If You're An Enneagram Type 8, Here's The Hairstyle You Should Try

Enneagram Eights are fearless, wholly independent, and don't rely on the validation of others to get through life (via Crystal Knows). They are often referred to as "The Protector," though, as seen via Truity, others may call them "The Challenger" instead. Either way, Eights are usually the leader of their friendship group due to their built-in mentoring and guiding skills. They like to show off their skills and talents, whether that manifests in giving a speech or debating with a friend about politics. 


Eights are also skilled at expressing themselves, which extends to their look. From their hair to their outfit, you can be sure that an Enneagram Eight has planned everything meticulously to present the best version of themselves. If you're an Eight you've probably figured out your style, but it's always good to switch it up every once in a while. As you are confident in your personality and looks, you won't have to worry about what others think even when making a drastic change. We've provided you with some inspiration to branch out with your look.

Enneagram Eights are bold and delight in looking unique

Due to their title of "The Challenger" (via The Enneagram Institute), it would make sense that Enneagram Eights aren't afraid to change up their look often. They are confident and not tied down by insecurities. However, they also have a strong temper. In fact, a Type Eight's biggest fear is being fully controlled by others, hence why they like to do things their own way. This not only applies to general life, but to their hair, too. 


According to Shine.Buzz, Enneagram Eights are most likely to go for bold and creative hairstyles that others aren't likely to have. This could be anything from bright dyed hair to experimenting with twists, braids, and curls. If you're thinking of dying your hair, consider some of the most popular colors at the moment, or try that neon green shade you've always wanted to.

Moreover, men who identify as Enneagram Eights are more likely to shave their heads to achieve an out-of-the-box look. By giving themselves a cool and unusual haircut, Eights can achieve their goal of wanting to stand out in every situation before they have even opened their mouth.

They never doubt themselves or falter in the face of opposition

With summer almost in full swing, Enneagram Eights may also be wondering how to switch up their style. StyleCaster recommends platform shoes as the perfect on-trend item for bold and enigmatic Eights. Eights are the most likely to start drama when they're bored, and they also like to tower above everybody. You can (literally) do that with a chunky shoe, whether that's an ankle boot or a sneaker. 


Though some of us may never want to see a chunky trainer again, the Y2K resurgence has emerged with a ton of platform sandals perfect for the warmer months. Platform shoes are a bit of a controversial item. Some people love the look and some people really hate it. This controversy ironically makes them perfect for combative Eights, who thrive off being different and coming across as just a smidge intimidating (via Truity). 

Eights aren't all bad, though. Their assertive nature can make them great people to have around when things get ugly. While you may be cowering at the thought of confrontation, your Eight friend will stand tall in their platform shoes and fight for your corner. You'll usually be able to spot an Eight due to their wholly unique style choices. If you're an Eight, keep on being true to yourself.