Hallmark Star Jen Lilley Reveals Her Simple Secrets To Staying In Shape

What's not to love about Hallmark movies? From fairytale romances to inspirational life lessons, these wholesome films are the perfect way to escape from nitty-gritty reality. And while they aren't exactly the most realistic movies, there are still many Hallmark movies that are totally worth your time. If you are an avid fan of these heartwarming movies, then Jen Lilley has most likely become a pretty familiar face. The Virginia-native has appeared in over a dozen Hallmark films, from "Paris, Wine & Romance" to "Love Unleashed," and there's no sign of her slowing down anytime soon. To add to her busy schedule, the actress starred in "Days of Our Lives" and is a mother to four children (via IMDb). 


How does the Hallmark veteran manage it all? In an interview with Parade, Lilley revealed her approachable advice. "I would say asking for help, which is something I'm not really good at. I think a lot of Type A personalities aren't," the actress said. "Recognizing that you can't do it all and you can try but the main priority is prioritizing joy." Despite juggling parenthood and a busy filming schedule, Lilley still carves out time in her day to take care of her body. In an interview with Celebrity Sweat, the soap opera star revealed some of the foods she typically eats in a day and her go-to workout regime.

Jen Lilley supplements her workout routine with a healthy diet

When it comes to taking care of her body, Jen Lilley doesn't make things too complicated. In a 2019 interview with Celebrity Sweat, the actress revealed her simple and easy workout regime. "For my exercise, I do a lot of free weights, free weights, and walking. I mean I wish I did more but when you're on a soap there's no time," she laughed.


To supplement her routine exercise, Lilley also sticks to a healthy diet. The Roanoke-born star eats a lot of salad and spinach, as well as lean meats and whole grains (via Celebrity Sizes). Instead of snacking on sugary treats, the actress opts for smoothies, yogurt, nuts, and fruit. Lilley is also a big believer in constant hydration. "I do drink a lot of water. I think that's key to your hair looking good, your skin looking good, and overall wellness," Lilley shared with Celebrity Sweat. If there are signs that you are not drinking enough water, there are ways to make your water even more hydrating

The Queen of Hallmark likes to multitask while exercising

It can be tricky for individuals in the film industry to find a moment to themselves. Between late night shoots and early morning call times, free time for an actor is few and far between — especially when you have a schedule like Jen Lilley. In an interview with Women's Day, the "General Hospital" star opened up about the filming schedule for Hallmark movies. According to the actress, each movie is filmed in an impressive three weeks. To top that off, the production time for each movie is only about a month and a half. This means that when she is on-set, she's fully devoted to the filming process.


Even with a packed schedule, Lilley makes time for exercise. Not only is it important for her career, but it's also a really important part of self-care for the actress. "I sneak things in that I can write off as a workaholic, as something I need to do for my career," she shared with Parade. "So I will prioritize hiking with a girlfriend, which is emotional care as well because you're swapping stories and laughing and then having real talk. But you're also exercising at the same time." Great multi-tasking, Jen!