What Is Jada Wooten From Cheer Doing Now?

The first season of Netflix's "Cheer" took the world by storm. It gave an inside look to the world of cheerleading and had everyone falling in love with the casts' journeys with the sport. There was only one thing bigger — Season 2. The second season of "Cheer" brought with it a brand new cast and a rivalry that will forever go down in history. While people were familiar with Navarro's cheer team, Trinity Valley Community College was introduced into the mix. That brought Jada Wooten, who was instantly a fan favorite. If you're wondering what she's up to now, your guess is probably correct.

Wooten was one of the most passionate people on the second season of "Cheer." So much so that some people even disliked her for it. "I'm so passionate and love cheerleading so much. It's literally as important as water and air to me," the 21-year-old says on Instagram. "When people saw my passion on 'Cheer' and then hated me for that too I was honestly at a loss."

If you think she lost any of that passion since the show ended, think again. Here's exactly how she's showing up in the world of cheer since her time on-screen.

Jada cheers for another school now

Fans learned watching Netflix's "Cheer" that cheerleading is in some people's blood. So it only makes sense that the cast of the show leave their schools and go on to cheer at other schools if it lengthens their careers. That's exactly what Jada Wooten in up to now. The 21-year-old traded in her black and red Trinity Valley Community College uniform for a different one. According to her Instagram bio, she cheers for Sam Houston State's co-ed team and went with the team to Daytona Beach, Florida for NCA College Nationals, which members of the cast refer to simply as "Daytona."

She's repping the orange and black with pride, too. "I felt like I got to really just enjoy this year [at Dayton] and trip which in return, forced me to put way less pressure on myself and go with the flow," Wooten says in an Instagram caption. "I can thank my teammates for that, love you guys."

The reason that cheerleaders from the show jump around to different teams is because of eligibility. According to Navarro coach Monica Aldama, cheerleaders can only cheer at junior colleges, which TVCC is, for three years. "The way cheer works is a little bit different. You get five years of eligibility to compete, and three of those can be at the junior college level," Aldama told Hollywood Life. "They don't use their eligibility unless they actually compete." 

She performed in Cheer Live with the rest of the cast

Just because she cheers for a new team doesn't mean that she forgot about where she came from though. Jada Wooten put back on her Trinity Valley Community College uniform to perform at the Cheer Live event. The show, which toured around the world, featured cheerleaders from tons of different schools on one stage. Naturally, it was a complete hit with fans. 

"A collab nobody truly believed would come, but I'm glad it did," Wooten said in an Instagram caption about the Cheer Live event. "Super dope experience and to be apart of it, to be a Valley girl once again, makes me incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities this program has blessed me with!" The show wrapped up just in time for the cheerleaders to go back and prep for their Daytona season, and there is no word on whether or not there will be another Cheer Live next year.

She's still close with her TVCC coach

It turns out that Jada Wooten is still close friends with her old coach, too. She posted a photo of her and Head Coach at Trinity Valley Community College Vontae Johnson on Instagram, proving that their cheer relationship is stronger than ever. "Vontae, thank you for always being my rock and sticking around to help ease my nerves during my first meet and greet," the flyer and tumbler says on Instagram. She notes that he came to her meet and greet to make her feel comfortable.

Seeing as Wooten did not cheer with Trinity Valley Community College for the 2022 season, we likely will not see her story on "Cheer" Season 3, if there even is one. No details have been shared about an upcoming season just yet. One thing is for sure though — this girl's cheer career is far from over.