July Leo Vs. August Leo: What's The Difference?

Leo is the zodiac sign assigned to those born between July 23 and August 22. As the lion of the star signs, Leos are known to be the leaders of the pack and the centers of attention. Not only do Leos love to stand out — you will often find them performing, whether that's telling jokes at the company lunch or being the first on stage during karaoke — they also love getting praised for their antics (via Cosmopolitan).

A Leo is not one to shy away from the crowd, and they mainly live their lives to the fullest. While they may sometimes come off as pretentious, Leos are also very ambitious and determined to succeed in all aspects of their life (per Allure). They are also likely to always bring the fun, so it's a good idea to keep a Leo around for any big party or event. But, while all Leos tend to have that leader mentality across the board, there is a difference between Leos born in July and Leos born in August.

July Leos have the strongest Leo traits

When you think of a Leo, you probably think of a strong-headed, determined person who makes their presence known the instant they walk into a room. If this describes you or a friend perfectly, they are likely born in July. While there are only a few weeks of July that encompass the Leo zodiac, July Leos are considered the "first decan" and are ruled by the sun (per Bustle). Since their birthdays come first, they are given the strongest rays of the sun and therefore, use it to shine brighter than their August counterparts.

According to The U.S. Sun, July Leos are anything but modest, while August Leos have some reservations. Leos born in July are also more creative and express themselves through that creativity. According to Bustle, while all Leos are innovative, those born in July are more likely to actually have a career in something like music or visual arts. With big celebrities like Jennifer Lopez (born July 24), Sandra Bullock (born July 26), Mick Jagger (born July 26), and Maya Rudolph (born July 27), it's easy to see just how creative July Leos can be.

August Leos are the true leaders

As the lion of the zodiac, all Leos have an innate ability to lead others and are often found at the top of corporations or widely successful in their craft. But Leos born in August are actually more likely to lead due to many of them being ruled by Mars, per Bustle. Those ruled by Mars have a strong focus on accomplishing goals and are more likely to have a more determined drive than their July counterparts.

If you are a Leo known for being somewhat of a know-it-all, you're likely born in August, per The U.S Sun. August Leos are super opinionated, more so than July Leos and according to Bustle, are usually the ones getting into heated debates about politics or philosophical ideas. On the other hand, though, August Leos are also known to be more spontaneous, due to their influence by Jupiter, which is a carefree planet. Some big-named August Leos include Jason Momoa (born August 1), Chris Hemsworth (born August 11), Jennifer Lawrence (born August 15), and Madonna (born August 16).