If You're An Enneagram Type 7, Here's The Hairstyle You Should Try

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If you have taken the Enneagram test and been told you are a type Seven, you are actually quite a rarity. According to Truity, type Sevens make up about 9% of the population. As a Seven, you are considered "the enthusiast" and are known to be spontaneous and extroverted but also a bit scatter-brained and all over the place.

And while the Enneagram may not be able to specifically tell you how to dress or wear your hair, learning more about your Enneagram number can help you learn more about your inner self, which can, in turn, help you make some key life decisions like who you should date and what city you should live in. But you can also use the Enneagram for smaller decisions, like the best cocktail to order or your haircut. As a Seven, your interests are vast and you are constantly seeking out change to keep things exciting. What better way than to change up your hair? Here's what hairstyle you should try next.

Enneagram Sevens should go a bit wild

As the enthusiast of the Enneagram, you are, rightly so, enthusiastic about life. You work hard to feel free and happy and have a kid-like energy that makes you curious and adventurous. Why not have your hair match your wild side? Shine.Buzz recommends Enneagram type Sevens go bold and choose brightly colored dye or even dreadlocks. For you, Seven, being in trend is not as important as being different and standing out.

InStyle predicts that 2022 will be all about color. If you are a professional and can't go all-out with the dye, consider the vivid overlay look, which keeps the color to the bottom of your hair. If you do want to make a statement, they also predict that bold colors, like hot pink, will be a big trend this year. Hair colorist Kirsten Stuke told the publication, "Hot pink will be super trendy since clients are looking to express themselves, and bright pink makes such a statement." Bright colors and a statement look? Sign yourself up!

Pair a new outfit with your new hair

As an Enneagram type Seven, you need something versatile that allows you to feel free and trendy. Because of this, UM Square Magazine says a maxi skirt is a must-have for any Seven's wardrobe. Choose one that is a bright color or crazy pattern and pair it with one of the biggest trends this year, the bucket hat — they suggest a tie-dye version. Bone + Marrow Market recommends this high-waisted polka dot skirt specifically for a type Seven. It comes in a ton of colors and while the pattern is fun and flirty, it can match almost everything.

If you are working from home or lounging on the weekends, you are likely still hoping to express your style. Just Jeslyn recommends pairing your simple black leggings with a trendy sweater — it's comfortable and cute, a perfect combo for a Seven. And for a night out, get on board with a great jumpsuit, per Gliks – fun, flirty, and versatile, just like you!