro leisure shirt is definitely on-brand. Millie Rich, a stylist at Thread, describes Coastal Grandmother as a "fresh-from-the-garden lifestyle," and this print is all that and more. Of course, we can't get over the zig-zag trim work and delicate details!

Styling Tip: This super-casual top's earthy colors and nostalgic vibe are perfect for reading on the chaise lounge all afternoon or making some homemade jam with those berries from the farmer's market.

Price: The Short Sleeve Leisure Shirt is available at Band.Do for $48.

Social Media Highlight: Band.Do has over 15,000 followers on TikTok, and it's chock-full of fun, lighthearted videos featuring the brand's products, ranging from clothing to home life to much-loved daily planners.

This skirt is the color of the heirloom roses in your dream garden

Toss on this pink-champagne-inspired chiffon skirt with a gauzy white top, and head out for a night of seaside sips and shenanigans. It's easy and elevated without being snooty, so it's the perfect night-out staple that toggles seamlessly between myriad warm weather fashion trends. Plus, Quince prides itself on making luxe-leaning fashion more financially accessible.

Styling Tip: Style this accordion-pleated skirt with low-key slides, a muted color scheme, or even a cute pair of white sneakers. Along those lines, one reviewer said, "I like that it can totally be dressed up or down." So, feel free to swap the top and shoes based on your mood. Plus, she says, "at this price, why wouldn't [she] buy it?!"

Price: The Chiffon Pleated Midi Skirt is available at Quince for $49.90.

Social Media Highlight: Quince is very active on Instagram, often replying directly to both comments of praise and critique. Customers rate this skirt 4.8 out of 5-stars, and fans are eager for extended sizes.

If you dream in coastal sunset hues, these slides are for you

Is it just us, or does this summery sandal remind you of a Monet painting? It seems to be channeling the colors of "The Artist's Garden at Giverny," and, as aspiring garden-tending CGs, we're loving this detail.

Styling Tip: Lean into the trend's use of natural materials with this cork-soled, woven raffia sandal. As far as styling goes, the world is your fresh-shucked oyster! Pair it with everything from plain white linen tops to wide-leg chambray pants.

Price: The Jolie Slide is available at Aerosoles for $110.

Social Media Highlight: It's no surprise that Aerosoles — known for comfort — is a regular favorite of Condé Nast Traveler. With this in mind, it seems appropriate that these slides have us wanting to meander all afternoon (after our morning gardening, of course).

These casual shorts come in 12 coastal-grandmother approved colors

Pockets, hooray! These 100% cotton shorts have flattering, non-bulky pockets that are sure to come in handy for stashing that raffle ticket you just bought for an artisan-crafted quilt. Plus, they're the 12th most popular women's shorts on Amazon, with over 5,000 ratings, and they come in 40 color and pattern options.

Styling Tip: Paper bag shorts can be a little daunting to style, but fear not. Whimsy Soul posted a YouTube tutorial, "How To Style Paper Bag Pants If You Aren't A Model," and it's got 54,000 views and all the tips and tricks you need to look effortlessly chic in these shorts.

Price: The KISSMODA Paper Bag Shorts are available on Amazon for $24.59.

Social Media Highlight: TikTok videos featuring paper bag shorts have 126.7 million views, so at least you know you're in good company!

Hunker down with your garden magazines in this cozy blouse

A soft, shirred shirt? Yes, please! Shirring is when the fabric has multiple rows of gathered material, which can help create shape or just add a wink of subtle design. You likely know it from the recent smocked waist trend, but this cute top uses the method without elastic, creating fine-ribbed rows of subtle detail.

Sounds good, but what are the benefits for a CG? You can be comfortable yet still look put together when a friend drops by at sunset with an unexpected bottle of Chardonnay. No need to change — just toss those cooking magazines aside, and grab the glasses!

Styling Tip: If you're "worried about overwhelming your frame" with an oversized button-down, MaryKathryn Arthur, a Lead Stylist at Short Story, suggests "half tucking the front ... to add shape and dimension."

Price: The Button Front Shirred Blouse is available at Liverpool Los Angeles for $98.

Social Media Highlight: The brand's Instagram page often highlights this gorgeous fabric, which they also offer in a sleeveless version. We love the buttoned look this model is rocking, but we're also partial to wearing it unbuttoned and tied at the waist.

Three words: Rosé all day

Speaking of wine, if you want to earn your coastal grandma loyalty card, just pour a glass of mid-day wine. Obviously, whites and rosé are a CG staple sip but don't hesitate to pop open a red when grilling up some grass-fed steaks. The paycheck-friendly varietals from Flat Top Hills are the perfect way to win at wine while also having a little leftover cash for a cashmere splurge.

Styling Tip: "May I tempt you with a homemade rosé gummy?" This is the type of casual query a coastal grandma would ask a guest. It might not be quite as relaxing as Martha Stewart's CBD Gummies, but we're sure the OG CG would approve of this fun recipe how-to, especially since it has 650,000 views on YouTube.

Price: The Flat Top Hills Rose is available at Drizly for $13.50.

Social Media Highlight: If you're looking for us, we'll just be over here, dreaming of all the beautiful pairings Flat Top Hills shares on Instagram!

There's no greater joy than glass goblets

Vintage-inspired? Check. Nostalgic? Yup. Romantic? Also, yes. For under $40, you can snag a set of these breathtaking depression glass-style wine glasses for yourself. These beauties also align with the guide to the coastal grandmother decor.

Styling Tip: We don't know who needs to hear this, but it's okay to eschew the strict adherence to matching the glass to the type of wine. "I think anything goes nowadays," Alpana Singh told Wine Enthusiast. Singh is a famed sommelier, restaurateur, and host of "Check, Please!" She goes on to say, "I think that as the lines get blurred between how we enjoy wine at home and how we enjoy wine at restaurants, customers are a lot more comfortable with it." So, cheers!

Price: The Bormioli Rocco Romantic Stemware Glass Set is available on Amazon, starting at $37.27.

Social Media Highlight: Check out Wine Enthusiast's picnic post if you need a little inspiration for how to incorporate colorful wine glasses into your al fresco experience. After that, meander through their other posts, including many that feature easy wine and snack pairings.

A white button down shirt is the hallmark of the CG aesthetic

The all-time signature look of a coastal grandmother is a simple, perfect white linen shirt. When we asked a Lead Stylist at Short Story, MaryKathryn Arthur, what the most essential CG wardrobe piece is, she didn't hesitate. "A quality white button-down! It's a timeless piece that will never go out of style and can be worn in various settings, from the office to the beach.

Styling Tip: One of the most well-known coastal grandmother soothsayers, TikTok's Lex Nicoleta, says, "comfort is key," and timeless pieces are essential. The vlogger is often seen in her classic CG button-down, as seen on Buzzfeed. So, that's why you'll likely see a classic white button-down in CG style guides: It checks all the boxes.

Price: The 100% European Linen Long Sleeve Shirt is available at Quince, starting at $39.90.

Social Media Highlight: The Quince claim to fame is extraordinary quality at lower prices, so we're jazzed that the brand's IG feed has gifting highlights!

CGs appreciate elegant, ethically created jewelry

By now, you know that coastal grannies love pearls. They're timeless and usher in that coastal aesthetic better than any trendy bauble. So do yourself a favor once a year, and add a quality piece of jewelry to your collection. Over time, you'll curate an heirloom-worthy collection. Start with this under 18k gold plated pearl ring, available for under $200, which goes with everything.

Styling Tip: Stacking rings are always a "yes" from us, but we also love that the brand's IG highlights include a fun guide that pairs your personality features with which finger to wear your rings.

Price: The Pearl and Twisted Ring is available at Anna Beck for $175.

Social Media Highlight: If you want to know more about who creates the fabulous pieces, along with "where" and "how," check out the cool videos on Anna Beck's Instagram— like this one featuring a workshop in Bali.