Astrology Expert Reveals The Perfect Vacation Spot For A Virgo - Exclusive

Those born under the sign of Virgo (August 23 – September 22) are true earth signs (via Allure). Fastidious and particular where it comes to their homes, professional lives, and personal relationships, Virgos like to have a place for everything (and everyone) and everything in its place. This is not to say that this sign is incapable of flexibility or spontaneity; in fact, because Virgos are deeply compassionate people who like to bring joy to those around them, they can often step outside their own comfort zones to ensure those they care about are feeling safe, cared for, and happy. 

Virgos do, however, prefer to have a plan in place and keep to that plan. This makes them highly reliable people professionally and also personally. Their homes are always organized just so, their accounts are budgeted carefully, their cars are clean inside and out, and their appointment books are carefully kept. So how does a grounded, practical Virgo relax? They need to connect with their element: the earth. Virgos find peace and calm and fun in nature, and they also enjoy sensual pleasures like a great glass of wine or a delicious meal.

So when a Virgo needs to take a break from their perfectly-practical daily life, where would be the best place for them to vacation?

Where a Virgo should vacation

According to Best Life Online, the best place for a Virgo to vacation is Cape Town, South Africa. Their reasoning? A Virgo needs to be in a place with beautiful natural splendor that they can explore and delve into, and, because Virgos tend to be highly intelligent and are always seeking new information, they could learn a great deal about the cultures and histories of this beautiful city and country. 

We asked Astrologer Cameron Martin of Path and Purpose what he thought about Cape Town as a vacation destination for a Virgo, and he was enthusiastic in his agreement. Not only did he feel that a Virgo might enjoy lounging on the gorgeous beaches Cape Town boasts, but he felt a Virgo would also "appreciate the precision and tradition of the cannon that is fired off at noon at the top of Signal Hill that resounds throughout the city of Cape Town." As Virgos tend to be history lovers, Martin feels they would enjoy learning about and witnessing this tradition, "which began in 1806, once served a very practical purpose, announcing approaching ships in the harbor. Now, it's just a practical reminder of the time."

Also, because Virgos enjoy sensual indulgences when trying to relax, South Africa is a wonderful place to try critically acclaimed native wines. 

What to do while you're there

Once you've decided on Cape Town as your destination, there are plenty of things you can do that will help a Virgo relax, enjoy, and learn. According to Trip Advisor, it would be worth doing a wine tasting to really get the flavor for all of the different and lovely varieties that come to the world from South Africa. To learn about local culture and history, consider a bus tour or a day exploring the city's speciality museums like the Diamond Museum, the District Six Museum, the Heart of Cape Town Museum, and others.

 And if you want to really learn about the local wildlife and delve into the beauty of nature beyond visiting the beaches, there are nearby opportunities to see penguins and sharks (even cage diving if you're feeling brave!). A day trip to see the Cape of Good Hope is also easily accessible from Cape Town. 

Whichever mood you are in while on vacation, Virgo, you can find something to help you relax, indulge, and expand your horizons.